Top Ten Reasons why Donald Trump Should Win the 2020 Presidential Election

There's only one man who can steer America on the right track, and you already know his name! DONALD TRUMP! VOTE FOR ME AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The Top Ten Reasons why Donald Trump Should Win the 2020 Presidential Election

1 His first term was a success

His first term was about fiscal insanity, lobbyist giveaways, destructing the environment, threatening democratic institutes, immigration cruelty, praising authoritarians, and so on. - BurnAux

It's too early to say this. We're only halfway through his term, although I'll admit he's definitely done more than Obama has.

Obama during his two terms had more spending, a failed economic stimulus and health care program, and failed to stop ISIS. Okay, so we killed Osama bin Laden during his presidency, but that's just one major terrorist when ISIS was rising. So far Trump is trying to get our economy back together, managed to successfully make ISIS less of a threat (how often do you hear about them on the news nowadays? ), and well, we'll see what's next. - Nonpointed

Despite the fools in Congress denying the wall getting built, things are going superb! We are building a Republican utopia! I should get the opportunity to expand for 4 years! - POTUS

He's done more in the past 2 years than Obama did in all 8. Obama ran this country into the ground and trump has been doing an amazing job at correcting the idiotic biased liberals and Democrats train wreck - RustyNail

2 He's dealing with immigration superbly

Many of his policies on immigration would make Ronald Reagan roll in his grave.

Immigrants need separation from their families so they can learn to not do it again. - RoseWeasley

Soon there will be no more illegals staining our land! Keep America AMERICAN! - POTUS

Take notes, Europe - TwilightKitsune

3 He can deal with terrorism

Obama practically gave way for terrorism to get to an all time high from 2012-2015. Trump has practically destroyed much of what the terrorists had. - PackFan2005

Why worry about gun control? Guns are exactly what we need to TAKE DOWN THE TERRORISTS! - POTUS

4 He's preventing war with Russia

That's not the main problem with Russia, it's Vladimir Putin, and he will interfere in world elections on supporting right populist parties and trashing other opponents with misinformation so that he can divide Western Europe even further, and he wanted to elect Donald Trump since he wants the United States of America to be divided, and it's working.

He's been incredibly soft on Russia. - BurnAux

Putin? Great friend of mine, superb man. I respect him greatly. You wouldn't get this bond with Crooked Hillary in charge! - POTUS

Was going to rebuke some of your points but this is a meme account so... - Bolshoy_Brat

I hate Trump but I agree with this.At least he doesn't wan WW3.I wish he locked up Clinton. - DarkBoi-X

5 There are no good Democrats running

Joe Biden as their frontrunner just tells me even more that Trump will win - micahisthebest

The one item I disagree with. Their are some good politicians on both sides of the scale. Their are good Republicans and their are good Democrats. - 2storm

I don't like Ocasio-Cortez that much but I do have full faith in Andrew Yang. My man, Yang, is gonna smoothen automation and introduce Universal Basic Income. He is gonna be the dark horse of the election. #YangGang. - Bolshoy_Brat

Unless Kanye runs for them, that is! He would make very cool competition, but I'll still have to beat him! - POTUS

6 He knows how to win any potential war



7 He won’t back down

He's got my vote - TwilightKitsune

8 He's preventing feminism from reaching office

Tell me about it. It's very clear that if feminism takes over, they will neuter all men and then force them to take estrogen. It will be their way of wiping out all men by turning them into women.

Thankfully, with Trump in charge, he will crush all feminists. We should just get rid of elections so that Trump can continue to destroy the evil feminists.

Modern Feminism - accusing someone or something that you don't like or offends you of being sexist or assault so you can get your way with zero proof. - RustyNail

The problems with feminism is the same reason as Christians in the 60s/70s, their values collide with the norms. - Maddox121

Feminism would have already taken over the country if Trump had not gotten elected. Crooked Hillary would have even promoted it. - PackFan2005

9 He's a great father

Barron? He's doing great. He's working hard, straight As, top of every class! He must get this hardworking attitude from his father! - POTUS

10 He's confident

The Contenders

11 Economy is doing well

The economy is similar under Obama, and it's Fox news using dishonest charts on the economy to push their agenda.

In a good economy, the incumbent ALWAYS wins.

12 He can get water to Flint, Michigan

The people of Flint have been suffering for too long! CURSE Congress for not allowing me to give them support! - POTUS

13 He was the first president to ever make a deal with North Korea

That's actual progression. - Maddox121

14 Preserving traditional America
15 He will prevent unnecessary reparations on slavery

Exactly who would get reparations anyway? What about black people whose ancestors arrived after slavery ended? What about mixed race people? What if somebody mixed had ancestors who were slaves, and ancestors who were slave owners? What if a white person had several relatives killed in the Civil War, fighting to free the slaves?

16 Values Biblical morality

Biblical Morality is reflected in selection of confidants, nominations for all appointments especially Supreme Court and lifting restrictions on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christi

What about regular moralities? You don't need a bible to have morals. - 0w0uwu

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