Top 10 Reasons Why Disneyland is Not the Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World was once titled the Happiest Place on Earth until it was retitled the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Disneyland is now titled the Happiest Place on Earth, and that's not true.

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1 Half the people don't look happy

I've been to Disney World, and Disneyland, and at both, half the people don't look happy, the title is wrong. - Kyle21

2 Overpriced items

I bought a Perry the Platypus pet-mode plush there for $14. It was like $8 at the Disney store at the mall

$100 for a 1 day park hopper ticket is just ridiculous!

It costs $15 for a coffee mug, $20 for a hat, and $40 for a T-SHIRT!
How stupid! - Kyle21

3 The people stink there

It's always the kids messing with the food, and the sweat on hot days. - Kyle21

Ha! They're sweating like monkeys at the zoo! 😂

4 It's too crowded

Nobody goes to Disneyland any more, its too crowded.

At Disneyland and Disney World, so many people want to go that that's the result.
Also, it's always that way any time of year. - Kyle21

5 The lines, lines, lines

I went to Disneyland with my dad, and I went on a ride(Pirates of the Caribbean), and the line was so long.
The trip was ok, but the lines were so long, yet I heard about fast track passes, and I used that for the shuttle bus, but didn't realize that I needed so many fast track passes per ride, so the disadvantage was, that the security let in at least 40-50 fast track people, and only 8 normal people.
Yet Disney World is the same way, and each ride has long lines and only a few people with regular passes can go on them.
UNFAIR! - Kyle21

6 It's hot and humid all the time

It's not ALWAYS hot there. Last time I went, it was actually pretty cold. - MegaSoulhero

My cousin and I got sunburnt

I went to Disneyland and Disney World, and it is ALWAYS hot and humid there.
I was sweating and having hot flashes. - Kyle21

7 People make you uncomfortable by touching you and pushing you

People are rude there. - Kyle21

8 People walk too slow

I was trying to get onto some rides, and people ALWAYS walk too slow, yet they always disrespect others. - Kyle21

9 There's always a kid whining or crying

There's always whiny b$%#$es there, b$%#$es because even though they're kids, they always whine like babies we'll just say. - Kyle21

10 Too much Frozen

There's actually less Frozen at Disneyland than there used to be. There's only like two Frozen related things there right now. - MegaSoulhero

I'm Not Trying To Be Mean But, Frozen's Hate On This Site Is Going Too Far - JPK

Frozen is one of the most overrated movies ever, and Disney is forcing it down our throats.

Stupid Disney today. - Kyle21

The Newcomers

? Embarrassing Ride Photos

You know on a roller coaster or other thrill, when you go down a big drop, you can’t control yourself, and the camera tells you to smile, and it’s impossible to smile, unless you really smile from fear or thrill, and when you look at the photos, you see your face and you feel embarrassed.
For example, when you ride Splash Mountain and go down the intimidating drop, you are in shock and you lose it, it takes your photo and you plunge down the waterfall.
You are stirred and when you look at your photo, your face turns red from embarrassment.
I know because although people love the drop, others hate it, and feel embarrassed and bad for themselves. - Gregory

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11 People have died

Most of the deaths are from preexisting medical conditions, though some were from suicide or shootings, like a cast member as a victim of the Las Vegas Strip Shooting. - Gregory

12 They're Replacing Paradise Pier with Pixar Pier

Thank you Disney for another Pixar themed area that we didn't need to replace another area

Disney, are really that desperate for more money?

Sadly, this is true. Why would they change it?

No, this isn't true

It's true, and they made a deal, and it's no rumor, they're actually doing it, and it's for money. - Gregory

13 Fat people everywhere
14 Urban Legends
15 The Castle is much shorter and different

We all know Disney World is not the happiest place on Earth, but it does have a better-designed castle that stands out, Cinderella's Castle. but Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's castle, and it's a short and puny one compared to Cinderella's in Orlando. - Kyle21

Sleeping Beauty's castle looks ugly compared to Cinderella's castle at Disney World.

Walt Disney envisioned Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in his park, and it is small because at the time, he and his team didn’t have enough money or the budget to build a bigger castle. - Gregory

16 Rides break down
17 There's no Pandora World of Avatar on it like at Disney World

They should really add their own installation of Pandora at Disneyland, or at some remote forest near it.
As you know, we should connect with nature in such a matter. - Kyle21

18 They close out attractions to retheme them into Disney movies

Just look what they did to the Tower of Terror, they just turn them into movie themed rides just for marketing, so they can make more money.
Sheesh. - Gregory

19 Back then, the costumes looked really creepy

Seriously. Just look up "Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes from the 30s".

20 Perverts
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