Reasons Why Donald Trump is Awful

Ok,I really dislike Trump and here are my reasons as to why.And to any of you trump supporters reading this,I am not a sjw.I am left leaning and I may hate trump but I also hate sjw's too.

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1 He's racist

He is so much racist. He is do hating people who are not like him or similar to him as a person. This was so dumb

This as well as his views on society, countries, climate change and everything else on this list I find are the primary reasons why I don't like him as a president!

Try again. He said the judge, who was set to hear a case AGAINST TRUMP might not be impartial, due to the negative publicity drummed up by the press over Trump's border wall proposal.

He's not inherently racist, but he certainly comes off as judgmental towards specific groups.

2 His policies are stupid

I agree that we need to crack down on undocumented immigrants, but:
1. Why separate families? That's just cruel.
2. About the wall, people can just use a boat, which renders the wall useless.
3. Why would Mexico pay for that wall?

Don't forget that he also puts kids in cages simply because they are illegals.

Trump is a bombastic, loudmouth jerk, but his policies are far less stupid than what libs have been coming up with, and they are getting more ridiculous every day. Letting dangerous criminals out on the street does not sit well with voters, neither does disrupting congressional hearings. Ignore that if you insist.

He Almost ran as a Progressive Democrat and then he instills his Butt ignorant unscientific Red Neck Ignorant Policies that only a Retard like Sarah Palin would run on!?... This man really is a dumb southerner!... Even More Stupid than Bush!

Uh oh, a political list. I wish you luck, kid, you don't know how brutal these people with opposing opinions can be.

3 He broke his promise

He said that he would try not to attack other countries but he attacked Syria twice.

He promise me that I would get rich, you didn't keep that promise.

Yeah why isn't Hilary in jail

Donald trump must be arrested!

4 He banned transgenders to serve for the military.

He should just be thankful that there are people fighting for the country.

Well yeah. Where is creating divide between Europe and America?

5 He allowed Ajit Pai to become chairman of the FCC which put the internet in danger

He put Ajit Pai as the chairman and Ajit Pai wanted to remove net neutrality.

I'm going to miss the internet, its almost gone.

Well that isn't necessarily all on Trump.

He what now

6 He isn't very careful of what he says

I am MOSTLY indifferent on Trump, but I think the way he handles foreign affairs is awful. He just says the wrong things to piss someone off

This is the biggest thing I don't like about him, he doesn't think before he even says anything, and ends up saying lots of regretful crap...

Which is why biased news outlets do their best to stretch whatever crap he has to say.

Indeed. Very unprofessional with his words and actions.

7 He's sexist

Eh as much as I dislike him I wouldn't call him sexist, he never said that he was superior to women or that men are better than women so...

You don't have to say the men are superior to women to be sexist, in fact most sexist wouldn't say that, just use gender stereotypes and talk down to women, which Trump definitely does - germshep24


8 He made fun of a disabled person

Trump is so stupid and dumb. Trump makes fdunb things about other persons

And he's disabled HIMSELF!

That was just rude.

You mean he made fun of himself?

9 He thinks climate change is a hoax

Even though there is evidence of it and he's decreasing renewable energy.

Yeah, climate change is real. It's just some stupid people think that science is a hoax.

That means he is another bastard not trusting true science.


10 He endorsed Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is a child molester who shouldn't have even ran for governor.Thankfully he lost.

He has too, Roy Moore is a Republican.

No he doesn't, there is nothing saying a Republican has to support another Republican, they could just sit it out.

Oh no! He didn't did he?

Oh yeah

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? He doesn’t care about his own citizens

No I’m not being biased about this. He didn’t care about closing up places to save thousands of American lives for Coronavirus. Look at where we are now, Donald Dump.

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11 He blocked Syrian refugees from coming to the US
12 He's in his 70s but acts like he's 5 years old

Very true.Thanks to whoever added this.

My boi is woke with this statement.

This is actually true.

This list is a joke

13 He defended authoritarian rulers in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines, Egypt, and China
14 He declared a national emergency to get all the money he wants for his wall
15 He's narcissistic

He think he's better than anyone else and always looks in the mirror

He's always acting as if he's a god and thinks he won't lose any of his followers if he shot a random person.But then again maybe he could be correct because if he butchered kittens and puppies his supporters would still cheer for him like the ignorant fools most of them are.

Very narcissistic.

16 He said that John McCain isn't a real war hero

Lol look who's talking.

17 He called Haiti and El Salvador sh*thole countries

He needs a soap in his mouth!


18 He complained about sending money to Puerto Rico while thousands were dying in Hurricane Maria

Needs to be higher than him having a dead cat on his head.

Puerto Rico is also a part of America

19 He throws better tantrums than a toddler

Are you talking about hillary

He is a bratty president!

20 He insults America's veterans

He should realize the reason he's rich and President
Is because soldiers left to fight in wars and died
Does he thank them or does he not?

POTUS more like pompous ASS

He should be grateful they risk their lives and leave their loved ones to protect America.

This so awful

What? geez, I didn't know D.T. was so bad.

21 He Hates Muslims

He's a true dick head who needs to die and rot.

22 He said that white supremacists were "very fine people"

He really did say it.Look it up

Trump merely said there were fine people on both sides, he didn't outright say that white supremacists were fine people, though it could be seen that way, not everyone at that rally were white supremacist that were defending the statue and that was what the president was getting at. If you want to say he is a white supremacist supporter because of this your going off assumptions - germshep24

23 He's ugly

Who cares what someone in the government looks like.
One of the youngest leaders is also ugly Kim Jong Un.

Kinda true he has about 73 years old I think or more -

He has a ugly face

He is really ugly

24 He gave trillions of dollars in tax revenue to the rich
25 He wants to bang his daughter

Trump doesn't want to focus on sexual abuse and defend social injustice because that would be hypocritical of him.

And to think people actually support this guy...

@Visitor.That's what I'm also wondering.

To be honest, I don't really know why people would have this fetish as the word "Motherf***er" would be less effective to use when angry.

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