Top Ten Reasons Why Dovewing is Overhated

Dovewing isn't my favorite cat, but I don't get why so many people hate her. I like Ivypool better, but Dovewing is great also.

The Top Ten

1 She cared for her sister

She actually does, well if you were paying attention to what you were reading. - Oliveleaf

2 She helped in the battle against the Dark Forest

Dovewing warned the Clan cats when the Dark Forest cats were coming. - Oliveleaf

3 She fulfilled the prophecy
4 She taught Tigerheart to follow the Warrior code
5 She refilled the lake
6 She saved Icecloud
7 She brought unity in between the Clans
8 She warned the Clan about the falling tree
9 She was humble


10 She chose to be Bumblestripe's mate

Great StarClan, people! She never even loved Bumblestripe! The only reason that she broke up with him is that she knew it was wrong to be his mate when she still had feelings for Tigerheart. SHE NEVER LOVED HIM! Ivypool's eyes widened with surprise. "Oh, that's terrific! " she exclaimed. "He's really nice. Are you two going to be mates? "

"That's the last thing on my mind! " Dovewing twitched her tail irritably. "It was just a walk. It was fun, but no big deal."

Her sister gave her a poke in the side. "The two of you would have the cutest kits together! " - The Forgotten Warrior, page 110

No one things of poor Dovewing these days...And for the record haters, She's a good mate!

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