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1 Half the people don't look happy

I've actually met a couple of adults who work at Disney and they're doing fine, though personally I believe that Disney has been downhill since 2012 or at least after the release of Wreck-It-Ralph (technically made by Pixar). Although Pixar and Marvel are still good. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't except people to look happy all the time - venomouskillingmachine

I mean why is it that Disney isn't doing much better, yet they take away good rides and replace them with crap, and people aren't happy.
Seriously, Disney hasn't been getting much better lately.

Everyone is pulling their whiny a$$ kids around while they cry and throw a tantrum

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2 The people stink there

This is the least legit reason - venomouskillingmachine

It's all because of the food and the sweat, we can't help it, but we get hungry and it's hot a lot of times. - Gregory

It's the food and kids,always the food and kids. - DapperPickle

3 Overpriced items

It costs 20$ for a hat.. A HAT! - PrincessKiana

That's typical Disney for you. It's no different at Disneyland. A pizza SLICE is $10. - Mcgillacuddy

Examples: $20 for a pen (just because it's shaped like Mickey, Donald, I don't know). $25 for a Mickey plush. $40 for a shirt. $40 to EAT at an Epcot buffet.

It costs $75 for a ticket to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
The same price as ordering a meal at the new Planet Hollywood.
what? - Gregory

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4 There's always a kid whining or crying

Probably because that kid is hot and tired and wants to go home. - nintendofan126

There is always some whining, I notice every time. - Gregory

Just ignore him, there are millions of other people - venomouskillingmachine

Some people cry because they’re too scared to go on a roller coaster.

Try it kids and have fun.

5 It's too crowded

I went to Disneyland one year and had to wait forever to get on Luigi's flying tires.

I agree, it's best to go either in February, March or October. - Gregory

Th most popular theme park is crowded? Waht? - DapperPickle

I went to Pandora, and I had to wait FOREVER to ride Flight of Passage.

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6 Some people are rude

On EVERY place there are rude people - venomouskillingmachine

Not to mention Disney's greedy

I agree. - Gregory

7 It's gone downhill

I agree with you all, Disney takes away the good stuff, and they're replacing it with garbage.
I would not want to go there by myself or with my girlfriend or with my son if they destroy it completely. - Gregory

Yeah, most of the good rides have closed down and been replaced with bad cashgrabs. They closed down Maelstrom and replaced it with crappy Frozen, they took away Alien Encounter and replaced it with Stitch's Great Escape(the worst attraction), they even took away Mickey's Toontown Fair, and they're closing DisneyQuest and Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, Disney has invaded itself with Frozen.
They even took away other things like the magic hat in Hollywood Studios and the wand on Epcot's Spaceship Earth, and they closed down some fast food restaurants like McDonalds, and it's just crap.
They even took away Mickey's Electric Parade and it's just desolate without it.
The new downtown Disney Springs looks awful, it's more like a crappy outdoor shopping mall you'd find in LA, and added prices for PARKING! yet they downgraded the iconic, yet colorful Planet Hollywood into a crappy place people call an observatory and looks barely different from a normal sports restaurant, yet there, ...more

8 Most of the new rides are boring now

Agree. Lots of rides suck now, there are not very many good ones now, and Disney's just throwing them all away. - Gregory

Ehh, they haven't changed much - venomouskillingmachine

That sucks.
It was great that I went to Disney World the 2nd time, and still remember the boring rides now. - Kyle21

9 People make you uncomfortable by touching and pushing you

I haven't been to Disney World since I was 5 but I do remember a huge dude pushing me over. He was so rude and he just kept walking.. - MorganChambz

The guests are the worst part of the experience. Once got pushed and spit on by some foreign tourists. Lots of rude people, and very very few guests care to help or apologize. - airbb

It's always happening to me I hate those kind of people

Who cares? There's so many people and we can't help that. - Gregory

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10 It's not everything you hope for

There's a lot of stuff, your I agree there's not a lot of good stuff anymore. - Gregory

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? Embarrassing Ride Photos

You know on a roller coaster or other thrill, when you go down a big drop, you can’t control yourself, and the camera tells you to smile, and it’s impossible to smile, unless you really smile from fear or thrill, and when you look at the photos, you see your face and you feel embarrassed.
For example, when you ride Splash Mountain and go down the intimidating drop, you are in shock and you lose it, it takes your photo and you plunge down the waterfall.
You are stirred and when you look at your photo, your face turns red from embarrassment.
I know because although people love the drop, others hate it, and feel embarrassed and bad for themselves. - Gregory

