Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

The Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

1 You can train a dog better than a cat.

I believe that they are both equally as good! However I disagree with the people who say that cats do not help out the community! CLEARLY THEY DID NOT DO THEIR RESEARCH! Some people say that there is no such thing as a service cat, and they are right, but cats do help people, in so many ways! For example, kitties can help out people with autism, and despite what other people say, cats are quite comforting, I have a cat and her name is Symba, whenever I am stressed out she comes to me a brightens my mood! In fact, when we got Symba, my family was going through some hard times, however, she had a positive impact in us ALL! Kitties also had a positive impact during Medieval times, to be more specific they helped during some plagues. In case you did not know, some plagues were spread around by rats and birds, in fact most of them were, and cats prey on rats and birds! Therefore, because of cats many peoples lives were spared! And even today some cats are helping out with diseases! For ...more

I personally love both. I've grown around both dogs and cats and have grown a equal love for them. My dad and my step mother have 1 cat and 2 dogs and my mom has 1 cat.

I love how crazy cat lovers hate dogs. How can you hate a German shepherd or a lab. Dog are way smarter and trainable. Don't believe me? Dogs are used in police, military, and even therapy. The only thing cats are used for is therapy. Did I mention that you can train a dog to even save a life. Cats are somewhat useless. People only buy them because they are cut or they hate dogs. Not saying I hate cats but dogs are way way way way way way way better. And how can you resist a loyal dog than a mean and clawing cat.

You think all cats are just mean and clawing? You are obviously a biased person who knows nothing about cats. I don't see how being trained and being treated like some kind of toy or tool is a good thing. I don't hate dogs, and there are so many "crazy dog lovers" who hate on cats WAY more than cat lovers hate on dogs. - dopfui

Actually, the Abyssinian(I believe) Can be easily trained once it bonds with you and can learn more tricks than most dogs can, though they are hard to care for. In fact I taught my cat that I found motherless on the street, a mixed breed I will remind you, how to shake my hand and SOMETIMES stay, and he's still a kitten. I don't hate dogs, I just don't really like lab dogs because they are unnatural and made by humans, but I love huskies and german shepard's.

2 Dogs protect you

Dog see you attack I save you
Cat see you Attack well nice knowing

Dogs do protect more than cats, but sometimes cats can protect you.

Cats can protect you, too. - Firemist

I actually have 5 cats

3 Dogs care about you

So do cats. You should change it to "Dogs care more about you" - Unnamed Google User Remade


So do cats they just don't show. Now do not get me wrong I love both dogs and cats. Cats love you but you have to earn it a dog just loves you at first sight.

Although there are SOME (but very few) good and affectionate cats, most are just husks. Dogs, on the other hand, will fight for you. If they see that you are sad, they will comfort you. And they have their own personalities as well, unless cats, which all act the same.

4 Dogs are smarter

The tests say that dogs are actually smarter than cats. But if you really think about it, cats are way smarter

They say in cartoons that cats are smarter, but if you ask me dogs are smarter. - nintendofan126

There was a cat that sniffed out illegal fish smugglers. (I'm not joking look it up) What I'm saying is that they each have their own uses. And smarter is different in people mind. Survival smartness? if you threw a domesticated cat and dog out in the wild, the cat would be perfectly fine, the dog? He might go look for some people or die. And pulling a sled is NOT a talent.

Dogs can sniff out bombs and pull sleds almost the amount of their weight while a cat can barely learn how to poop in a box

Yes I agree lol can't even poop in boxes those things called cats - ShebaDaDog

5 A dog can protect your home better than a cat

Yes I've heard a lot of stories about dogs saving people's lives but I have never ever heard of a cat saving someone's life

When you have a guard dog no one will come near your yard

Then... It's a watchdog! The one outside the home. - Animefan12

Have you seen a cat saving someone's life? No.

6 There is no such thing as a bad dog- only a bad owner.

There is no such thing as a bad cat- only a bad owner. Cats are abused as much as dogs are and the negative thought about cats only makes it worse. Give cats a chance; no matter how "boring", "lazy", "dumb" or "mean" you think they are.

I agree with this. My dog was abused for a year before we got her. If we had her first she would not have anxiety or any other problems. - Gravityfallsfan11

This is insanely true, but I hate the way dog people jump to defend a dog that bites a lot, saying this in it’s defense (which is correct), but if another animal, for example a cat, does something remotely wrong we, the dog people, talk trash about it, and just completely ignore our own logic, saying the other animal is evil or something.

