Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Not Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Donald Trump has been our president for a year now as of writing this, and he has done a very poor job at being the president, in my opinion. I really hope that he does not win again in 2020. Here's the reasons.
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He's racist

He hates racial minorities when there is no reason to do so

The country will grow more racist

He may not have invented racism but he certainly has normalized it. He is immature, disgusting, self centered and self serving and brain dead. I pity our country if this moron is re-elected! 1 Shame on us!

Has the person who wrote the comment below been living under a rock? It is an indisputable fact that hate crimes went up in 2016 and 2017.

The country is definitely growing more racist. In the opposite direction due 2 mistaken oppression

Attacks against minorities grew larger under his leadership.

He hates Mexicans

He literally takes immigrant kids from their parents and locks them in cages >:(

The likelihood of World War III happening will be even higher

We almost went to WAR with Iran because of him

He is world war three

Will win, period.

Good bye, world

He Downplayed the Coronavirus

That is why America is doing so terrible right now

He only cares about himself

For ALL the reasons given on this list including his extreme narcissism, as well as he's only interested in winning, not the American people.

I think he has narcissistic personality disorder or something like that

I hate him, he's so heartless and mean!

Self obsession

It could cause another Great Depression

And people will lose their jobs and home

He will make it almost impossible to repair the damage that climate change causes

Because he doesn't believe in climate change. Why are the sea levels rising then? He doesn't take the whole damn thing serious.

He's an idiot.

The corruption of the goverment will grow

The corruption rate in America grew ever since Trump was elected

He allowed Ajit Pai to become chairman of the FCC which put the internet in danger

You're a mean one Ajit Pai...

Goodbye Internet

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He isn't very careful of what he says

He's always saying the stupidest things. I'm just saying that if you know something you say is gonna get you in trouble, don't talk about it. I don't care if you're trying to be edgy and controversial, DON'T talk about it! Saying edgy stuff doesn't make you a better politician, it just makes you a jerk.

Foot in mouth disease, constantly.

He says the stupidest stuff

So? We all say silly things!

But we all aren't the president of the USA. Because Trump has the responsibility and he shouldn't break his promises.

He broke his promises

The only promise he kept was the wall (which didn't turn out good) and it solved NOTHING.

He insults America's veterans
He does nothing about shootings in his country

Obama tried to do something about it but kept being blocked by gun-slinging, trigger-happy Republicans.

Neither did Obama.

He thinks China invented global warming

Not only that, he says that Global Warming is fake.

He thinks climate change is a hoax
He refused to apologize for his SH*thole comment

That's one of the reasons why I hope him and his stupid administration get Stage 4 Cancer!

Generally, he refuses to apologize for anything

He may destroy America

I bet he is trying to dominate the world just like that ugly raisin Emperor Palpatine.

He wants to cut social security, and my family uses social security!

He banned transgender people from serving in the military

Yeah because it is a mental illness.

He might start censoring news outlets which disagree with him

Can't happen, he has zero power to do this. Dumb statement.

Ever heard of "fake news", thing that he really hates?

News outlets are anit-Trump, Fox is the only one who defends that orange pos

That would be violating the first amandment.

He will destroy the national park system

That will suck

He's 70 but acts like a 5 year old.

Very true.

Most countries still won't take us seriously

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our great country and the laughing stock of the world.

He's incestuous
His administration may destroy the internet

The Internet is now gone, I really miss it.

That's Ajit Pai

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