Top 10 Reasons Why The Doors are Better Than Pink Floyd

The Doors are just better than Pink Floyd. They really are. Someone had to make the list.

The Top Ten

1 The Doors never had "Pink" in its name

Lol really?!? What does this have to do with the quality of their music? Of course when you get some mediocre 60s band and try to get reasons why they're better than Pink Floyd, this is the top reason you will get... - JustAnotherUser_

That's like spitting on a breast cancer awareness ribbon just because it was pink. - djpenquin999

@ElectricCorpseSlayer please and please don't take it offensively but what it has got to do with it greatness? - zxm

2 Jim Morrison was the better singer

This is probably true, but Pink Floyd's songs didn't rely on the lyrics. There's a reason a lot of Pink Floyd songs have long instrumental parts

This is the only point in this list that either is fake or idiotic.
What is the point in saying that having "pink" in his name means that a band is bad.
the Doors are a great band but being american doesn't make them better.
screw you creater of this list!

Jim morrison was a great singer,so roger,david and syd.david has extremely nice voice roger is a good singer with great vocal range,he is also a great singer,syd also has great voice.and all of them could use other instruments as well as vocals - zxm

3 All of Pink Floyd's songs sound the same

I am suggesting some songs high hopes,keep talking,wish you were here,astronomy domine each of them sound differently,again no offense just my opinion on a subjective list - zxm

4 Ray Manzarek is the greatest keyboardist of all time

This is the only reason I agree with

Both of them are good and close to each other,in one list ray is higher than richard while in another richard is on higher - zxm

Light My Fire keyboards intro is good but not for me,because I had a toy and this toy sounded like this. And Baba O Riley keyboards intro is mind blowing. Way much better than Light My Fire. - zxm

By the way one of my favorite keyboards work is Baba O' Riley and as you know pete isn't a keyboardist he is a guitarist but he played keyboards greatly anybody could be great at anything,it's a subjective matter.but if you like ray more then I have no problem - zxm

5 The Doors are American

This list is so funny and embarrasing... - JustAnotherUser_

What kind of reason is this lel - MilkmanBoi

Actually it's a little bit of discrimination,both England and US are great for rock music.there are also a lot good countries with great rock music but they don't get attention for foreign language. - zxm

6 Pink Floyd has boring songs

I used find them boring but the songs I mentioned above flipped my mind on them 180 degree - zxm

"I get bored of listening to Pink Floyd after listening for 30 seconds" ElectricCorpseSlayer, that's the problem with long songs.Okay if light my fire can make a big doors fan,then listen last 3 minutes of high hopes.Now I bet if you listen it closley for 3 minutes then you will be a BIG PINK FLOYD FAN - zxm

7 Light My Fire is a much better song than Comfortably Numb, or Wish You Were Here

Could be but their songs such as high hopes,keep talking,astronomy domine,See Emily Play,hey you are way much better than light my fire.especially high hopes it's a great song with backing orchestrations.and when he sang the song david was 47 years old,so its pretty much hard to sing like this at this age - zxm

8 The Doors had a song in School of Rock

Pink Floyds song was used in The Squid and the Whale,which is better than School of Rock,higher rate on IMDB and also in meta critic - zxm

9 Pink Floyd is overrated, while The Doors are underrated

Its completely a subjective matter.but I don't think they are overrated. - zxm

10 The Doors were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame first

Actually if its like that then I think chuck berry is better than all of the music artists - zxm

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