Top 10 Reasons Why Disney World Is Not the Happiest Place On Earth

The Top Ten Reasons Why Disney World Is Not the Happiest Place On Earth

1 There's always a kid whining or crying

Probably because that kid is hot and tired and wants to go home.

Not on Disney property, but when we went to Disney World, my family saw a dad spanking his toddler son and making him cry at the Orlando airport.

They should call it "the whiniest place on earth".

There is always some whining, I notice every time.

2 Half the people don't look happy

I've actually met a couple of adults who work at Disney and they're doing fine, though personally I believe that Disney has been downhill since 2012 or at least after the release of Wreck-It-Ralph (technically made by Pixar). Although Pixar and Marvel are still good.

Don't except people to look happy all the time

I mean why is it that Disney isn't doing much better, yet they take away good rides and replace them with crap, and people aren't happy.
Seriously, Disney hasn't been getting much better lately.

I sad a dad spanking his toddler at the Orlando airport

3 Overpriced items

We went to Disney World in 2006 and I still have a receipt/bill from the trip. According to the receipt/bill it was almost $100 for dinner for 4 people at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios (it was called MGM Studios back in 2006). I'm pretty sure the price has increased by now...

That's typical Disney for you. It's no different at Disneyland. A pizza SLICE is $10.

Examples: $20 for a pen (just because it's shaped like Mickey, Donald, I don't know). $25 for a Mickey plush. $40 for a shirt. $40 to EAT at an Epcot buffet.


4 It's too crowded

At Disney World, there are so many people that it’s easy to get lost

I went to Disneyland one year and had to wait forever to get on Luigi's flying tires.

I agree, it's best to go either in February, March or October.

I had to wait for 1 hour 15 minutes just for 1 ride!

5 Some people are rude

On EVERY place there are rude people

Not to mention Disney's greedy

I agree.

So true

6 Most of the new rides are boring now

Agree. Lots of rides suck now, there are not very many good ones now, and Disney's just throwing them all away.

Frozen crap.

Ehh, they haven't changed much

That sucks.
It was great that I went to Disney World the 2nd time, and still remember the boring rides now.

7 The people stink there

The characters are the worst experience, since they're sweating inside their costumes like crazy.
They're dehydrated in almost no time.
The people at Toy Story Land are good examples there too since it's shadeless.

It's all because of the food and the sweat, we can't help it, but we get hungry and it's hot a lot of times.

This is the least legit reason

Yeah, cause they sweat

8 It's not everything you hope for

There's a lot of stuff there, though I agree there's not a lot of good stuff anymore.

Disney is good, but not perfect

9 It's gone downhill

I agree with you all, Disney takes away the good stuff, and they're replacing it with garbage.
I would not want to go there anymore if they destroy it completely.

Dreamfinder come back!

Yeah, most of the good rides have closed down and been replaced with bad cashgrabs. They closed down Maelstrom and replaced it with crappy Frozen, they took away Alien Encounter and replaced it with Stitch's Great Escape(the worst attraction), they even took away Mickey's Toontown Fair, and they're closing DisneyQuest and Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, Disney has invaded itself with Frozen.
They even took away other things like the magic hat in Hollywood Studios and the wand on Epcot's Spaceship Earth, and they closed down some fast food restaurants like McDonalds, and it's just crap.
They even took away Mickey's Electric Parade and it's just desolate without it.
The new downtown Disney Springs looks awful, it's more like a crappy outdoor shopping mall you'd find in LA, and added prices for PARKING! yet they downgraded the iconic, yet colorful Planet Hollywood into a crappy place people call an observatory and looks barely different from a normal sports restaurant, yet there, ...more

10 They took away the magic hat at Hollywood Studios

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11 It's too expensive

I am able to go every year or more, I am only 12 and I have gone to Disney more than 30 times

Disney should be cheaper

It’s getting more expensive every year, so that Disney would prevent overcapacity and even shorten the lines.

12 People have died

This is especially true and important, considering that the rides break down, and in some cases, go into accidents, and people die from them. Also, death took place from animal attacks, like that gator that killed a child.

Yeah, but mostly due to medical reasons


This is true. But many people died because they had health problems that were aggravated by the rides, yet therefore they could die any moment even just from walking or when they're at home.

Few deaths were from other issues, like the time a gator ate a 2 year old child.

Just a reminder if you have heath problems, don't do much in your life, just stay and rest for your life for the sake of a comfortable destiny.
That's why they have those warning signs for riders.

13 The lines, lines, lines

The line for Slinky Dog Dash peaked at 7 HOURS on opening day, and most of it was outside with no shade and very little conditioning.
Makes the Flight of Passage line seem fun.
The worst line at Disney World.

