Top 10 Reasons Why Digimon Is Better Than Pokemon

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41 None of the Digimon had designs offensive to African-Americans

Sorry, even if Jynx had its face color changed to purple, it still looks like Nicki Minaj.

It wasn't supposed to be racist! They didn't have purple when the gameboy came out -.- - HappyEevee

Every Digimon design is offensive to me because they're all so ugly. - TrueBlueHeroes

Jynx wasn't racist on purpose. - Goatworlds

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42 Pokemon started ripping off digimon

Mega evolution, monsters fusing, becoming a monster yeah sound familiar well that is because digimon did it first

Now, let's all think: Who became more successful in the end? - HappyEevee

Mega evolutions, fusing monsters,becoming a Pokemon sound familar

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43 Pokemon is cheesier

This one is true unless your watching digimon it in English

Actually, I would have to disagree on that one. Digimon does have cheesier music due to the Fox Kids dub. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Digimon didn't have the Pokemon Theme song, now did it? Digimon's sounded like elevator music from the 80s. - HappyEevee

Digimon: Hitch hiking with strangers. Entering as kids an AI like world not of theirs age. Saving the worlds from destruction. Humans and Digimons learning with each other like a scale like no other. Have you seen the designs of latest Pokémons? Speaking of Pokémon: For real, too repetitive and do I need an explanation and the fans... too salty. Glad Digimon has not gotten into that commersialized BS like Pokémon. P.S It is okay to prefer even Oasis over The Beatles.

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