Top 10 Reasons Why Digimon Is Better Than Pokemon

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1 Digimon had an actual story

What was the plot of Pokemon? A 10 year old boy who never ages tries to be the very best trainer. Ash does the same thing every season. Battle the gym leaders, fight a criminal organization, go in the Pokemon league and lose. Same damn thing every season. And it will never end.
The plot for the original digimon series was that 7 kids get transported to another world and befriend monsters from that world and go in an adventure to save not only the digital world but there own as well. Digimon also has a new plot with every new season so it's not some rinse and repeat thing like Pokemon

Though I sorta thought the Digimon transformation sequence was pretty stupid... People do have a valid point based on the ACTUAL story, character development, and relatable stories (divorce, relationships, etc) unlike, Pokemon's repetitive story arc. (Ten year old kid, travel across the region, beat gym leaders, defeat a terrorist group, save the world, Pokemon league, then do the whole thing all over again) The kids developed like how Mimi became more caring toward her friends and others when she was suppose to sing for those musical frog Digimon (too lazy to remember or google). Then, where Devimon (I think that's his name and that vampire Digimon tried to take over the world and such.

However, I feel that the world of Pokemon goes much more deeper in its own world in general and how everyone lives normally in that world. I think Pokemon writer's don't write to their greatest potential just for the kids and for the money (kids eat up the same thing over and over again) - Sentimental

Hello I'd like to use the fighting between this two fandom is why Yugioh is better and you should go watch it because it's good and I have no other reasons, I have to leave before they find out a wild Yugioh fan is here.

You know you're series is crap when no one cares about the main storyline, and instead focuses more on the side stories. Digimon had both a great storyline and side stories.

2 The characters were relatable

You have a cast of 7 characters each with a unique personality. They each go through their share of challenges both alone and together. Some had personal problems (two characters who were brothers had divorced parents). Others faced problems along the way that were crucial to the plot (Tai wanted agumon to digivolve to ultimate level but did so with force which created Skullgreymon, an evil digimon).
Pokemon has Ash, a kid who never ages and has lack of common sense. Brock, a gym leader who tries way too hard to get a date. And Misty, possibly the only main character with a sense of logic.

Yeah, but Pokemon doesn't have main characters that look strange. Yes, Pokemon has a kid with Harry Potter lighting shaped marks on his cheeks. But Digimon has a guy that looks like Yugi from Yugioh, a green Mega Man, and a cowboy princess. - HappyEevee

The digimon characters don't look that strange from your usual anime character not to mention there not immortal.

Mugi- In pokemon, they mentioned Silver's (son) relationship with Giovanni (father) and his daddy issues.

HappyEevee, look on just about any anime and you'll find MAYBE 12 characters each that look like Yugi. - BazookaDonut

3 There was character development

Except for the fact that everyone in the anime goes though that.

I liked characters in Digimon more than Pokemon, I feel like they were more useful. Brock is funny few times but, he falls in love with ALMOST every girl! Also, Ash is not bad but, I still think Digimon characters are better than Pokemon. Unless if you are talking about Pokemon Adventures manga, the characters on that manga are better than anime and game.

Tai went from trying to have the most power to relying on his friends to get through challenges. Gatomon went from a servant of an evil digimon and trying to kill the chosen children to befriending and becoming the digimon partner of the new eighth chosen child. Joe went from being scared to face a challenge to a brave, strong kid.
The only character development in Pokemon were the Pokemon. Ash and his friends hardly changed at all throughout the series (though ash now has visible teeth in xy).

In the games, Silver, Wally, Bianca, and Lillie had character development. I mean pokemon.

4 Digimon can actually talk

Some pokemon can talk!

And most of them NOT talking is less annoying, actually...

It's funny because Digimon IS real and I have some Digimon friends

Digimon can talk and you can hold a conversation with them unlike Pokemon when you can only get 2 or 3 words outta them.

Pokemon only say their names,unlike digimon who can actually talk and hld conversations like us people can and that's that.

Some pokemon can talk and others... I don't think I want to see them talk. A talking eevee would take away the cuteness. - Kittyamaze1

5 Digimon had more mature themes

Exactly. And that's why I favor serious stuff like Digimon over funny stuff like Pokemon.

