He's racist


Stuck up is the #1reason. Really? What?

This guy tries to paint all Mexican immigrants as murders/criminals by bringing up the unfortunate families who have been hurt by those immigrants who are really really bad people. The majority of Mexican immigrants are hardworking people who make an honest living. Let's not forget his incident with the Mexican judge born in Indiana. Not denouncing David Duke former kkk grand wizzard, banning Muslims, and now almost President. I am terrified of what this racist little hand ass hole will do. This election he cannot win or the latino and black communities are screwed.

I'm so disappointed that all these people voted for this guy. He's so racist, and a liar. HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY MEXICAN FRIENDS. If he even DARES to deport immigrants out of the US, I'm so gonna kill him. I can only imagine people getting pushed out of heir houses by the police, and it broke my heart imagining that. So unfair of Trump to get people out of the US... WHEN THEY HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING. I HATE THIS GUY I'M GONNA KILL HIM. - RainbowArtist191

Illegals they SHOULD be deported. He's not saying to deport legal immigrants. - Bearskater13

It's not racist to not want illegals and refugees into our country. Fact of the matter is, both of those things ARE very harmful. American citizens are losing their wealth and jobs because of illegals taking the jobs. Isis can easily send agents posing as "refugees" into our country and put all of us at risk. Call him a racist all you want, but you cannot deny that these are real economic / safety issues. Most of you are young, so you don't know much about politics anyway - ryanrimmel

He Also Called The Mexicans Rapists

Ironically, I got an ad saying to vote FOR him. And yes, Trump's an idiot.

He was such a prick in that debate. All he talked about are Mexican this and black people that and money money money. This guy can't run for office. He doesn't know what to do to run this country, he just knows what to do to run business. Screw him, I'm voting for Hilary since she actually has experience in office. - Mcgillacuddy

Trump is not racist, he is talking about illegal immigrants... he is one of the least racist people on earth... he won awards in the 90s for acts of kindness such as allowing blacks and Jews to play on a golf course. Obviously, what he says about illegals is not exactly true, it can be. I think Trump is not at all racist, but ignorant because he grew up rich and never had to struggle like these immigrants. But I don't think he's racist at all

He thinks he has the right to judge when really he needs to look at himself and he says he has Mexicans "friends" like wow. Its not right by him judging when actually he could be an immigrant too. I'm Mexican and I am proud of who I am and my family. He can stop us, but no shut us up...

Like, what the hell? I'm Asian and I can speak PERFECTLY fine English for your information! If you didn't know already, English is the most COMPLEX language in the world! You can't expect an Asian immigrant to come in and speak perfect English! Donald Trump is by far the WORSE candidate I have EVER seen. The disappointing thing is that Trump might actually win this thing. He insults immigrants but hey guess what? I bet he isn't 100% 'white' either! UGH.

Read the Wikipedia article on him. He says a lot of bad stuff about blacks and Mexicans. I'm black, so I guess I'll move to Australia if he gets elected. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

He is racist, and he is just a businessman, what the bloody hell does he know about politics?

Trust me, I'm not just being part of the bandwagon that Donald Trump is racist. I could search up a lot of evidence proving Donald Trump is racist. Here's another example why he's racist: he said a Mexican-American judge in a case involving Trump University was biased against him because of his heritage. What's even worse is he didn't even apologize for the remark. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's not racist. Saying someone would be biased because of heritage isn't racist, because Mexicans have misinterpreted what trump has said. - Therandom

But he never said anything among the lines of "Mexican-Americans are all ___". - DCfnaf

That's the reason I don't want him to be elected for president. He'll build a wall between the border of Mexico and USA because he thinks Mexicans are "punks" - carafa0123

My parents are Mexican so I'm scared of what might happen, but let's just not think about that. He calls Mexicans nasty stuff but Americans are also like that, he says that he isn't racist, (does he even know the meaning of the word?! )

This is very true. We have had racist presidents such as Andrew Jackson - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What he's a backstabber if he has Mexican friends! "WE WILL BUILD A WALL AND HAVE MexicanS PAY FOR IT" "I think I'm a nice guy" what a stupid combination! Donald Trump, when will you QUIT using the racist part of your brain and use the LOGICAL part?!

My best friend is Mexican and she is the SWEETEST person I know. Her parents treat me like family. I love them to pieces. Imagine what would happen and all those poor people going back with nothing, what are we doing?

I'm sure he is racist, but he hasn't said anything racist publicly that I'm aware of. What people fail to recognize is that "Mexican" is not a race, but rather a nationality. Don't take this the wrong way, because I do not like Donald Trump, but I haven't heard him say anything technically racist.

He says anyone who comes from a country that had a terrorist attack shouldn't come to America! So you're saying that 11 years after the 7 July bombings in London I'm basically not allowed to go to America! WHAT THE HELL? TRUMP IS A HYPOCRITE! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I can predict that this is going to be the next London Olympic Games list in a few months from now considering that now this idiot is our president. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yep. I mean, he want to deport Mexicans and everyone who is not Christian OR white must be banned! That is terrible, a lot of my Mexican friends live in America, I do NOT want them to be banned from them! - PugLlama

If they're illegals then they SHOULD be deported, he's not saying deport legal immigrants - Bearskater13

This orange buffoon is racists, denying it doesn't make it any less true. Listen to the garbage that comes out if his pie hole. If you don't think that is racists, then you don't know what racist means.

"If you don't think that is racists, then you don't know what racist means." Considering he said nothing racist whatsoever, you are a hypocrite. - DCfnaf

He is so racist and I am half Mexican but I don't look very white and so does my sister and dad. But if I looked Mexican I bet he would think very low of me and he would deport me back to Mexico. I bet the he would deport Mexicans even if they were legal.

He also called Muslims terrorists for NO REASON! He should DIE! - Dragontree102

Speak up against him don't just stay behind your screens and call him out that oh he's racist oh he's this he's that. You, the american people elected him its something distressing and actually speaks volumes about the american people who are full of racism and bigotry themselves!