Yeah like last summer my stepsister wanted to go to Disney World for a day so my stepdad, mom, and I were stuck going too. My mom and I went off to Epcot and for one of the rides the line was so long, the experience of the park overall was okay, but the lines were so long. Like you could easily get into Disney's Fastrack program or whatever it was called for free and without a ticket, but my mom and I didn't know that at the time, so the unfair advantage was that the security people let in like at least 50 FastTrack people in at a time while they only let in like 8 people from the regular line. All in all not fair.

Space Mountain's lines are ESPECIALLY bad. I was waiting for what felt like an hour.

Just go in the off season

14 People walk too slow

Walk like...Sonic?

Totally agree

Walk faster?

"TO AGGRESSIVELY PUSH THEM! 😠😠😠" but what if they have a broken leg? Would you push them to get another broken body part? I wouldn't if I were you

15 It is way overpriced

A water bottle will cost you 3 million dollars
IT sucks COMPLETE ANUS and is a waste of money you could use.

Ever heard of courtesy water, ITS FREE because Walt Disney distilled the idea of paying for water

16 People make you uncomfortable by touching and pushing you

I haven't been to Disney World since I was 5 but I do remember a huge dude pushing me over. He was so rude and he just kept walking..

The guests are the worst part of the experience. Once got pushed and spit on by some foreign tourists. Lots of rude people, and very very few guests care to help or apologize.

It's always happening to me I hate those kind of people

Who cares? There's so many people and we can't help that.

17 It's nasty there

So much rotten food, and so much sweat and dead ashes.

18 Good rides are closing

Well Good thing they're making Toy Story Land, but that means the Buzz Lightyear ride will be moved from Magic Kingdom to Toy Story Land, so many people who want to go on that ride will have to wait another day or spend hundreds of dollars to go to Toy Story Land, in which they won't have much left in their pocket to go, and besides the ride is pretty outdated.

They closed down Great Movie Ride and they're replacing it with some likely crappy Mickey ride, which would mean Mickey will likely become the most hated and betray not only Mickey and his friends, but Walt Disney himself.

They closed down Ellen's Energy Adventure and the Great Movie Ride! Disney just ruined everything. They want cash.

And they're almost always replaced by boring cash grabs.

19 Too much Frozen

That's Not A Reason To Hate A Theme Park, Plus Frozen's Hate On This Site Is Starting To Get Irritating

Frozen is just too overrated, it's fair, but people are just taking it out of control.

I can tolerate Frozen, but not too much of it

20 Some of the workers are pedophiles

Disney parks have had a few cases with workers who are pedophiles.

Especially the ones that're wearing pixar characters costumes.

Here comes Pedoo Bear!

21 Not very many thrill rides

Only thrill rides are Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Test Track, Expedition Everest, Rock N' Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror.

I may have missed one or two.

You know a lot of people go to Disney World, and there are not enough thrill rides for all those people who want to go on them.

I actually like this. Thrill rides scare the crap out of me

Because Disney is a place for families, and Walt Disney when he was alive didn't envision anything scary or intense for people.
He wanted the place to be for everyone of all ages.
Now if you're looking for places that rely more on thrills, there's Universal or Busch Gardens, better yet, Six Flags parks or Cedar Point.

22 All of the suicides and urban legends

It’s kind of interesting to read the horror stories about Disney World, though

These ruined Disney for me, to be honest.

Heck yeah! -shudders-

23 Because Cedar Point is happier

Yeah... Cedar Point doesn't have the high prices, confusing land system and has a real BEACH, not a man made one

Vegas is the happiest place on earth (in my opinion)

Also closer to Chicago and has more to older costers which is also the same for six flags great America because cede r fair and six flags might be better than Disney world.

And its closer to Indiana.

24 It has scary rides

Believe it or not, I’m afraid to go on the roller coasters there

I hope this is sarcasm

Some rides actually are scary, and Disney is a place for families. The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was closed because it was too scary, and that was the same reason why Snow White's Scary Adventures was toned down, but still for reasons, they eventually closed it in 2012 for good.
Walt Disney didn't envision anything scary, or thrill rides, but the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland proved them successful and became a thing for Disney property.
Plus, I don’t get why Expedition Everest, Rock ’N’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror are So popular when when they’re so intense and scary? Especially for a Disney park.
Maybe the theme's attracting them.
But when a ride is so intense, or so scary, you wouldn’t expect it to be so popular bc most people wouldn’t be able to handle it, yet many people telling others it’s too scary, a lot of people.
Walt Disney didn’t want his place to be filled with fear, but with happiness.
Now for those who want fear and ...more

25 You will lose things like sunglasses
26 They're greedy

Yep. Extremely

They're just taking away good things or refurbishing good things into crap, and they are no doubt greedy.
They take away/refurbish things into crap so that mindless "fans" or guests would give them their money.
It's no doubt Disney is desperate for money.
They're destroying classic history. That's like destroying the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo DaVinci, and he wanted to keep it, show the world, and have it stay forever.
That's why they closed down Maelstrom, Snow White's Scary Adventures, downgraded Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios, Planet Hollywood, closed down DisneyQuest and are closing down LaNouba.
Disney is definitely going downhill.