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11 People walk too slow

Walk faster? - venomouskillingmachine

12 It's too expensive

I am able to go every year or more, I am only 12 and I have gone to Disney more than 30 times - lbelle0527

13 They took away the magic hat at Hollywood Studios
14 Too much Frozen

There are people that hate frozen, and you are pushing it down their throats. - PrincessKiana

That's Not A Reason To Hate A Theme Park, Plus Frozen's Hate On This Site Is Starting To Get Irritating - JPK

Frozen is just too overrated, it's fair, but people are just taking it out of control. - Gregory

Frozen was actually too much Anna anyway, wasn't it?

15 The lines, lines, lines

I Totally agree with you, there are Always lines and it's best to get a fast thing or go on early in the morning or late in the evening, so many people want to go on them. - Gregory

Yeah like last summer my stepsister wanted to go to Disney World for a day so my stepdad, mom, and I were stuck going too. My mom and I went off to Epcot and for one of the rides the line was so long, the experience of the park overall was okay, but the lines were so long. Like you could easily get into Disney's Fastrack program or whatever it was called for free and without a ticket, but my mom and I didn't know that at the time, so the unfair advantage was that the security people let in like at least 50 FastTrack people in at a time while they only let in like 8 people from the regular line. All in all not fair. - Anonymousxcxc

Just go in the off season

It takes up to 3 hours to wait in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and it’s not a very thrilling coaster, even by Disney standards. - Gregory

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16 People have died

This is especially true and important, considering that the rides break down, and in some cases, go into accidents, and people die from them. Also, death took place from animal attacks, like that gator that killed a child.

This is true. But many people died because they had health problems that were aggravated by the rides, yet therefore they could die any moment even just from walking or when they're at home.

Few deaths were from other issues, like the time a gator ate a 2 year old child.

Just a reminder if you have heath problems, don't do much in your life, just stay and rest for your life for the sake of a comfortable destiny.
That's why they have those warning signs for riders. - Gregory

People have died in every popular place. Also people died on rides because they have a disease in the past that makes them not able to go on fast roller coasters. Also that gator that killed a child, it happens everywhere where there are gators if you don't be careful. - venomouskillingmachine

17 It's nasty there

So much rotten food, and so much sweat and dead ashes. - Kyle21

18 Good Rides are closing

Well Good thing they're making Toy Story Land, but that means the Buzz Lightyear ride will be moved from Magic Kingdom to Toy Story Land, so many people who want to go on that ride will have to wait another day or spend hundreds of dollars to go to Toy Story Land, in which they won't have much left in their pocket to go, and besides the ride is pretty outdated.

They closed down Great Movie Ride and they're replacing it with some likely crappy Mickey ride, which would mean Mickey will likely become the most hated and betray not only Mickey and his friends, but Walt Disney himself.

They closed down Ellen's Energy Adventure and the Great Movie Ride! Disney just ruined everything. They want cash.

I agree of you and my son, they closed down Alien Encounter and replaced it with Stitch's Great Escape, which is the worst attraction of all time, just because parents were ignorant about the warnings that it was too scary, they closed down Maelstrom for Frozen Ever After, a dumb crappy ride for tots, they closed down Pleasure Island at Disney Springs for the landing area, a crappy area with gay bars, they closed down McDonalds, again at Disney Springs and all the other fast food restaurants and dance clubs, they closed down Snow White's Scary Adventures for the cheesy Princess Fairytale Hall, although girls love princesses, but still, they closed down other attractions such as Horizons for Mission Space at Epcot, the Skyway just because someone died, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Sounds Dangerous, The Sum of All Thrills, the Earfell Tower, Lights Motor Action, The Studio Backlot Tour, The American Idol Experience, DisneyQuest for the NBA Experience, The Great ...more - Gregory

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19 It is way overpriced

A water bottle will cost you 3 million dollars
IT sucks COMPLETE ANUS and is a waste of money you could use.

Ever heard of courtesy water, ITS FREE because Walt Disney distilled the idea of paying for water - lbelle0527

20 Some of the workers are pedophiles

Disney parks have had a few cases with workers who are pedophiles. - JelloLife

Here comes Pedoo Bear! - CerealGuy

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1. There's always a kid whining or crying
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1. It's too crowded
2. There's always a kid whining or crying
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