Reasons Why Donald Trump Was the Best Choice for the 2016 Presidential Election


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1 He will end illegal immigration

Define, Illegal Immigration - AgentofAnarchy

Who needs Mexico? - RyanMtheGamer

Are we all ready for the tax increases needed to pay for the wall, Trumpsters?

2 He is a proven job creator
3 He is against third-term abortion

If you count all the babies killed by abortion as a whole, it would be the biggest genocide of all time. This is why he's against abortions. It has nothing to do with taking away women's rights.

4 He will give veterans the help they need
5 He wants to unite the American people
6 He made peace with Russia

Lesser chance of WWIII - RyanMtheGamer

7 He is like Reagan

At least Reagan had political experience as the governor of California prior to his presidency... Either way, I'm desperately hoping his presidency will be like Reagan's presidency. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah Reagan also said Make America Great Again and is in Movies.

Ronald Reagan was elected because John Wayne wasn't available. But in a sense you're right. Trump is a typical shouting arrogant cowboy too. This list for the TRUMPANZEES makes me laugh!

No. Reagan was way better than Trump. - anonygirl

8 He will fix the economy

I will pay you my soul if Donald Trump in any improves the economy. - GrimmShady

hopefully! - Stevenuniversefangirl

9 He puts America first
10 He will reduce taxes

By building a 23 billion dollar wall?

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11 He will Make America Great Again
12 He's pro-America
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