Reasons Why Digimon Is Overrated

Digimon isn't as great as everyone thinks. You don't have to read if you really love digimon.

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21 Over-the-top monsters

Too many digilutions (or something). It all looks like a ton of garbage. Also, a flying cyborg dragon with metal clwas taking out monsters the height of skyscrapers? come on, that's just so over-the-top.

That is what people love about digimon how the over the top it was. Pokémon fans like the simplistic look of Pokemon.

22 The Seasons Don't Add Up

The seasons add up in the first two seasons but everything after that the think they are the first people in the digital world, they make old good digimon bad like beelzemon. They also never have cameos or help from past digidestined. They always think they saved the world and only. But truly the almost destroy it as well.

Each show is suppose to be a different entites.If you play the digimon wonder swan games it will make sense.

23 Digimon is stupid

I hate it so much

24 The Leaders Only Have Dragon Digimon

And its very boring. They don't give any chance to other non- dragon/dog digimon. All the times, the dragin only has the chance to mega evolve

25 Taichi is a Gary Stu

He's a psychopath, overprotective and terrible older brother to Hikari. I don't know why he's chosen as a main character because he's a googlehead. He's also boring, useless and always waiting for Joe, Sora and Yamato's help. Another thing, he doesn't have faith on other people, he just let Agumon fight and is mean to Koichiro/Izzy. Joe or Mimi should be the main instead because Joe is clumsy and hero-like, Mimi has some faith. While the others are fighting for friendship, he only cares about Hikari and does nothing.

26 The Merchandise is Too Expensive

For me digimon is hard to get into when its such a pain to collect merchandise. All the digivice prices are severely inflated and because of that even the new releases have been incredibly pricey. Its not like these goods are rare so I don't see any reason for them to be so high.

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