27 People take flash photography on dark rides

The rules say on dark rides no flash photography.
But we know people keep taking flash photos on those rides.
It’s prohibited since it reveals the technology and engineering that works the animatronics which is hidden in the dark.
Guests are supposed to have a magical experience, but it’s frequently ruined by flash photography.
Ever wonder one of the reasons why rides break down?

28 The parks are too far from the hotels

One time, it took me and my family more than 30 minutes to walk from our hotel to EPCOT

Also if the hotels are huge and have multiple areas with their own bus stops, then the buses will have to make multiple stops at each section to pick up and drop off all the guests.

The parks are often miles from the hotels, and you’d have to walk onto the buses, and then they’ll take you 10 to 20 minutes to get to the parks, and when you’re done with the parks, you’ll have to take the buses again to the hotels.

29 The hotel rooms are too small

The hotel rooms my family stayed in at the Contemporary Resort were pretty big, actually

I stayed at Caribbean Beach when I went to Disney World. 9 years later, I went to Vegas and stayed at the Linq. My room at the Linq was bigger than my room at Caribbean Beach.

30 Animal kingdom is cruel

At least not as good as other zoos.

When it first opened 31 animals died.

It's lately become one of the best parks at Disney for reasons you'd probably wanna know right away.
But yeah, cruelty is bad.

They put an invisible fence around the area to keep the animals in captivity.
The animals are wild animals.
Yet think of how Harambe felt about the way he was treated at the Cincinnati zoo, and how he became aggressive when a child went close, which led to the mother killing him.
Captivity puts the animals in stress and they’re not able to get the recommended daily exercise they need, and the stress causes an energy buildup, so they end up becoming aggressive(like Harambe did).
Yet the stress also leads to death of them(and so does murder).
How cruel of Disney.

31 Rides break down

The haunted mansion broke down WHEN I WAS ON IT. At NIGHT.


This happens every where

Space Mountain is so faulty, that it breaks down very often, and then the lights come on, and the whole magic and experience is ruined.
Thank goodness it didn't break down when I went on it, but Disney originally planned to refresh it, but they're so cheap.
Plus, the Haunted Mansion is another good contender, as it is pretty faulty.
The worst cases of rides breaking down is if someone gets trapped on a roller coaster for hours, though thankfully cast members take care of the work an in dire situations, evacuations occur.

32 They downgraded Planet Hollywood

The Planet Hollywood Observatory in Disney Springs basically copied Las Vegas. Their logo outside the restaurant is THE EXACT SAME logo used by the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Vegas. The restaurant has basically the same food that's in the Cafe Hollywood in Vegas. They even copied the High Roller appetizer ferris wheel! Guy Fieri took PH in Disney and turned it into a mini version of his Vegas restaurants.

It’s Also That In London And Los Angles

33 The rides are too short

Yeah, some of Disneyland's rides are longer and that's what we want.

What about splash moutian

34 They took away Toontown Fair

At least Barnstormer's still there.

Yeah, but it sucks now and Disney ruined the theme just to relate with Dumbo and the rest of the new area.

Toontown Fair was awesome, bright and colorful and fun for the kids.
Now we can't have anything magical like that for the kids anymore, at least Goofy's Barnstormer is still around, but it's no good theming anymore.

35 They treat their cast members poorly

Yeah. They expect too much out of them and have dumb rules. Disney World should be less strict towards their cast members

I’ve known about Disney and that there are cast members.
They look happy, and are spreading joy to the parks.
But it looks.

When I learned more about what it’s like to work at Disney, my smile flipped and I lost faith in Disney.

The ride and park employees are forced to stand for hours, and some even do it out in the hot sun, and even on summer days, they do the job.

The character actors wear their costumes, which are really hot inside and make them extremely sweaty.
When they’re inside the costumes, and combined with the outdoor heat, especially in the summer, they end up sweating like crazy and become severely dehydrated, so they must drink a lot during their breaks or they’ll get serious heatstroke and pass out, or even die.

Not to mention being inside the costumes while being out in the sun every day will cause extreme temperatures that will eventually give them 1st, 2nd or even 3rd degree burns.

