Reasons Why Donald Trump Was the Best Choice for the 2016 Presidential Election


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1 He will end illegal immigration

Define, Illegal Immigration - AgentofAnarchy

Who needs Mexico? - RyanMtheGamer

Are we all ready for the tax increases needed to pay for the wall, Trumpsters?

2 He is a proven job creator

What jobs, building some wall that won't exist? - Lucretia

3 He is against third-term abortion

Why is abortion such a big issue nowadays? And why do people elect because of it? - Lucretia

4 He will give veterans the help they need

He fired all transgender people from the army though - Lucretia

5 He wants to unite the American people
6 He made peace with Russia

If he can make peace with North Korea, that would be cool. Not happening though. And Vladimir Putin is a bit of a odd ruler. - Lucretia

Lesser chance of WWIII - RyanMtheGamer

7 He is like Reagan

At least Reagan had political experience as the governor of California prior to his presidency... Either way, I'm desperately hoping his presidency will be like Reagan's presidency. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah Reagan also said Make America Great Again and is in Movies.

Ronald Reagan was elected because John Wayne wasn't available. But in a sense you're right. Trump is a typical shouting arrogant cowboy too. This list for the TRUMPANZEES makes me laugh!

Reagan wasn't xenophobic and foolish with money, but I wasn't alive in the 80s so I don't know firsthand - Lucretia

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8 He will fix the economy

If Donald Trump improves the economy, I will get a tattoo that says Donald Trump is the best president ever. He won't. - Lucretia

I will pay you my soul if Donald Trump in any improves the economy. - GrimmShady

hopefully! - Stevenuniversefangirl

9 He puts America first
10 He will reduce taxes

Nope. He will place the highest tax on lower and middle classes, and lower taxes among elite rich for people like him and his family and he is not building that wall. - Lucretia

By building a 23 billion dollar wall?

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11 He will Make America Great Again

This dumb slogan! I really hate it. It was always annoying to me, as much as I hear people say it - Lucretia

12 He's pro-America
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