Top Ten Reasons Why Dork Diaries Haters Are Better Than Dork Diaries Fans


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1 The Haters Have Good Taste In Books

I haven't been on here for a little over a week and I'm confused; now there's Dork Diaries hate going on. I mean personally I found the first five books good, the six book okay, but then I just stopped reading them just because I lost interest in them. I mean I prefer Dear Dumb Diary and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but that's just me. Though technically I stopped reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid after book 10 because I lost interest in book 11 and I guess I haven't read Dear Dumb Diary in a while because I haven't had time to follow them after Year #2: Book 3 so now I don't know what's going on in that series. Anyway to conclude I'm neutral over the series as a whole. - Anonymousxcxc

YEAH! Since ditching the dumpy dorks, I have branched off into several BETTER novels, like "Ready Player One". At least Ernest Cline is minimal with cliches in the book.

I used to read these books, but now I hate them. Now I read Harry Potter and adventure books, not books about drama queens and popular girls.

I agree. I prefer reading Captain Underpants books than those nasty Dork Diaires. This book series is not cute as it seems.

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2 The Fans Bully the Haters

You know anonymous chick says I don't know what ripoff means but that is and f-Ing lie. Anonymous chick was being a bully and she likes DD - TheKirbyCreeper999

3 The Haters Are Funny
4 Keycha1n Is One of the Haters
5 The Fans Are Annoying

Are you retarded? - DynastiNoble

6 The Fanboys Have Annoying Crushes On Nikki

Does this book series even have any fanboys?

Ugh. Nikki is crap. Which boy would have a crush on a piece of crap? :/

Nikki is not hot - TheKirbyCreeper999

What’s even worse is that in the series 2 boys fall in love with Nikki! Like what even!... Nikki is totally nasty to say the least

7 The Fans Say Vicky from Fop Is Worse Than Mackenzie

That is a lie - TheKirbyCreeper999

8 Some Fans Are Like Dork Diaries Is Love, Dork Diaries Is Life

I am obsessed with the book series. - DynastiNoble


9 The Fans Are Bratty

Yeah. I mean, they don't seem to accept the fact that people have a right to hate those books.

They's just as bad as the bratty Sonic SatAM fans.

10 Dork Diaries Ruined Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dear Dumb Diary

And dear dumb diary was amazing, I still love it to be honest - pjo

To be honest, I hate diary fiction because it just drama.

Yup it did, it's a rip off
with a stupid mean bratty
main character that complains a lot

Nope. - DynastiNoble

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11 Dork Diaries Haters are Stupid as Rocks

This is true!

Nope.Just the opposite,the people who like it are silly girly girls.They don't even study so...

12 The Fans are Childish
13 Diary of a Wimpy Kid is Stupid

Dork diaries is better

Boo boo boo diary of a wimpy kid

14 The Fans are So Arrogant

Not ALL of them! Don't judge people by their taste in books! In my opinion, YOU'RE the arrogant one if you think that haters are better than fans (or superfans like ME)

15 The Fans are Very Obnoxious

The fans called people who hate the books are idiots. Which is very rude to call people idiots just because they hate those books.

16 Dork Diaries Haters aren't Girly
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