Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


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21 Dogs are more loyal than cats

I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but I kinda agree with this one - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

22 Dogs don't get lost as easily
23 Dogs listen. When you talk to dogs, they will tilt their heads and try to work out what you are saying, on the other hand a cat will just meow and walk away...

Uh-huh! That's true! I talk to Dogs and I can tell they're listening.

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24 Dogs don't cough up hairballs like cats do.

Dogs don't eat their hair. And they don't lock themselves all over, covering themselves in their own saliva.

Yeah, dogs are hygienically better than cats - Animefan12

Actually, while dogs roll in their poop, cats actually groom themselves. You try having a hairball stuck in your throat, lets see what you do. - dopfui

Cats don't crap on the floor while you're gone like dogs do. - JamesBourne

I meant and they don't lick themselves all over*

25 Dogs breeds vary to a higher level than cats
26 There are lot of things that cats will jump up on that dogs won't

Cats are afraid of water and dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners,we all have fears,jeez - Nateawesomeness

27 Dogs are happy, they think you are the best person in the world even if you are grumpy V 3 Comments
28 Dogs help to keep you fit

Without dogs most people wouldn't be as active as they are today

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29 Dogs are more compassionate than cats
30 Dogs love unconditionally
31 Dogs deal with change better than cats

Agreed. Cats would freak out if you move their litter box, but Dogs would see it as an adventure.

32 Cats don't follow you

I love my animals but it's hard getting Trevor in when all he does is lay there and stare at me when I tell him to come in - bobbythebrony

Yeah, because they're not obsessed slaves of humankind. - dopfui

33 Unlike cats, dogs don't hurt you for no reason

Well not actually true. Tara the cat saved the boy who got mauled by the dog for NO REASON WHATSOEVER

34 Much unlike dogs, cats don't listen to you
35 Cats scratch you

Sure cats don't scratch as often but dogs have more of a good natured temperament

Hey, Ku? Just, no. It's terrible to take away the claws of any kind of animal. Imagine if someone de-nailed you. You have no more nails. Happy now? Pretty sure not.

Shut up! Cats only scratch you if you bother them! DUH!

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36 Cats are lazy

True! I had this cat once, it did nothing. Ever. Sometimes I forgot I had a pet, because even when I notice it and pay attention to it, it just sits there. It's kinda annoying.

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37 Dogs are more playful
38 Dogs provide a friendship
39 Dogs don’t need litter boxes

I want to dislike every single one of your rude, selfish comments on any list about how Dogs are bad. Seriously, I bet you never even had a Dog. Don't judge Dogs so much! Sure, you may love Cats more, but no reason to be rude!

Because they're untrained and poop everywhere - dopfui

Sheesh, Dopfui, there are bad sides of Cats, too. Please, just calm down and don't be rude. How about focusing on EQUALITY?

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40 Dogs know when you're down and will comfort you
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1. Dogs protect you
2. Dogs care about you
3. Dogs love attention
1. A dog can protect your home better than a cat
2. A dog knows when you are sad and he will try to comfort you, cats don't care how you feel, as long as you know where the can opener is.
3. Cats are lazy
1. Dogs are domesticated, unlike cats
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3. Dogs breeds vary to a higher level than cats

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