Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

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81 He's too narcissistic He's too narcissistic

Boy, does Ronald McDonald Trump have such a big ego! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thanks. I actually got it from a list of Top 10 Parody Names for Donald Trump that was made by the same creator of this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate him all of these reasons are valid though

The biggest narcissist there is! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Maybe he has a big ego because he knows he right.

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82 Eminem doesn't like him

WHO CARES, this is very irrelevant. Celebrity icons have no standing in the election.

So if Eminem liked him you vote? - TeamRocket747

Every one does


83 He is too poor

His father gave him small loan of a million dollars!

False. He's a billionaire how dumb can you be? - FerrariDude64

Sure he's poor... Only got a SMALL loan of a million dollars after all. Oh, wait. - RisingMoon

The money he has is fake.P.S he has a bold spot and covers it with a wig!

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84 He is annoying

Why is this not number one


85 His fans are extremely annoying

Can't this be number two? - LaST_LiGHT

And liberals aren't... - og214


86 He thinks climate change is a hoax

"It's created by Chinese 4 Chinese"

Yep. retarded idiot..

87 He wants to bomb Japan

After WWII, Us and Japan became allies. Trump, why? - TeamRocket747

But I thought Japan and the USA are allies...

88 He's overrated

Is he most liked person in the world but it doesn't need to be loved...? What?

More like overhated. Evaluate to me please. - Ultron123

89 He is not good with relationships

The Kirito is Always Right Foundation believes that Hillary Clinton is easily the most qualified candidate since Jefferson and that Donald Trump is nothing but a complete joke of an American since Buchanan and Bush. And remember, people! The Kirito is Always Right Foundation is always right! So you better shut up Clinton haters and trust the Kirito is Always Right Foundation! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Kirito from Sword Art Online is better at relationships than that Donald Trump idiot.

Time for the grand reopening of the Kirito is Always Right Foundation! Which believes that Donald Trump would be bad at relationships and would be the worst president in history if he ever became president.

He has like three ex wives that must tell people something about his relationship skills

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90 He'll ban all Muslims He'll ban all Muslims

There's a thing called freedom of religion... - SamuiNeko

Huh, reminds me of someone 75 years ago. Oh wait, that's Hitler. Seriously, I can't believe that people support Trump's proposed Muslim ban. If you replace the word "Muslim" with "Jew", then you'd be seen as a Nazi, so bigotry is never the answer in any case. - ethanmeinster

He would be going against the constitution. I can legally- wait, what age do I have to be to file a lawsuit?

That picture has CNN news on it. That explains a lot. And no, he's just banning SOME Muslim countries. - DCfnaf

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91 He's dumb

Then why do people vote for him? - Ultron123

Liar he is sexy smart and my baby daddy

He has an IQ of a 3 year old

Why y'all even tryna put positivity into him? there ain't none anyways like come on na. WE ALL know he wouldn't be a good president for a variety of reasons! idc who is president long as it isn't him, make the right choice! #dontvote4donald

92 He was bitchy about a vote recount

So true

93 He is a terrorist

Obama isn't a terrorist, Trump is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He actually said that he would take out the families of terrorists to get rid of the terrorists...

This read my mind

Oh yeah because he's trying to get all possible terrorist out of the US, total makes since. Smh

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94 He hates Asians He hates Asians

Sorry, I had to laugh at that picture

Well, there goes our South Korean and Japan relations


That makes sence because Asia hates America

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95 He's against video game violence

As a gamer, it depends on the person. Some of my friends are total wusses, but they play Call of Duty and resident evil. I personally don't really like fps games, but it depends on the person. Although, I have to admit, some people do change. But not all of them. Video games should not be banned! - PugLlama

They should put him in a violent video game series and kill him painfully then see what he thinks of that

"Why but video games are so popular"

So are my parents, who yelled at me for playing TF2. Your point is? - Ultron123

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96 He won't get rid of Obamacare

Yes he will... - DCfnaf

I thought he said he would? Ether way, a exterem revision is need on 'Obamacare,' so much so that it might b easier to burn the whole thing up & start over. But I'm sure I'd rather have 'Obamacare' than 'trumpcare'

97 His face will frighten foreign dignitaries His face will frighten foreign dignitaries

Me: (Puts on sunglasses) Guess he's a Big Mouth.

That face is creepy! - SamuiNeko

Lets throw a bomb in that big ass mouth of his, it will certainly shut him up

Good, they can stay in their own country.

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98 Will have 100 Miss America contestants wandering around on the Great Lawn in bikinis

Isn't it bad enough anime is criticized for harems? Now America will be criticized for harems.

Oh great, so now Donald Trump wants an American harem?

This is super weird but you never know

What man wouldn't want that? lol you just jelous.

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99 You can't fire other world leaders

Or Time magazine person of the year Angela Merkel (Trump is still ticked they didn't name him).

Sorry Trump, you can't fire Queen Elizabeth ll - SirSkeletorThe3rd

But what if I want to fire him


100 He thinks Mac Miller is "the next Eminem"

Well if course he does. Mac Miller made a song called Donald Trump. - RalphBob

Mac Miller won't be the next Eminem, it might be either MGK or Yelawolf in my opinion - DK

Why is this relevant? Back to political side!

Gay! ยก!

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