Just because it was made for kids doesn't always mean you don't need mature themes look at young justice for example

Ah yes Digimon rarely talked down to kids in like Pokemon.

Pokemon was made for children. CHILDREN. We do not need mature themes, thank you. - HappyEevee

Digimon also was made for kids also who the hell cares about kids? - Silence4101

6 The digimon had cooler designs

Both Digimon and Pokemon had cool designs and bad ones.

There are a lot of Pokemon are ugly as heck like muk and trubbish

I'd rather have a Gaomon than every Pokemon ever.
Heck, Hawkmon or Gomamon could work too.

The ten legendary warriors had glossy armor

7 Ash is such a loser

A boy who traveled across many regions. Met and even fought the legendaries, befriends with many greatest trainers/league champion. Had a collection of gym badges from every region but STILL STRUGGLING TO BATTLE A NOOB WHO GOT THEIR FIRST POKEMON FEW HOURS BEFORE.

What I hate about Ash are he always meddle someone problem, tend to annoyed with someone who doesn't want to battle him, seeing a pokemon he used to saw before but still using pokedex(i don't know whether he got amnesia or record data since his dex got changed), feel superior towards expert but inferior towards noob.

I know the writers want him to be like that, but PLEASE LET HIM WIN A Pokemon LEAGUE FOR ONCE. Indigo was probably the only one he won and he at least made it to the Top 4 in Sinnoh. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think that if he wins Pokemon League, it will end the show so, that's why he has to lose.. Just like in Pokemon games, when you defeat champion, the game is completed. Unless if it has Frontier Brains and more things to do after beating Elite Four.

And he wasn't in any of the games. Your point? - KalloFox34

8 Digimon games had more interesting stories

Digemon had no gamesyou garden gnome

9 Digimon got dark

Digimon was actually made for an older unlike Pokemon

Pokemon does to and you spelled Digimon wrong lol - Masterofal

Digimon Tamers, 'enough said

What about that Pokémon episode when the Marowak died protecting its son?

10 The characters age

I don't like Pokemon because of Ash's name. Keep reading to see what I mean. Ash Ketchum, a bratty 10 year old who wants to enslave pets and carries around an electric rat. That's one thing. here's another: look at his last name. Ketchum. KETCHUM. Game Freak was not sneaky whatsoever. Ketchum. it literally means "Catch 'em". That is just SAVAGE. 6 MILLION people want him to ENSLAVE little animals for no reason?! Another thing. he does not age at all, though in the series he's been traveling the world for 8 1/2 years yet goes under no change whatsoever, and the entire show and its fandom of lowlives is SICK. IT IS PUTRIDLY WRONG IN EVERY HUMANLY POSSIBLE WAY TO MAKE PETS INTO SLAVES, CRAM THEM INTO BALLS, AND FORCE THEM TO FIGHT FOR HALF THEIR LIVES. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO WRONG TO ENJOY WATCHING THAT AND DOING IT YOURSELF. YOU ARE SICK. UNDENIABLY, PUTRIDLY, UNDOUBTEDLY SICK IN EVERY WAY! DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO THESE CREATURES? YOU ARE MISTREATING THEM, YOU POKEMON LOVING, SAVAGE, ...more

Triggered much? This is called Pokemon for a reason: Collecting them and battle with them. It will happen no matter what the cost. You need to ease with your CAPS. - yamionthetrap

Not just their age, but also their personality. In Digimon Tri, Taichi became more reluctant to fight because he now realized Digimon fight in real world caused a real damage, and really endangering people's life, someone could be dead.

In digimon, the charecters age and mature. In Pokemon, they stay the same age, never-changing

"Ash Kechom,a boy who is 10" STOP this is said in every season on and on again

The Contenders

11 The antagonists aren't idiots

Team rocket always gets blasted off away. Other criminals use horribly weak Pokemon and expect to win. And every single antagonist in Pokemon thinks way too highly of themselves.
In digimon, myotismon killed several of the chosen children's friends. He turned into a giant monster which threatened an entire world and took millions of other chosen children worldwide with their digimon partners to take myotismon down. This is nothing compared to the manga in which entire universes are destroyed

All zero did to Girantina was drain its power using a machine to get to the reverse world and have control.He didn't destroy an entire dimension he just crashed into things and destroy parts of it there was hardly damage done ash just woke up Girantina and stopped him easily, it ends with him getting pulled out of the ice and decides not to be evil anymore. That's child friendly

Lusamine, Ghetsis, Cyrus, Giovanni and Lysandre weren't idiots. - KalloFox34

In digimon you save 2 dimensions from an evil digimon who has the capability of wiping out cities on a daily basis. What do the villans in Pokemon do try to steal Pokemon or something somewhat menacing.

