Top a Ten Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Win the Election

People make fake rumors about him being racist, a pedophile, and all that, but that is just someone who wants someone else to win. I have been wanting him from the very start, and here's why he should win.

The Top Ten

1 He will give us a great military

Yea, not really - Trucker55

Due to him acting all serious,I think he will be a great leader - Nateawesomeness

The chances of any of these things on this list is zero.😐😐😐

2 People claim he's racist when he just doesn't want America to overpopulate, and he just wants to put America first
3 People claim he is stupid when he has an iq of 152
4 The rumors that say he is a pedophile was just made up by some trump hater just so Hillary can win
5 People claim he's racist when he just doesn't like illegals

Absolutely! Those liberals think he's all racist but they aren't true at all! He's building the wall to keep illegals out of the country because they're breaking the law if they come in illegally! So I think he would make a great president!

This is true. - BrideiMacBella

6 He always looks so serious in the elections so he looks like a great war leader

No, if he gets elected all the other countries will be laughing their asses off at us

7 He is rich so he will probably help the poor by lending them money

Wow... I agree with this (sarcasm).

8 Currently he and Hillary are in the finals and Hillary is insane
9 He knows what's right for our country
10 Considering that Ted Cruz was already out from the start, Bernie Sanders will give us more expensive prices, and Hillary Clinton being as crazy as we know she is, Donald Trump is the only good one

Um, what about john kaiash and marco rubio?

The Contenders

11 He's Better Than Hillary Clinton

Funny how EVERYONE knew this was true, with the exception of the Democratic National Committee. I hope they are feeling stupid right now.

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