Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


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41 You can't run around outside with a cat

Indeed. They have no happy, childish spirit, nor any kind of a sense of fun.


42 Cats act the same and most are mean but every dog breed has something special about them

Not true. Some cats are are protective and motherly, others act superior and like an "alpha." Some are afraid and easily scared, others are loyal. It varies on the breed. - Ku

43 Cats can control your mind

With a germ cats can give you. It used to scare me, but now I honestly don't care. I wouldn't even care if Imgotnthe germ. (i have a cat, and she is awesowe)

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44 Dogs can save you from any danger even a fire

Indeed! Well, a Golden Retriever would do a better job at it than, let's say, a shish tzu, but at least they'll try.

45 Dogs don't meow

And cats don't bark. What's your point? - Ku

That's a downside of dogs - dopfui

46 Dogs don't whine all day

Since when do cats whine? I've never heard a cat whine, not once. - Ku

I have, Ku. I had a Cat, and it did whine. I live in an area with lots of Cats, and they whine all day every day.

47 Dogs save more lives

Dogs rule cats are hiss screaming monsters

48 Cats lay in the middle of the driveway when you're trying to get in V 2 Comments
49 Dogs reduce risk of heart disease

This is true. Cat lovers twisted it and made it "Cats reduce risk of Heart Disease". They're just jealous.

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50 Dogs are loyal
51 Cats are selfish
52 Cats are messy and disgusting
53 Dogs are cool
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1. Dogs protect you
2. Dogs care about you
3. Dogs love attention
1. A dog can protect your home better than a cat
2. A dog knows when you are sad and he will try to comfort you, cats don't care how you feel, as long as you know where the can opener is.
3. Cats are lazy
1. Dogs are domesticated, unlike cats
2. Dogs are cuter than cats
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