12 Digimon can take many different forms

What other Pokemon can do that eevee but that's it while every digimon can do that

Digivolution is closer to actual Darwinian evolution than Pokemon's evolution. Sure they both happen far faster, and to individuals and not the species as a whole, Digimon all have to digivolution trees, so they can change into different things given the circumstances, Pokemon are confined to one line, much more like metamorphosis.

eevee can

Yep and even without eevee we have megas, deoxys forms, meloetta forms, arceus forms, etc - Kittyamaze1

In the digimon games it is shown that digimon can digivolve not just one specific form like v mon can become veedramon

13 Digimon are just as cute

Various digimon babies are cute along with a lot of rookie digimon

There are a lot of very cute digimon

Sure not all of them are cute but still there are a lot

Digimon are just as cute but not all them

14 Digivolution wasn't permanent

Carie's Digimon stayed in her Champion form for quiet a while... - Sentimental

This isn't 100# true.

So...Just a cool feature.Doesn't mean anything,

You mean Kari, not Carie..

15 Digimon are stronger

Well technically most Digimon can become stronger than most Pokemon and the strongest Digimon is stronger than the strongest Pokemon but I don't see how this matters.

What does this even mean? - HappyEevee

I guess so.Not like we'll ever know for sure.

They're not. They really aren't. - Goatworlds

16 It's fan base isn't made up of ignorant people

I see it on nearly every forum. People saying that Pokemon is better without real reason other than that. At least some people are honest and say it's because they never watched digimon and/or they grew up with Pokemon.

People just say digimon is a rip off of Pokemon just because it has evolving monsters. Well that means that spiderman is a rip off of batman because their both super heroes who had there parents die

Google Pokemon vs digimon. Every page you click on will have at least one person say that Pokemon wins because it's better, or because of Mewtwo, or because it's still going. Never are these claims backed up with facts.

The fanbase for digimon are clearly not ignorant because they are Pokemon fans too

17 Digimon attack names sounded cooler

Sunsteel Strike, Spirit Shackle, Moongeist Beam, Photon Geyser, Spectral Thief, and a lot of the Z-moves have cool names. - KalloFox34

Such as gate of destiny, star shower, and howling laser

Bro there are a lot cool digimon attack names just deal with it

Yeah. Every Digimon's moves are unique to it and it alone, unless it's an attack like Trinity Force, a combo move. There's: Desolation Claw, Star Shower, Atomic Blast, Mega Barrage, Gate of Destiny, Blazing Ice, Double Typhoon, Hell Howling, Megiddo Flame, Dragon Wheel, Diamond Storm, Terra Blades, Thunder Stomp, Radiation Blade, Hand of Fate, Angel Rod, Omni Typhoon, Soul Vanisher, Bloody Tower, Crush Nail, Corona Destroyer, Double Impact, Lightning Joust, Talisman Spell, Gaoga Hound, Wild Echo, etc. - BazookaDonut

18 Digivices were more useful

There are more than 1 type of digivice like pokeballs. And it is shown in the games that you can customize digimon with 20 moves. Also when can you evolve your Pokemon at will?

When can you evolve your pokemon at will? : mega evolutions or form changes. - Kittyamaze1

How can they fit all those bytes into one tiny device? Plus, in the game, you can still custimize moves, lead a team of Pokemon, evolve your Pokemon at will, and not only does it have Google it has Google Maps, too. - HappyEevee

HappyEevee, you're making up excuses. Pokemon can only have 1-4 moves, while Digimon can have 2-20. Digivices triggered digivolution, stored digi-eggs, were a sort of Wikipedia, lead you to your partner, etc.

