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1 You can train a dog better than a cat.

I love how crazy cat lovers hate dogs. How can you hate a German shepherd or a lab. Dog are way smarter and trainable. Don't believe me? Dogs are used in police, military, and even therapy. The only thing cats are used for is therapy. Did I mention that you can train a dog to even save a life. Cats are somewhat useless. People only buy them because they are cut or they hate dogs. Not saying I hate cats but dogs are way way way way way way way better. And how can you resist a loyal dog than a mean and clawing cat.

You think all cats are just mean and clawing? You are obviously a biased person who knows nothing about cats. I don't see how being trained and being treated like some kind of toy or tool is a good thing. I don't hate dogs, and there are so many "crazy dog lovers" who hate on cats WAY more than cat lovers hate on dogs. - dopfui

Actually, the Abyssinian(I believe) Can be easily trained once it bonds with you and can learn more tricks than most dogs can, though they are hard to care for. In fact I taught my cat that I found motherless on the street, a mixed breed I will remind you, how to shake my hand and SOMETIMES stay, and he's still a kitten. I don't hate dogs, I just don't really like lab dogs because they are unnatural and made by humans, but I love huskies and german shepard's.

Lol I'm not biased. What I meant was that a small majority of cats are like that. You don't even know me anyways and I made this comment when I was young

This is depending on your personal opinion. If you like felines better, than you would probably say they were more intelligent or vice versa. Dogs like the German Shepherd or the beagle are trained with policemen to sniff out drugs or animals that have been smuggled. But cats, although sometimes seemed as harder to train have been trained to give people high-five or even use a human's restroom. The structure of the animal's brains also are dependable. A cat's takes 0.9 while a dog's takes 1.2% of their body's overall mass. But most brain sizes aren't related to how smart an animal is. If you look at the neurons for the cerebral cortex, a cat's has 3,000,000 while a dog has less with 160 million. But just because a dog has been domesticated to humans 20,000 years earlier than cats have, doesn't make them more or less intelligent than a cat. This only makes them have a better interaction with people, which would partly explain why they are much more independent.

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2 Dogs protect you
3 Dogs are smarter

They say in cartoons that cats are smarter, but if you ask me dogs are smarter. - nintendofan126

There was a cat that sniffed out illegal fish smugglers. (I'm not joking look it up) What I'm saying is that they each have their own uses. And smarter is different in people mind. Survival smartness? if you threw a domesticated cat and dog out in the wild, the cat would be perfectly fine, the dog? He might go look for some people or die. And pulling a sled is NOT a talent.

Dogs can sniff out bombs and pull sleds almost the amount of their weight while a cat can barely learn how to poop in a box

Some can even smell different cancers look it up. - Randomator

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4 Dogs care about you

Cats only care about pleasing themselves.

5 A dog can protect your home better than a cat

Yes I've heard a lot of stories about dogs saving people's lives but I have never ever heard of a cat saving someone's life

Then... It's a watchdog! The one outside the home. - Animefan12

When you have a guard dog no one will come near your yard

How bout you USE Google to look up cats saving lives? Like seriously, there's an entire BOOK in my school. Like uh, y'all are dumb.

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6 Dogs love attention
7 There is no such thing as a bad dog- only a bad owner.
8 Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle

Cats just hunt. Dogs help the blind, sniff out drugs and bombs, get papers, and a million more ways.

If I had a dog-I'd be so much more active... And by active I mean I'd actually move sometimes. - keycha1n

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9 Dogs are much more fun to play with than cats

Cats just... sit around. Dogs, on the other hand, play fetch, can be trained to play Hide and Seek, and they actually get along with other Dogs, unlike Cats with other Cats!

You have NEVER tried giving catnip to a cat! They go crazy on the stuff!

Cats are lazy dogs are fun to play with. - nintendofan126


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10 A dog knows when you are sad and he will try to comfort you, cats don't care how you feel, as long as you know where the can opener is.

This sounds unlikely but I think it might be true. Cause when I'm crying my dog tilts his head to try to understand.

My cat always knows how I feel and cares for me. - JamesBourne

This is not true - JamesBourne

Exactly.when you love and care for a dog,the dog will love and care for you as well but when you love and care for a cat the only thing you get is a whole lot of attidude and cats don't appreciate your love

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11 Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities
12 Dogs can be trained
13 Dogs are man's best friend

Yeah, man and dog are like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu - Animefan12

If only dogs lived a bit longer then that would be awesome

Dogs are awesome and life is better with them

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14 A dog will wake you up if the house is on fire, cats will quietly sneak out through the back door.

Um, untrue in somecases! There were these people renting out cabins, and a dam had flooded or something, and the water was raging toward the homes. Their cat swatted the owner's face until he woke up, and he, his wife, and all the guests got out safely just as water wiped out the cabins. There was another case where a mother cat leapt into a burning building to save her kittens, and got out alive with them. She was badly burned, but survived. I'm not saying that dogs aren't awesomely heroic, they totally ARE, I just thought I'd share. -Cat lover

Agreed. If you see the cats list it is so inaccurate. Cause most of the cats didn't save lives as heroic as dogs. Cause dogs can call for help and pull you out of the fire if fallen. I think...:

Dogs are used for rescues and haves saved many people. - nintendofan126

Actually dogs always run away - pouria_mt

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15 Dogs get you exercise
16 Dogs come in a huge range of breeds V 3 Comments
17 Dogs are domesticated, unlike cats
18 Dogs are cuter than cats

Untrue in my opinion

19 Dogs can do jobs

When was the last time you heard of a security cat? Or a service cat? - Randomator

That's true. And they enjoy it.

20 Dogs can protect you
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1. Dogs protect you
2. Dogs care about you
3. Dogs love attention
1. A dog can protect your home better than a cat
2. A dog knows when you are sad and he will try to comfort you, cats don't care how you feel, as long as you know where the can opener is.
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1. Dogs are domesticated, unlike cats
2. Dogs are cuter than cats
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