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21 They would insert naughty subliminal messages into their franchises

Yah I agree with this Disney has lots of subliminal messages
Please leave Nintendo anlone

What the hells wrong with that.

What's wrong with that?

Nintendo has subliminal messages too..

22 They would never let any + 18 / Mature games on Nintendo Ever

They wouldn't like T-rated games either and they would make Zelda into a game for 3 year olds!

Such things as Fatal Frame, Zombiu, Dementium, The Call, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident evil Archives a new SIlent Hill, not even New MOnster Hunters or maybe without the blood cause damn children, yeah there is splatoon but its not the first game I came to buy the Wii U or a new Horror game would never appear not even considered on current and new Nintendo consoles, who knows maybe even take oout the Virtual console roms.

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23 It would increase the chances of Sora from Kingdom Hearts appearing in a Super Smash Bros. game

As a SSB fan, this is a nightmare that I seriously don't want becoming a reality. I do not like KH and Sora would not be a good addition to SSB. Sora4Smash? No chance! Sorry.

24 It would be too expensive to acquire.

Nintendo has been around way before Disney (in the late 1800's, this is way before they went to the video game industry), while the Disney company was founded in 1923. Chances are, Nintendo may be a large corporation of it's own, and would be way too expensive for someone like Disney to acquire them, no matter how much money they have.

25 Disney would try to turn good franchises into musicals

If so, then all the characters would have to sing songs, the Disney way. Not all fictional characters are singers, you know.

Uhh I would hate that it would suck to see the legend of Zelda turned into a musical or maybe Mario bros. This better not happ n

26 Smash Bros will never feature a non-Nintendo/Disney character

That's definitely a downgrade but still not horrible.

27 They would make the villains too soft

Scar and the Kingdom Hearts villains are terrible excuses for villains, enough said.

Or they'd make the anti-heroes more villainous. Which I'm also worried about.

Link: Stop doing that! It's mean.
Ganon: Okay, I'll stop.


Yeah, Cause villains like Scar, the kingdom heart villains, Bill cipher don't exist.

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28 Disney would have to change an existing character into a racial stereotype for the sake of adding more diversity.

Just look what happened when Disney bought out Marvel back in 2009, they somehow race-lifted some of their characters in later issues or such. The characters from the original Marvel comic of Big Hero 6 were an all-Japanese cast, but when Disney made the animated film adaption, they race-lifted those characters into multiple ethnic groups for the sake of the diversity trend. I am worried that, if Disney were to buy a game company such as Nintendo, they would do the same to their characters. This is why they can't buy them. If you really want to add more diversity to a cast, then it's better to make entirely new characters instead of changing existing ones.

29 Disney would give Nintendo's franchises the live-action remake or direct-to-video sequel treatment.

I am so sick of Disney milking everything to death. Hope this does not happen to beloved video games of the non-Disney side.

30 Disney would force Nintendo to make a game based on The Lion King or The Lion Guard

That would suck.

31 They would waste their money

So true. I wish more people (and the companies themselves) would realize that.

32 It'd be Club Penguin all over again.

True. Disney ruins so many video games. It's sickening. Just don't let them acquire any more properties.

Just let this speak for itself. - GengarGuy

33 Disney would make Nintendo more greedy and corrupt than before and would end up being the shadow of their former selves.

That would just suck. It's bad enough that some of Nintendo shuts down fan projects and hasn't made a new F-Zero game (or a new game of any obscure IP of theirs) for a heck of a long time, but to make them as greedy and corrupt as Disney is now, is not right. Nintendo is not the same as Disney, people. There is no "Sisi Ni Sawa" between the two at all.

34 They would add a tickling mechanic to every single game there is.

*Shudders* If they do that, I will be so mad, I might just work together with other angry Nintendo fans to buy nintendo back. - 404_name_missing

35 They would make the game WAY too easy

Enough said.

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1. They would ruin good franchises
2. They would turn Nintendo into a toy company
3. Disney has already bought enough franchises and ruined them.
1. Disney has already bought enough franchises and ruined them.
2. They would add a tickling mechanic to every game and remove normal combat to make it "kid friendly 10/10 thumbs up parent approved and cute" according to their standards.
3. Disney will spread it's stereotypical views about animals and such onto Nintendo's franchises.



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