The pokedex is Google in the Pokemon world and pokeballs just shrink Pokemon into spheres. While in digimon the digivice allows you to evolve your digimon at will,Let you have an army in only one digivice,and let you customize your digimon's moveset

19 Every action in the series was for a greater cause

And stopping various villainous teams from doing things like creating another universe, releasing all the Pokemon, destroying all the water, etc. AREN'T great causes? - KalloFox34

In digimon the chosen children had to face many life threatening challenges. Every battle was fought for survival. Their every action was to save the digital world and the human world from evil digimon who were trying to take both worlds over. Some didn't even want to take it over, they just wanted to outright destroy the world.
Ash just wants to be the best trainer in the world. That's it. Sure there's team rocket and a new organization every new season but their true intentions are nowhere near as crazy as in digimon.

Yep,stopping a giant devil monster from conquering the world is a greater cause,.But in all seriousness that's pretty much true.

I love Pokemon because they evolve into something else

20 The company that made it is better than GameFreak

Bandai created digimon games. Saban created the anime. Digimon is not the main franchise of either of those two companies. GameFreak's only good franchise is Pokemon, and that's why they're still alive.

Without Pokemon gamefreak is nothing while Bandai makes more than just digimon

Saban owns Power Rangers, a show almost as big as Pokemon, so if Digimon died out, it wouldn't be that big a deal because it would be taking a big hit, but it has a show with a huge fandom--Power Rangers-- and if Pokemon suddenly failed, since it's Game Freak's only massive fandom, it would go bankrupt and the company would fail. besides, Bandai, another sponsor of Digimon, is the fourth largest producer of toys (looking up what bandai made) after Mattel, Hasbro, and the LEGO group. so it wouldn't be a big deal if Digimon when out. So what I'm saying is that Digimon's company has so many other hits that it would be sustained. Pokemon is the only thing people like about Game Freak, so if it disappeared, judging by some people these days, they would think the rest of Game Freak is crap and it would run out of business, while Bandai sits there clapping sarcastically at them.

Well if you take Digimon and Pokemon from their companys what happens? I don't think gamefreak has had any other big games other than Pokemon, so they would probably go under, and bandi will take a big hit but they will survive. And to that one guy that said that Pokemon will destroy Digimon. It's almost been 20 years and we are still here what makes you think tomorrow will be any different.

21 They don't enslave the Digimon

Everyone says that Pokemon that are caught just become friends and not slaves. I say no to that because how would YOU like it if a 10 year old had someone beat you up and throw a balls at your head, removing most of your free will to make you do there bidding, and either be shoved into a PC forever or be forced to beat up potential friends and family members!? As a Pokemon trainer, in game and anime, almost NOBODY even try's to think about the family's of Pokemon that there splitting apart. They don't care that they could be forcing the Pokemon to beat up there own mother, as long as you get that sweet EXP. But this is just how I see it

In Digimon, the Digidestined had their Digimon pre-chosen, depending on what characteristics they had, and in Pokemon, Ash and the others just go around taking poor Pokemon from their homes, with no reason but to "catch them all".

"They don't ENSLAVE" I didn't realize Pikachu's facial expression said he was being enslaved. Did you even watch pokemon?

You're obvoisly missing Pokemon's teamwork and frienship message - Goatworlds

22 Pokemon is constantly recycled

Great, now even Pokemon is recycled like the New SpongeBob.

Well for the most part this is true.

23 It beat Pokemon in a Death Battle

Sure, there might be some Pokemon that can be strong enough to beat Digimon. But let's face it. Charizard could only outmatch the power of Agumon and Greymon. Mega Charizard X could have beaten those forms, but the higher forms of Metalgreymon and Wargreymon are claimed to be made of a metal that not even most Digimon can destroy, not just Pokemon. Finally, even if Tai interfered with Red, Mega Charizard X was RECHARGING from using Blast Burn. It wasn't just unaware of what it had to do. Blast Burn clearly leaves the user having to recharge. Still, at least Red and Charizard fought hard and showed that Pokemon aren't that weak to be defeated quickly.

Anything a Pokemon can do. A digimon can do better

Actually happyeevee many digimon are just straight stronger than Pokemon you should research this stuff and stop being ignorant

Pokemon lost to Digimon for the same reason Goku lost to Superman.

