Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

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101 Will have 100 Miss America contestants wandering around on the Great Lawn in bikinis

Isn't it bad enough anime is criticized for harems? Now America will be criticized for harems.

Oh great, so now Donald Trump wants an American harem?

This is super weird but you never know

What man wouldn't want that? lol you just jelous.

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102 You can't fire other world leaders

Or Time magazine person of the year Angela Merkel (Trump is still ticked they didn't name him).

Sorry Trump, you can't fire Queen Elizabeth ll - SirSkeletorThe3rd

But what if I want to fire him


103 He thinks Mac Miller is "the next Eminem"

Well if course he does. Mac Miller made a song called Donald Trump. - RalphBob

Mac Miller won't be the next Eminem, it might be either MGK or Yelawolf in my opinion - DK

Why is this relevant? Back to political side!

Gay! ยก!

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104 He will make people to leave the U.S.

LOL, I have like 5 friends that said they would move if he wins!

Even if Willard won over Obama I would've stayed in better hopes for America and it would be the same with Clinton. If Donald troll wins... I couldn't stay as if be in fear for my life and wouldn't want to be ruled by a a complete stupid monster

Who ever wrote this is uneducated and probably an immigrant lol that or a toddler. I imagine you saying "NO don't MAKE ME TO GO... NOOO MAMA PAPA WHERE YOU BEING GO TO? " Haha immigrate. Get educated. And politely return to your native country. Thanks

I will move to Canada if he wins. At least there is no Trump and no walls.

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105 He thinks waterboarding isn't enough of torture

Sad to think Trump would be very harsh fo interrogation! What would Trump people alive for torture?

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106 He made fun of the terminally ill

He said once, "I don't care how sick you are. Just hang on until November 8th and vote for me." - TheYoshiOverlord

Someone whose really sick should go & spit on him so he'd get sick

107 Gary Johnson is better

True. Sadly, his chance of winning is as likely as cows flying to the moon & being able to live there, right now...

108 He will uphold the Citizens United vs FEC decision

Under this decision, money is what controls elections not the voices of the people. Trump will let this ruling stand if he becomes president

This decision destroyed any monetary limits for candidates and allowed for dark money to go into politics - SteelCity99

109 He never smiles

Gonna kick his teeth out so the one time he smiles people will see him for the disgusting creature he really is

If Donald never smiles, he should be called Donald Grump

At least I smile

He does,but its really terrifying. - SamuiNeko

110 Because China is tired of being talked about so much

I do realize that the United States needs more manufacturing jobs within its own borders, but as much as I get Trump is trying to help America (or at least so he says), he's not really doing a good job of being on good terms with China right now... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

China is r biggest trader we need to stop picking on them TRUMP!

Petty, petty, petty. Get over yourself.

No canada is

111 He changes his political affiliation after just a few years
112 He did business with the Mafia V 1 Comment
113 He will damage his country's reputation

I think we already did that for our selves.

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114 He is in denial about everything he's done
115 He is stupid

He's so stupid that this item is on the list twice. - ModernSpongeBobSucks



116 He only cares about international crime

Yet, he says he wants to put America first. What a hypocrite. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He acted like a douchebag for his response to the Orlando nightclub shooting. I'm glad his poll numbers have dropped. He deserves it, HARD. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is the reason I hate him he will affect not just Americans but everyone in the world because if America's economy goes to **** because of him then most industries will fail and the money they earn will go to the military who will Nuke the entire Middle East and screw over 85% percent of Asians including Me because I love in the NCR area, close to Japan which will be highly affected then 99% of Europeans are affected by him then South Americans are going to be affected then Canadians might get affected by him as well

"EDIT: Trump responded like an idiot who made a hate speech about gays and he is pro gun what a dick - Hoxton"
Well, not surprising. He's an @$$hole who is against homosexuals. He probably secretly supported the shooting

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117 He has praised Saddam Hussein

That moron foolishly thinks Saddam Hussein was good for efficiently killing terrorists, despite the fact that it was Saddam Hussein's regime that sponsored state-sponsored terrorism and that he also financed and supported terrorism worldwide as well. I think it's pretty clear by now that this guy would obviously be bad with being commander-in-chief as president! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

118 He is always getting called by the media "Duterte of the west"

This might get me to support him but NO he doesn't - Hoxton

He and Duterte have something in common now - Neonco31

119 He will take over the world

If you don't remember correctly, that is a lost cause and unfactual statement. Thanks.

120 His son made a Holocaust joke

Well is there really a difference in a jew in Germany and a pizza?

That's his son. Not Trump. - Ultron123

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