Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Not Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Donald Trump has been our president for a year now as of writing this, and he has done a very poor job at being the president, in my opinion. I really hope that he does not win again in 2020. Here's the reasons.

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The country will grow more racist

He may not have invented racism but he certainly has normalized it. He is immature, disgusting, self centered and self serving and brain dead. I pity our country if this moron is re-elected! 1 Shame on us!

"Fake" hate crimes and hoaxes have increased under Trump. Real ones not so much.

Has the person who wrote the comment below been living under a rock? It is an indisputable fact that hate crimes went up in 2016 and 2017. - allamassal

The country is definitely growing more racist. In the opposite direction due 2 mistaken oppression - Nonpointed

The likelihood of World War III happening will be even higher

We went through three whole years without a major war breaking out with Trump in office and will likely go through 2020 without a war. Do you really think that NOT having Trump will be different? - NuMetalManiak

You know I am never going on thetoptens again. It's just another tumblr

Our country has become a festering cesspool of hatred and racism. Thanks a lot, Trump! I DEFINITELY won't be voting for you! - Synchronocity

Alright idiots, the likelihood of another World War happening is overemphasized. If anyone is going 2 start a war, somehow I don't think it will b the president of the US to start it - Nonpointed

He only cares about himself

I hate him, he's so heartless and mean!

Self obsession

And our country - crazycat99

And his family? - 445956

He allowed Ajit Pai to become chairman of the FCC which put the internet in danger

Goodbye Internet

Trump 2020 forever the media's hate is helping LMAO - FallenBlaze

He's racist

This is on the list like three times - crazycat99

The corruption of the goverment will grow

More like the corruption of the public people right now - Nonpointed

He broke his promises

The only promise he kept was the wall (which didn't turn out good) and it solved NOTHING. - 0w0uwu

He will make it almost impossible to repair the damage that climate change causes

Because he doesn't believe in climate change. Why are the sea levels rising then? He doesn't take the whole damn thing serious. - Userguy44

The worst thing possible for the environment is every single baby that is born. Every member of your family, every co-worker, even passers-by; if there's a new baby, nothing but your purple-faced rage right up close will do to save our precious earth.

Trump does need to control Climate Change better - iliekpiez

He's an idiot.

He isn't very careful of what he says

He's always saying the stupidest things. I'm just saying that if you know something you say is gonna get you in trouble, don't talk about it. I don't care if you're trying to be edgy and controversial, DON'T talk about it! Saying edgy stuff doesn't make you a better politician, it just makes you a jerk.

So? We all say silly things!

But we all aren't the president of the USA. Because Trump has the responsibility and he shouldn't break his promises. - Userguy44

He made stupid comments like calling Haiti a sh**hole country and saying that his own daughter is hot.

I'm just saying that if you know something you say is going to get you in trouble, don't talk about it. I don't care if you're trying to be edgy and controversial. DON'T talk about something that will get you under fire. Saying edgy stuff doesn't make you a better politician, it just makes you a jerk.

He insults America's veterans

So him wanting people not to kneel for the national anthem insults veterans? - PackFan2005

The Newcomers

? He will fire everyone
? He did a horrible job handling the coronavirus pandemic

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He does nothing about shootings in his country

How do you want to stop shooting incidents? They are mostly happening out of nowhere. I hate shooting incidents, but do you want him to do? - Userguy44

Neither did Obama.

He hates Mexicans

Total lie, he does not like ILLEGAL immigration, from ANYWHERE, plain and simple.

He literally is skeptic will all people who look like immigrants. I bet he shivers every time he sees a mexican. - 0w0uwu

That picture though. - RoseWeasley

Lies... - Maddox121

He thinks China invented global warming

However, China DID invent Covid-19, which turned out to be way worse.

Not only that, he says that Global Warming is fake. - MrCoolC

It could cause another Great Depression

So far, all of these predictions are wrong. Plus, the far left keeps acting like total lunatics. They need to tone it way down and present a reasonable alternative with better ideas, or Trump is very likely to win again.

He's a cult of wanting to gain power in office. He lies about the economy doing great since he's very much inheriting it from Obama, and since he's known for bankruptcies, he'll destroy the economy in an insanely short time that will very likely be worse than Herbert Hoover. - BurnAux

Now 2 years into his first term, the economy is going great. How awkward.