24 Digimon can't die

They can only die if they are deleted with the exception of tamers

I can see this fake post being deleted because the villains do die

Yes digimon can die and when they die they become a digi egg again and everything happens allover again and I'm with man digimon is a much better franchise

Reincarnation for the win.

25 Pokemon started ripping off digimon

Mega evolution, monsters fusing, becoming a monster yeah sound familiar well that is because digimon did it first

Pokemon came before so digimon would be ripping off pokemon. The idea of Fusion and megas isn't from digimon either. - Kittyamaze1

Didn't Pokemon exist before Digimon?

Pokemon is getting revenge lol - Masterofal

Now, let's all think: Who became more successful in the end? - HappyEevee

26 You can become a digimon

In one of the digimon seasons you can become a digimon which is close enough to be a superhero.

To be fair you can become a Pokemon to, but the manga that used that was horrible.

Mystery Dungeon, anyone?

Goatworld that means Pokemon is ripping off digimon now ha!

27 Digimon games are just as good

Even though there are a lot of boring digimon games but there are some gems in there

Digimon adventure psp,digimon world 3, and digimon battle rumble are some good digimon games

Most of the good games are in Japan,Digimon Adventure PSP for example.

Some drunk guy put this here. - Goatworlds

28 Pokemon is overrated

Take a look at Most Overrated Animes.

Only the games are good, but not the anime. Unlike Sword Art Online, which is an awesome anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well people think about Pokemon they think of ash the idiot

Considered to be more overrated than Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and so much more on Most Overrated Animes. But Digimon is in the list as well.

29 The pokemon anime is so stupid

If you think that the Pokemon anime is a 10/10 anime there is something wrong with you

Having a different opinion doesn't mean something's wrong with you.

Everybody have their own opinions. The Pokemon Anime may be great for you, but it have some mixed flaws in each seasons and you know that. Not every show is perfect. And saying that Pokemon Anime is "stupid" is NOT understandable. So don't get your hopes up, mkay? - yamionthetrap

This runs on personal opinions.

30 The protagonist(s) aren't idiots

I am not talking about red and stuff I mean ash speciffically

31 Digimon is More Over the Top

Dial down the soap opra please! - HappyEevee

Why are you here HappyEevee if you don't care about Digimon.Just picking it apart is showing how much you care.

32 The Intro To The Anime Is Better Than Pokemon's Intro

Despite the blant repetitive nature of the intro? Pokémon's themes aren't recycled and have actual lyrics. - KalloFox34

33 Ash doesn't complete his goal

Exactly and this getting irrating

He always loses the leauge

34 Digimon can become a reality

Very true and I hope it does

Digimon can be possible because they are a.i unlike pokemon which can never be real.

35 Pokemon is coming out with a live action movie

I wish that never happened.

36 Renamon is Better Than Lucario

Uh, no. Have you ever seen a lucario? Your crappy digimon is the program that sucks. It ripped off Pokémon!

37 The characters get replaced

This aspect of the show is awesome, not staying on the same character too long and knowing when to move on, giving the main characters the chance to grow up and have lives, letting others step in. In Pokémon, Ash will never have a real life, he will always be a ten year-old who is chasing a hopeless dream. In my opinion, replacing characters is actually just giving them a chance to develop into adults that actually have lives.

I want to say the season one/season two transition felt almost flawless.They still had the last kids,(But older)and have the new digidestined in and also let the old ones advise them.

ASH IS IMMORTAL! IT’S JUST... WHYYY!? I used to watch Pokémon before I watched Digimon, I never liked it though. I watched maybe three or five seasons before saying, “ Ash is dumb now. Enslaving Pokemon and making them battle against family and friends. Ash is ten for about 40 years. Shut up Ash, I’m taking back my good thoughts. “ Yeah, I don’t hate Pokemon it’s just I don’t... like it. In Digimon we have the originals, Tai, T.K, Matt, Mimi, Joe, Sora, and Kari. They fight to survive and save the digiworld, with their beloved partners. In the second season we have new people and the characters are grown. They look different, act different, yet it’s all warmly familiar. David, and the two others ( and later Ken ) Did their part with their parters, Armadillomon, hawkmon, and Veemon. In the other season we don’t see the others, I like to think they are just in like a different place. The Digimon world had changed and the characters could DIGIVOLVE with their partners. ...more - ScreechingDigimon

38 You can have an army of digimon

In digimon fusion/Xros wars you can have an army of digimon at your disposal how cool would that be

And you can have an army of Pokemon. - KalloFox34

39 Digimon manga is good

If you give the manga a chance you can see it is a great manga

If you read the manga it is pretty good

Again, personal opinion.

