Reasons Why Digimon Is Overrated

Digimon isn't as great as everyone thinks. You don't have to read if you really love digimon.

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1 Pokemon is Better

It really is. Games are far better, manga is far better too, but Pokemon anime is just average as Digimon anime. But in general, Digimon franchise not so creative or interesting as Pokemon franchise.

Digimon is terrible

Pokemon has better graphics than digimon

Pokemon is better and it came out BEFORE Digimon.THE FIRST Digimon product came out on 1997 while Pokemon's first product came out on 1995.
CHECKMATE :p digimon sucks

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2 Not Enough Attacks

Actually in the games digimon can have 20 attacks

3 Good Old Characters Got Taken Off

Actually a lot the characters get a cameo at the end of Digimon Hunter and they brought back the original cast of Digimon for the 15th Anniversary of the anime - animemasterman

There were no good characters. The entire thing sucked as a whole. - Goatworlds

You are blinded by nostalgia.The newer characters are just as good. I always loved Marcus.

The seasons don't line up only season 1 and 2 are connected but after that its just random things. It like there is nno actual season it's a sepreat T.V. show

4 The New Digimon Are Ripoffs

Damn yeah. GOD! I hate Savers and Fusion! At least Digimon Adventure tri is like an apology and return of the good series.

Not really. Dorulumon looks nothing like garurumon. But gumdramon and damemon are probably the only ones.

5 Bad First Stage Evolutions

What kind of stupid reason is this? Its like saying Pokemon look like ice cream cones and keychains so they SUCK... Anyway.. Its called "BABY 1" and "BABY 2" forms.. They're supposed to be BABIES.. What do you expect from them?

Humans evolved from fish to monkeys to apes to cavemen. So it makes sense.

6 The English Dub Is Horrible

Both dubs of Pokemon and Digimon are horrible.

Why isn't this the No1 reason? Seriously? The dubbing of the first season is GOD AWFUL.. We're talking about 4kids level of censorship&murcian pandering! ITS BAD folks!

This should be number 1. The Dub of the first seasons is so awful that I can't watch it. I've heard bad dubs before (Bleach) and this puts them all to shame. God, Saban, you are terrible.

7 Digimon Frontier

Why does everybody hate Frontier so much? Just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad.

Frontier is my 2nd favorite. People only hated it because the kids didn't have digimon partners. At least digimon is trying something new.

I kinda agree wit this..its not that Frontier is AWFUL.. Its just that Tamers is SO GOOD than frontier is automatically a downhill in quality.

8 The Old Agumon Was Replaced

New Agumon looks ugly, with big nostrils, less intimidating, lighter and only good thing about it, it just bandages, GeoGreymon is still okay. But, good god, new agumon looks disturbing.

Old Agumon is STILL There -_-

What was wrong with that. I loved the agumon's belt things he had. I also loved his much more intense digivolution line.

Aw man new agumon replaced the saddest thing in the digimon history:(

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9 Agapio Racing Team Dubbing Digimon

Agapio Team Racing is a infamous Finnish dubbing team that took over the Finnish dub a half of Digimon season 1, and they are known for having a hilariously awful dubbing, especially with Digimon. The episode 12 have to be the worst episode in Finnish thanks to Takeru and Patamon who sound like retarded teenagers smoking weed. But the dubbing team switches after episode 26 after major complains Agapio have reserved.

10 Most Of The Villains Suck

Main problem with Digimon. Except the original (which I really loved) all other sequels were just bad. - Kiteretsunu

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11 It's Just a Ripoff

Pokemon was just created first meaning that digimon is a ripoff and and a lot pokemon were made bad.

First it wanted to be like tamagotchi and now it just tries to be like Pokemon. what's it going to try to be like next?

Tamogatchi and Digimon were made by the same person.

True, agumon is a ripoff of charmander another oth picachu too such a ripoff dunno why people don't agree.

12 It's a Pokemon Remake

Always people going to be with you on your journey,but like different 'bad guys'.Pokemon the main bad guys are team rocket.Other than that I think the only difference is 1 person 1 digimon.But pokemon is like u can have a ton of pokemon and 6 pokes at a time.

13 The Digimon Movie had an Angela Anaconda Short Film V 1 Comment
14 There is No Digimon Go

What a shame. No AR game for Digimon.

15 Dumb looking
16 Same Main Idea

Its kinda true about that but there's always surprises and not always about the world.

Pretty much every episode is about saving the world, & nothing else. - ruJILLous

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17 It's Really Overpowered

I seen a lot or them and they look like they have godlike level. Pokemon is not like that, they look fine and not crazy

18 The Monsters Were Ripoffs of Pokemon

True,(some digimon fan will argue with this)

19 Lots Of Scenes Were Removed

If you watched both the English & Japanese dubs, you'd be confused since long scenes were removed & edited with something else. - ruJILLous

20 Over-the-top monsters

Too many digilutions (or something). It all looks like a ton of garbage. Also, a flying cyborg dragon with metal clwas taking out monsters the height of skyscrapers? come on, that's just so over-the-top.

That is what people love about digimon how the over the top it was. Pokémon fans like the simplistic look of Pokemon.

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