There is a book called "No Bad Dogs" Look it up. It sounds boring but I read some of it and I liked it a lot

7 Dogs love attention

Well some dogs want too much attention. - Userguy44

So do cats. Different cat breeds have different personalities, most cats love to play with their owner or human, like the Abyssinian cat or Somali. - LemonadeOcean

8 Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle

Cats just hunt. Dogs help the blind, sniff out drugs and bombs, get papers, and a million more ways.

I like this opinion

What if they gave cats a chance - Nateawesomeness

If I had a dog-I'd be so much more active... And by active I mean I'd actually move sometimes. - keycha1n

9 Dogs are much more fun to play with than cats

I came to this top tens discussion because I want to show all these people that love dogs and hate cats about why cats are actually way better than dogs and that when it comes to a cat, a dogs is useless. Cats are the most popular pet in the U.S. and there are many big reasons. Also, its more fun to play with a cat than a dog. Also, cats are more lovable and cats are cuter. When comparing a dog to a cat, dogs are just stupid. Like seriously, cats are so much better! Why can't anyone see that? All these people...they just don't understand how cats are just the best and dogs are just...ya you know...dogs are just bad when it comes to cats.

Cats are lazy and boring to have. You have nothing to do with them. They just hunt which I don't exactly like. You don't want to see a dead rat in your house, don't you? Dogs like to play around, go outside, and all stuff like that.

What if your house is infested with mice? Then a cat would be useful. - Firemist

Cats just... sit around. Dogs, on the other hand, play fetch, can be trained to play Hide and Seek, and they actually get along with other Dogs, unlike Cats with other Cats!

Brooo you know that cats can play fetch, it’s just an old cat that isn’t that fun

10 A dog knows when you are sad and he will try to comfort you, cats don't care how you feel, as long as you know where the can opener is.

Almost every cat will ignore you. They don't care about you. A dog will always find a solution how to comfort you!

This sounds unlikely but I think it might be true. Cause when I'm crying my dog tilts his head to try to understand.

I think the person who made this a dog-person...My cat cares about me, is playful and protect me

My cat always knows how I feel and cares for me. - JamesBourne

The Contenders

11 Dogs are cuter than cats

People, I submitted this list when I was new to the site..So I actually made this list for the sake of making one...No real opinions or thoughts, it was merely an impulse action.
Don't take it seriously..
Both cats and dogs are EQUALLY great in EVERY way, I mean it.
We all are creations of nature...and we're same..our values are same.. - Ananya

This is an opinion and not a fact. Both can be cute. - Userguy44

Untrue in my opinion

No both are cute

12 Dogs are man's best friend

Yeah, man and dog are like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu - Animefan12

It's true, so true. - Ananya

I just had to add this. - nintendofan126

If only dogs lived a bit longer then that would be awesome

13 Dogs get you exercise
14 Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities
15 A dog will wake you up if the house is on fire, cats will quietly sneak out through the back door.

Um, untrue in somecases! There were these people renting out cabins, and a dam had flooded or something, and the water was raging toward the homes. Their cat swatted the owner's face until he woke up, and he, his wife, and all the guests got out safely just as water wiped out the cabins. There was another case where a mother cat leapt into a burning building to save her kittens, and got out alive with them. She was badly burned, but survived. I'm not saying that dogs aren't awesomely heroic, they totally ARE, I just thought I'd share. -Cat lover

Agreed. If you see the cats list it is so inaccurate. Cause most of the cats didn't save lives as heroic as dogs. Cause dogs can call for help and pull you out of the fire if fallen. I think...:

Yeah, just like in a dogs purpose

Dogs are used for rescues and haves saved many people. - nintendofan126

16 Dogs can be trained

So can cats. - RoseWeasley

17 Dogs come in a huge range of breeds

I can't even list half of them here. - Pokemonfan10


So do cats. - BlueberryCatfish


18 Dogs are domesticated, unlike cats
19 Dogs can do jobs

When was the last time you heard of a security cat? Or a service cat? - Randomator

Yes lol blind man walking with garfield looking cat down street while cat bites and scratches and yells for being on guide harness. - ShebaDaDog

That's true. And they enjoy it.

Dogs are very helpful!

20 Dogs save more lives

True. Dogs make sacrifices too! It is true! Cats just care about themselves and want to keep only them safe.

True. When there is danger, dogs try to help their owner the best they can. Cats just try to save them self.

Dogs rule cats are hiss screaming monsters

They take more lives than they save every year. Cats keep more lives than dogs do becase of that. - BlueberryCatfish

21 Dogs can protect you
22 Dogs are more loyal than cats
23 Dogs don't get lost as easily

Not true at all, its cats that can navigate themselves around a neighbor hood. And dogs just run away and you sometimes never see them again. - BlueberryCatfish

24 Dogs are happy, they think you are the best person in the world even if you are grumpy

I love dogs, they are so lovely

Yeah, it's true!