Since when did Digimon have a manga? - KalloFox34

40 Digimon toyline

They were cool.

Digimon is dumb

Toyline? Never heard of it. - HappyEevee

41 The visuals for the theme songs

Brave heart was great actually a lot of the original theme songs where great.

Can't argue with that.

I'm going to diss Track your ass off

Born to be a Winner.
When the legendaries look at you like "you came to the wrong neighborhood."
And... Debunked.

42 None of the Digimon had designs offensive to African-Americans

Sorry, even if Jynx had its face color changed to purple, it still looks like Nicki Minaj.

It wasn't supposed to be racist! They didn't have purple when the gameboy came out -.- - HappyEevee

Every Digimon design is offensive to me because they're all so ugly. - TrueBlueHeroes

Jynx wasn't racist on purpose. - Goatworlds

I wasn't just Jynx, there was also a Mexican stereotype Pokemon called Ludicolo. - shawnmccaul22

43 Pokemon are too simplistic

Digimon babies are simplistic and varies rookie and champion level digimon can be considered fully evolved Pokemon

Anime characters are overly designed so it makes sense for digimon to be like that

It's for kids, do you think they would make it complicated

I like simplicity - Kittyamaze1

44 There are more digimon

Actually there are over 1,000+ species of digimon

There are 721 Pokemon. How many digimon species are there? 591. There were more Pokemon in 2011. - Goatworlds

45 Pokemon is cheesier

After reading this list so many reasons are outdated and excuses so old list but reliable when pokemon was and digimon were first out and I don't hate Digimon but this list kinda annoys me - Masterofal

This one is true unless your watching digimon it in English

Actually, I would have to disagree on that one. Digimon does have cheesier music due to the Fox Kids dub. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Digimon didn't have the Pokemon Theme song, now did it? Digimon's sounded like elevator music from the 80s. - HappyEevee

46 Digimon had a better meaning

Digimon is about SAVING THE WORLD. Pokemon is about getting Pokemon and that's just selfish.

Pokemon does involve saving the world too - Masterofal

That's true, digimon is about saving the world. If you say it is only the digital world, then you're wrong. In season 1, izzy mentions that if they die in the digital world they won't return to the real world. In season 1, myotismon entered the real world which made them save the real world. And the same happened in other seasons but with a different storyline not the same.
Whereas pokemon's story is hiw Ash is gonna collect all pokemon and become the best.

47 The sun and moon anime is trash!

I actually agree.Sure I never have seen digimon but problem whatever new season or tipe of anime there doing most by better that this trash.

48 Digimon had more tragic scenes that would actually make you cry

So does Pokémon. This list is so smug and faux-intellectual.

Opinions =/= fact. - KalloFox34

First there was when Tai actually said goodbye to Kari when he went back to the Digital World, then there was that total Infinity War moment when the DigiDestined thought they had lost for a moment when Myotismon escaped to the Real World, then Wizardmon sacrificed himself for his friends, then when we learned that Sukamon had fallen to his death, followed almost immediately by Chumon getting hit with Piedmon's dagger, again when we learned why Gatomon was so evil in the first place, then when Pixiemon was killed in cold data by the Dark Masters, again when MetalSeadramon mercilessly shot Whamon in the head, then when we learned that Gennai was the last of his people, you can't deny that you teared up a little when Tai and Matt got into that fist fight, etc.

49 Pokémon is getting worse while digimon is getting better

Lol, Pokémon just gets better. Digimon nowadays is just generic shonen garbage. - KalloFox34

It's weird that Pokemon is still around.

50 The cliffhangars

The cliff hangers were the best part but in tri no cliff hangers

Yeah,reminds me why I like some other cartoons these days.

The cliffhangars is the thing that catch me off guard when I was a kid.This make me curious and that is what make Digimon a good show...The ability to make u curious

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