Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

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1 Dogs can be trained better

I don't know if you mean simple tricks, or being trained to sniff out drugs. first lemme adress that dogs are excellent at tricks and they're pretty smart and I love them. but cats can be trained too! most tricks that a dog can do, a cat can do too! any cat can come when called, roll over, sit, stay, paw shake, or sit pretty, just search it up on the internet or try training a cat. once you've practiced the tricks with them a lot, they should be able to do it WITHOUT treats. cats are really smart animals, so if you usetreats, it should only take like 5-15 min to teach a cat a simple trick. but wot about harder tricks? well I've seen cats that can jump through hoops, roll a barrel, skateboard, etc. just search it up. and dogs may be used as police dogs or whatever, but cats could too, if they were trained, because they're clever and have sharp senses. but cats are great therapy pets and that's kinda undeniable

This is depending on your personal opinion. If you like felines better, than you would probably say they were more intelligent or vice versa. Dogs like the German Shepherd or the beagle are trained with policemen to sniff out drugs or animals that have been smuggled. But cats, although sometimes seemed as harder to train have been trained to give people high-five or even use a human's restroom. The structure of the animal's brains also are dependable. A cat's takes 0.9 while a dog's takes 1.2% of their body's overall mass. But most brain sizes aren't related to how smart an animal is. If you look at the neurons for the cerebral cortex, a cat's has 3,000,000 while a dog has less with 160 million. But just because a dog has been domesticated to humans 20,000 years earlier than cats have, doesn't make them more or less intelligent than a cat. This only makes them have a better interaction with people, which would partly explain why they are much more independent.

I am more of a dog person, but cats can get trained. I have a cat myself, she only listens to my sister but still. But to be honest, dogs can probably get trained better than a cat. Well it is at least easier. My cat doesn't laze around, but she barely ever listens to me. If you want to train a cat, choose the right breed. AKA: ABYSSINIAN! that's my BFF's cat. I think she likes her cat more than her dog :( but only because her Abyssinian is so good at training. She can play fetch and (unbelievably) likes water and learnt how to swim(only just). I think that proves that cat scan be trained. But it is much easier to train a dog, so I guess the topic is right. Dogs can be trained to be in the military, herd sheep and sniff out bombs or drugs for police officers in the airports. But it's not that cats are more lazy and can't be trained, it's since dogs were MADE like that. It's hard to explain but, it's like dogs were made to sniff out things(not necessarily bombs or drugs, more like rats ...more

A cat WILL NOT listen to you! They are annoying and will just walk away from you. They hate people and only tolerate them because they have food. BOOM!

2 Dogs care about you

First of all, I just wanted to point out that I can't blame y'all for bashing cats because after all this is a list of the top ten reasons why dogs are better than cats. And I can't believe someone made this lmao- But seriously. Who says cats don't care about you? THEY DO OMG. I hate this stereotype, it's so annoying. If you're an actually good owner, most cats will be affectionate towards you and keep you company. And they'll sit on your lap and weave between your legs or whatever. Ofc they care about you! They're like the sweetest creatures ever! Because the YouTube back then mainly revolved around cat videos, I've seen many cat videos. And I've seen a TON of videos that showed cats purring at their owners, greeting them when they got home, rubbing against their legs, or that really really friendly neighboorhod cat that only wants cuddles and pets, etc. THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. STOP SAYING THAT THEY'RE COLD. And if you're like oh well every cat I ever met has hated me, well it's ...more

There have been studies that show, if you die and the dog has no food to eat, the dog will starve to death before it eats you, because it is loyal. Cats, on the other hand, will eat you.

Although there are SOME (but very few) good and affectionate cats, most are just husks. Dogs, on the other hand, will fight for you. If they see that you are sad, they will comfort you. And they have their own personalities as well, unless cats, which all act the same.

So do cats they just don't show. Now do not get me wrong I love both dogs and cats. Cats love you but you have to earn it a dog just loves you at first sight.

3 Dogs are smarter

They say in cartoons that cats are smarter, but if you ask me dogs are smarter.

In tom and jerry tom is so unsmart like spike could wreck and tom just got punched

I- well they're both really smart animals. I think it depends on the dog and the cat.

Some can even smell different cancers look it up.

4 Dogs protect you better

I've actually seen videos of cats saving children from dogs. dogs do protect more probably, but cats can protect you too if you are attacked. and do u think cats can't protect you because in all those news articles they never mentioned a cat saving them? well, did they mention a cat NOT saving them?

Indeed! Well, a Golden Retriever would do a better job at it than, let's say, a shish tzu, but at least they'll try.

Dogs do protect more than cats, but sometimes cats can protect you.

Dog see you attack I save you
Cat see you Attack well nice knowing

5 Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities

I can't even list half of them here.

So does cats though...

6 There is no such thing as a bad dog - only a bad owner

This is insanely true, but I hate the way dog people jump to defend a dog that bites a lot, saying this in it’s defense (which is correct), but if another animal, for example a cat, does something remotely wrong we, the dog people, talk trash about it, and just completely ignore our own logic, saying the other animal is evil or something.

I agree with this. My dog was abused for a year before we got her. If we had her first she would not have anxiety or any other problems.

