Reasons Why Donald Trump is Like Ronald Reagan

The Top Ten

1 They were both attacked by the media

Donald Trump is overhated and all but he's awful compared to Reagan. - B1ueNew

Intriguing list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Trump shares Reagan's passion on what he believes in
3 They have similar views on illegal immigration

Nah. - B1ueNew

4 They were both democrats before they became republican
5 They are both straight talkers

No. - B1ueNew

6 They are both TV stars

So were other Presidents... - B1ueNew

7 They both favored tax reduction
8 They are both pro-life
9 They both defended the second amendment
10 They both were not taken seriously by people

I take the Presidents seriously. Though not everything they say... - B1ueNew

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11 They were both Hollywood stars
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