OF Course they are! Who is with me?

I love dogs

25 Dogs listen. When you talk to dogs, they will tilt their heads and try to work out what you are saying, on the other hand a cat will just meow and walk away...

Uh-huh! That's true! I talk to Dogs and I can tell they're listening.

I think it's cute when dogs tilt there head. ^_^ - nintendofan126

26 Dogs don't cough up hairballs like cats do.

Dogs don't eat their hair. And they don't lock themselves all over, covering themselves in their own saliva.

Yeah, dogs are hygienically better than cats - Animefan12

Actually, while dogs roll in their poop, cats actually groom themselves. You try having a hairball stuck in your throat, lets see what you do. - dopfui

Cats don't crap on the floor while you're gone like dogs do. - JamesBourne

Compare cleaning a floor to cleaning a table (the bigger the table, the bigger the room and floor would be). - Qryzx

I meant and they don't lick themselves all over*

27 Dogs breeds vary to a higher level than cats
28 There are lot of things that cats will jump up on that dogs won't

Cats are afraid of water and dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners,we all have fears,jeez - Nateawesomeness

29 Cats don't follow you

Blaze the cat is a lazy cat she hates every one in the hole wold

I love my animals but it's hard getting Trevor in when all he does is lay there and stare at me when I tell him to come in - bobbythebrony

Yeah, because they're not obsessed slaves of humankind. - dopfui

30 Cats scratch you

Yes if you tease them. They are just animals duh! They need to protect themselves. What would you do if someone hugs you all the time when you don't like it? - Userguy44

Sure cats don't scratch as often but dogs have more of a good natured temperament

I just feel that is rights

Some dogs kill you... - BlueberryCatfish

31 Dogs help to keep you fit

Without dogs most people wouldn't be as active as they are today

Yep. True.

32 Dogs are more compassionate than cats
33 Cats are selfish
34 Dogs love unconditionally
35 Dogs deal with change better than cats

Agreed. Cats would freak out if you move their litter box, but Dogs would see it as an adventure.

36 Cats are lazy

True! I had this cat once, it did nothing. Ever. Sometimes I forgot I had a pet, because even when I notice it and pay attention to it, it just sits there. It's kinda annoying.

That's so true

So are some dogs. - Userguy44

37 Unlike cats, dogs don't hurt you for no reason

Well not actually true. Tara the cat saved the boy who got mauled by the dog for NO REASON WHATSOEVER

38 Much unlike dogs, cats don't listen to you
39 Cats costs more money

This is a humans problem. If you want to have enough money then find a job! - Userguy44

REALLY? a tibetan Mattif costs 1 million dollars - Gingerbobo

40 Dogs don’t need litter boxes

yeah lol, you just let them outside and they just do their business, while you gotta clean a litter box every time you’re cat poops

I want to dislike every single one of your rude, selfish comments on any list about how Dogs are bad. Seriously, I bet you never even had a Dog. Don't judge Dogs so much! Sure, you may love Cats more, but no reason to be rude!

Indeed. I personally like cats more than dogs but in general dogs are probably better than cats. - BlueberryCatfish

I hate litter boxes. It makes the house stink when some cat poops in it! It only takes like three weeks to train a dog to poop and pee outside. And it is very easy to train them to do that.

If I get a dog it will use a human toilet

41 Dogs are more playful

So are cats. - Userguy44

42 Dogs provide a friendship

I had a good friendship with a cat too. - Userguy44

43 Cats can control your mind

It's true. Look it up

With a germ cats can give you. It used to scare me, but now I honestly don't care. I wouldn't even care if Imgotnthe germ. (i have a cat, and she is awesowe)

44 Dogs don't meow

Okay, I personally like dogs better, but this is a really dumb reason to say that dogs are better than cats.

And cats don't bark. What's your point? - Ku

That's a downside of dogs - dopfui

So? - Userguy44

45 Cats lay in the middle of the driveway when you're trying to get in

They just don't care

Uggh what

46 Dogs reduce risk of heart disease

This is true. Cat lovers twisted it and made it "Cats reduce risk of Heart Disease". They're just jealous.

But cats reduce heart attack

Look it up.

47 Dogs know when you're down and will comfort you
48 Cats are messy and disgusting

Cats are way less slobbery and slimy then dogs that get mucus all over your face.

Cats are clean and quiet.

No, I'm sorry but that's mew a lot and they hunt than clean themselfs with germs - Gingerbobo

49 Dogs are cool

I had a cool cat. - Userguy44

50 You can't run around outside with a cat

Indeed. They have no happy, childish spirit, nor any kind of a sense of fun.


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