Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Hate Needs to Stop

We get it! Trump won! Though I'm happy he's our president, people still hate him for some ridiculous reasons.

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1 It is out of proportion

Is there a good reason to love this clown?

It is interesting that the crazed-anti Trump riots and rhetoric are exactly what is going to get him re-elected for a second term. The antis simply cannot hear how nutty they sound. Trump has plenty to disagree with, so shut up and get to work. Find a candidate who can actually win [not Bernie], raise money for them, volunteer for their campaign. If you have a specific issue, work for your side, raise money for awareness. Above all, rioting, screaming, and shaming those who may disagree with you is the worst thing you can do, it makes people automatically vote against whatever you are for.

Begin the war against republicans immediatelty including dictator trump Nazi pence gorsuk kavanaugh kkk member mcconnel war criminal gwbush and family regime etc. Rid the nation of all republicans no matter where they live and work. Stolen election stolen seats. Attack all republicans all corporations all religious all CEOs all their voters and supporters no matter where they are or live!

2 The reasons people hate him are ridiculous

Does that give me any attention to be a trump guy? Just saying reasons are ridiculous makes me feel like you all are being racist

The criticism about Obama that "presidents can't all be white males" exists solely in the hallucinations of the Obama-bots. The "Iran Nuclear Deal" alone should have landed Obama an impeachment trial, and a prison stint for high treason. If the world ends in the next couple of years, it will be directly attributable to this single horrific piece of work by the anointed Obama.

Yeah, I guess hating someone for racism and having no experience as a politician is ridiculous, hey? - BrianScott01

He's getting rid of laws that protect animals that is why I hate him

3 Riots and violent protests are happening all because ignorant people won't accept him as the President of the United States

I still hate trump that is 40% true

No. Protest at riots are happening because he didn't win the majority of the american people's support and yet still won the election. - GrimmShady

And, if Hillary would be the US president, the Republicans would protest. Ironic much. - LemonComputer

People just can't accept it. Also why go out of your job just to scream and riot over a president and why, six months later, would anyone do this? - NuMetalManiak

4 Most of the reasons people hate him are untrue

So does that mean we have to be forced to get all our news from Fox News and nowhere else? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There are news networks far more conservatively biased than Fox. - DCfnaf

So agree with this. The haters are obnoxious and what they say is not true.

As someone who started out hating Trump (and now, I'm 50/50), I can say that a lot of the reasons are indeed untrue. Namely, he's racist (I believed this and now I don't) is probably false at this point, he's in bed with Russia (evidence doesn't support this) is a joke, he's a homophobe (he's the first republican president to hold the rainbow flag! ) is outright false, and he hates black people is all kinds of wrong.

I think he's sexist, but that's about it. I don't support his muslim ban, I think building the wall is dumb, and (while I think TrumpCare is an improvement on the ObamaCare disaster! ) I don't like his health care plan. (Opinions) - aidanpscott

I agree with all of this, I don't like his sexist comments either.

5 He's actually doing a good job as President

Trump's economy is roaring, making Obama look like the amateur he is. Funny to hear people who try to complain about it.

That kind of varies from opinion to opinion, to be honest, even though I don't like Trump. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If only democratic party didn't screw over Bernie... I'm imagining a world where there is no such thing as President Trump, but instead President Sanders. - GrimmShady

How low have you set your bar. - GrimmShady

And the best start he had was an immigration ban. I'm so done. - Mcgillacuddy

6 He is being compared to Hitler, a murderous dictator.

Trump isn't a murderer. - Userguy44

You do realized that Adolf Hitler is a lot worser than Donald Trump!

Though he's trying to get Mexico to pay for a wall that they don't even want. This dude is filthy rich and he doesn't even want to pay for his own stuff - Mcgillacuddy

EXCEPT WE, the American Citizens, will be paying for his wall. He can't force another country what he wants. Mexico can't even afford it. - Rue

Finally something I agree with. Trump may have similar feeling towards Muslims as Hitler did to Jews but any comparison is unmerited. I'd choose Trump a billion times over Hitler. - GrimmShady

7 It is dividing America

Trump is literally dividing the country on his own. - Rue

IDGAF who you are if u are an american citizen you need to accept your president for the good of our country

8 It's practically a form of bullying

How dumb can you be? Trump literally bullies others.

And hating on Obama isn't bullying? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Did you not see Trump in the entire election? - HiBye

How the ever loving hell does someone bully the person with the most power over a country? You realize the power dynamic here, right? - Rue

9 The election has been over for a while

What if americans had said that slavery had been around for a while therefore we shouldn't stop it. - GrimmShady

It's been half a year, you can speak out about him, but stop screaming in the streets and fighting everyone who disagrees with your political beliefs. - HiBye

10 Because people should follow their own opinions, not the media

I agree. I don't believe in the liberal media because the liberal media is full of lies.

Republicans do follow the media, just different sources. - LemonComputer

What if our opinions are that trump is an ass? - AnonymousChick

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11 We have to depend on him because he's our president, regardless of who he is

The sheeps are following the flock! Stupid Americans!

Good luck - BrianScott01

...unfortunately for us - Mcgillacuddy


Yep, I'm here too.
And yep, this is the most crucial point on this list. - mattstat716

12 It makes the Democratic Party look bad

I'm a big-time Republican, but all the Trump haters rioting and protesting makes me feel bad for the Democrats who accepted Trump as the president even though they didn't vote for him. - DoroExploro13

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