The only great depression it will cause is the depression of SJWs who think he is literally Hitler. - 445956

He may destroy America

I bet he is trying to dominate the world just like that ugly raisin Emperor Palpatine.

He wants to cut social security, and my family uses social security!

Seriously doubt it. Just my opinion...

Mo he won't. Come on. - 445956

He refused to apologize for his SH*thole comment

That's one of the reasons why I hope him and his stupid administration get Stage 4 Cancer!

If Trump refuses to apologize, that's his decision!

It's only true though - crazycat99

He might start censoring news outlets which disagree with him

Ever heard of "fake news", thing that he really hates? - BorisRule

Can't happen, he has zero power to do this. Dumb statement.

That would be violating the first amandment.

News outlets are anit-Trump, Fox is the only one who defends that orange pos

He will destroy the national park system

Every time The Left physically attacks a Republican official in a public place, such as a restaurant or store, especially when they are with their families, it immediately adds thousands of new voters for Trump in 2020. A few more incidents of this kind, and Trump is guaranteed to win re-election.

That will suck - iliekpiez

He's 70 but acts like a 5 year old.

Very true.

He's incestouous
His administration may destroy the internet

MrCoolC The Internet is full of scumbags who hate everything.

I hope him, his family, and his administration get the most painful cancer ever!

I understand wanting him dead and everything, but cancer is serious!

The Internet is now gone, I really miss it.

No, the EU is killing the internet. Not Trump. - crazycat99

He made fun of a disabled person

It's not the disabled person's fault you jerk!

Prove it. And no, CNN and MSNBC don't count - crazycat99

That has nothing to do with anything president related. - 445956

He's politically incorrect

Politics shouldn't always be about being politically incorrect. - BurnAux

I'm not trying to sound all PC or anything but just because you're not politically correct doesn't mean you're a smart person or that you should run a country or anything. I'm JUST saying so please don't start a fight with me. Thank you.

He wants Fortnite and Roblox banned in the USA

Well, I expect people to vote for him if he wants this happening, because a big amount of people hates Fortnite. Not sure about Roblox though. - Userguy44

I don't care if he bans Fortnite, but not Roblox! - Vancedapurpleguy

President Trump
Please ban Roblox and Minecraft but not Fortnite or Call of Duty. Donald Trump loves Fortnite because he loves building walls in playground. - B1ueNew

I understand Fortnite but please not Roblox. - Ilovestephanie

Most countries still won't take us seriously

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our great country and the laughing stock of the world.

He's ugly

That has nothing to do with why he shouldn't be president.

That picture though 😂 - Userguy44

Some great people weren't lookers you know - 445956

His administration will cause more unfair arrests against drug users
He will say more racist things
Because many people do not like the idea of actually having to get a job

And this is bad because...?

He hates Japan

An image from CNN... I have lots of Asian friends and I like trump - Maddox121

He said that he has a lot more military training than anyone who's actually in the military

Prove it - crazycat99

He most likely will get impeached

Do you actually know what impeachment entails?

Considering how he called Haiti and El Salvador sh**hole countries, it's pretty likely. If he keeps making more comments like that then he'll end up being impeached. We don't want him to say any more stupid things that could end up getting him in trouble.

He defended authoritarian rulers in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines, Egypt, and China
He throws a tantrum whenever something doesn't go his way

Donald Trump has the attention span of a toddler. - BurnAux

Because Dwayne Johnson said he is considering going for president and he should win
His face will frighten foreign dignitaries
He said that John McCain isn't a real war hero

Neither are you Donald jerk

His SH*thole comment about Haiti and El Salvador
He endorsed Roy Moore

Why would he endorse a child molestor?

He said that white supremacists were "very fine people"
He's narcissistic
He thinks climate change is a hoax

He is right. - UncleDave2703

He banned transgender people from serving in the military

Yeah because it is a mental illness.

He blocked Syrian refugees from coming to the U.S.
He wants to give people more freedom

If this happens then the 2nd amendment will never be repealed

His government shutdown

Turned out to be nothing.

He supports Israel First
More countries will be in ruins in Africa
He's a would-be dictator
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