And the princesses are forced to ...more

36 Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, not Disney World

Exactly! Dinsney World isn't the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland is!

Neither place is, but we know Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, so it's original, not Disney World.

Yes he did

37 Back then the costumes looked really creepy

Seriously. Just look up the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes from the 50s.

38 You can't buy gum

You can bring your own. I brought gum to Disney World when I was 14 and I chewed it at the parks all the time.

Which explains why the sidewalks are clean.

39 Cirque du Soleil La Nouba is closing on December 31, 2017

If you want Cirque du Soleil why don't you go to Vegas

R.I.P. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba right.

40 DisneyQuest closed in July 3, 2017

Why not replace the Alien Encounter and Mighty Ducks rides with Frozen/Wreck It Ralph rides, way more cheaper than tearing it down.

They just closed it down, I can't believe Disney would do that. They just care more about money these days than the people.

That sucks, they're just getting rid of iconic attractions so that they can make new garbage ones to let idiots give the Disney owners their money.
They're replacing DisneyQuest with some dining bar filled with crap.

41 There's no Radiator Springs attraction like at Disneyland California

Test Track is similar

that sucks

42 It's impossible to walk down without accidentally photobombing someone's photo

Nearly every photo of my 2006 Disney World vacation has at least 1 person in it

43 Irresponsible people

Some people are just so irresponsible that they don’t care what the warning signs on certain rides say, and they just ignore them.

What if they have health problems, and they choose to go on the rides anyway?
People have died because of these, they had health problems, and they were aggravated when they rode the thrill rides.

It says for safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated.
Yet Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom has the highest fatality rate of any Disney attraction.

And the victims all had health problems, the 1st died from a lack of oxygen due to a pre-existing heart condition, the 2nd died of natural causes due to a metastatic pulmonary blastoma tumor, the 3rd died of natural causes due to a heart condition, and the 4th one died due to cardiopulmonary arrest and septic shock due to a history of hypertension and congestive heart ...more

44 The characters aren’t real


They’re just people in costumes (sorry for spoiling your magic, but it’s the truth).

45 No shade in some lines

For example: part of Space Mountain's line is shadeless, and one time, the posted wait time was 5 hours 30 minutes on New Year’s Eve 2017 yet they waited 6 hours 20 minutes, which meant a lot of time without shade in the 1st quarter of the line.

Splash Mountain's line is shadeless in half of it and wait times for that can be 2 hours on a busy day.

Yet a great example is the Tomorrowland Speedway, which is almost shadeless, and wait times can be up to 2 hours, leaving everyone hot, sweaty and some even sunburnt.

Let's not forget when Frozen Ever After first opened, the wait time was 5 Hours, and almost all of it was shadeless, leaving pretty much everyone hot, sweaty and even sunburnt, though Disney did give them cooling refreshments, which is very thoughtful and good.

Soarin' had a slightly longer wait time, at 5 hours 5 minutes on New Year’s Eve after it repoened as Soarin' Around the World in 2016, and a good half was outside in hot sunlight, leaving ...more

46 They don't have Sleeping Beauty herself in the festival of fantasy parade
47 No shade at Toy Story Land

Disney tried to make Toy Story Land a fun place for all.

But it was rushed and due to poor budget cuts(thanks a lot to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge), so they made it almost entirely shadeless, leaving everyone hot, sweaty and burning.

The queues for most of the rides are almost entirely shadeless, leaving everyone exposed as they wait in line for the rides, especially Slinky Dog Dash.

Speaking of which, when Toy Story Land opened, the right line had had to wait 4 hours just to get into the land, and when Slinky Dog Dash opened, the other line waited 7+ hours(and yet the ride is only 2 minutes long), and most of the time was in no shade, with poor air circulation, leaving everyone there hot, sweaty, dehydrated and burnt.

Yet many people passed out from heatstroke and the outbreak didn’t get reported on the news.

Yet the extreme sunburn outbreak means they just developed an increased risk of skin cancer, all from waiting for a 2 minute ride.

Yet ...more

48 There is too much Lion King

You know TLK is a movie about killing, and children watch that.

I Knew The TLK Haters Would Ruin This List

That movie is the worst. No contest.

49 Universal Studios is happier

No it is not ok I have very strong opinions about places and how they make sure everyone has fun if you are in universal and you are in a wheelchair sorry no fun for you they don't know what to do but Disney has all these lifts and special parts of the ride so Disney is a lot happier because everyone gets to be happy Disney always made my dad happy before passed away and he was in a wheelchair

50 An Animal killed a child

You are just repeating the "killing people" Stinkin GPs

Exactly what happened on June 2016, by a Gator.
Shame what happened to that kid, Disney isn't very happy.

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