There is a book called "No Bad Dogs" Look it up. It sounds boring but I read some of it and I liked it a lot

Yes I believe everything on this list is true

7 Dogs protect your home better

A big dog maybe, but what about those really tiny light dogs?

When you have a guard dog no one will come near your yard

Then... It's a watchdog! The one outside the home.

Have you seen a cat saving someone's life? No.

8 Dogs are better at knowing when you are sad and comforting you

dogs will lick your face and comfort you. cats can do the same. they're known for helping people cope with depression, that's why hospitals will havetherapy cats to comfort the patients

This sounds unlikely but I think it might be true. Cause when I'm crying my dog tilts his head to try to understand.

Almost every cat will ignore you. They don't care about you. A dog will always find a solution how to comfort you!

Cats don't care if you are sad, they only care about their food. When I'm sad my dog comes over to me and comforts me.

9 Dogs love attention

cats DOn't hate you unless you treat the, badly or you hate them. some cats like attention, and some dogs want attention a little too much to the point where it's annoying
don't get me wrong, I love both, and most of them don't want TOO much attention

Cats hate you. Period. Dogs like attention but won't bother you for it. Cats will hiss and scratch you if you try to hug them.

A little too much. And cats like attention too.

Well some dogs want too much attention.

10 Dogs are much more fun to play with

Cats are lazy and boring to have. You have nothing to do with them. They just hunt which I don't exactly like. You don't want to see a dead rat in your house, don't you? Dogs like to play around, go outside, and all stuff like that.

Cats just... sit around. Dogs, on the other hand, play fetch, can be trained to play Hide and Seek, and they actually get along with other Dogs, unlike Cats with other Cats!

Cats are lazy dogs are fun to play with.

They don't make beware of cat signs.

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11 Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle

Cats just hunt. Dogs help the blind, sniff out drugs and bombs, get papers, and a million more ways.

If I had a dog-I'd be so much more active... And by active I mean I'd actually move sometimes.

Indeed. They have no happy, childish spirit, nor any kind of a sense of fun.

I like this opinion

12 Dogs are cuter

I have a pug, (who can breathe perfectly fine thank you very much) and he is super cute. Cats, they are just ugly furballs. search ugly cats on google and you will see the truth. Dogs rule.

Yup way cuter

Of course

I mean it's your opinion but in my opinion it depends on the dog and cat, but they're both usually cute

13 Dogs are man's best friend

If only dogs lived a bit longer then that would be awesome

Yeah, man and dog are like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Dogs are awesome and life is better with them

So friendly not like hissy cats

14 Dogs help you exercise

Without dogs most people wouldn't be as active as they are today

Yep. True.

15 Dogs will wake you up if there is an emergency

I've seen more stories of dogs saving their owners from robbers than cats, but I've seen more stories of cats waking u up if there is an emergency rather than dogs

Agreed. If you see the cats list it is so inaccurate. Cause most of the cats didn't save lives as heroic as dogs. Cause dogs can call for help and pull you out of the fire if fallen. I think...:

Dogs are used for rescues and haves saved many people.

Yeah, just like in a dogs purpose

16 Dogs listen to you better

Uh-huh! That's true! I talk to Dogs and I can tell they're listening.

I think it's cute when dogs tilt there head. ^_^

17 Dogs are more domesticated

Cats are wild animals. If you feed wild birds, they will come back to get more food. It's the same with cats. THEY ARE WILD!

18 Dogs don't cough up hairballs

Dogs don't eat their hair. And they don't lock themselves all over, covering themselves in their own saliva.

Cats cough up hairballs in annoying places just to make you grumpy. Dogs don't cover themselves in saliva.

Yeah, dogs are hygienically better than cats

At least cats cover up their crap.

19 Dogs can do jobs

Dogs are great. I have 2 Marama dogs who look after my alpacas so those wild animals don't kill them. A cat can't do that!

When was the last time you heard of a security cat? Or a service cat?

That's true. And they enjoy it.

Dogs are very helpful!

20 Dogs save more lives

True. Dogs make sacrifices too! It is true! Cats just care about themselves and want to keep only them safe.

True. When there is danger, dogs try to help their owner the best they can. Cats just try to save them self.

Nice so that's one thing dogs only can do cats can do special stuff to

21 Dogs are more loyal

Dogs are Quite

22 Dogs don't get lost as easily

hmm.. cats are independent and almost always can find their way back home, so it's very common for people to let their cat get out of the house whenever they want

oh yeah well my dog ran away and he just came back hah in yo face

23 Dogs are happy, they think you are the best person in the world even if you are grumpy

I love dogs, they are so lovely

OF Course they are! Who is with me?

Yeah, it's true!

24 Dogs are less lazy

The people who says "Cats are just lazy fluffballs who sleep all day" have never met a cat at night.They can run around in the house like crazy or they can go out hunting in the dark!
Cats are cool,cute and the best animal ever!

True! I had this cat once, it did nothing. Ever. Sometimes I forgot I had a pet, because even when I notice it and pay attention to it, it just sits there. It's kinda annoying.

Useguy44 dogs are never lazy cats are all ways!

That's so true

25 Dogs don't jump on on as many things

Cats are afraid of water and dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners,we all have fears,jeez

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