Top 10 Reasons Why Disturbed is Better Than Avenged Sevenfold

NOTE: This is my opinion don't take it too seriously.

The Top Ten

1 David Draiman is a better singer than M. Shadows

This, this, this and this. I personally don't mind Avenged Sevenfold, but Disturbed is a much more consistent band. I do prefer Draiman's vocals as well - kempokid

2 Disturbed has better lyrics
3 Avenged Sevenfold is too corny, Disturbed isn't
4 Ten Thousand Fists is better than City of Evil
5 Avenged Sevenfold can't be taken seriously because of their singer, Disturbed can be
6 Stricken is better than A Little Piece of Heaven
7 John Moyer is a better bassist than Johnny Christ
8 Mike Wengren is a better drummer than The Rev
9 Dan Donegan is a better guitarist than Synyester Gates
10 Disturbed's better live

The Contenders

11 The Guy is a better mascot than the Deathbat
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