Top Ten Reasons Why Dragon Ball GT Isn't Liked

I've heard a lot about Dragon Ball Gt being a non-cannon. I find that very few people like DBGT. I've been one of those. After that, I've questioned the reasons why it's considered hated. Here is the list.

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1 Suffers a Lot of Plot Holes

In DBGT, Dende asked Mr Popo to take the first aid kit to heal Goku and Uub, He completely forgetting he has the ability to heal people instantly. - RichardSSG

2 Pan Ruined the Entire Show with Her Unattractive Attitude

Pan really is one of the causes for the ruining of the show. I really didn't really believe it at first but all my anime friends and DBZ fans despised Pan for her unpleasant attitude towards her old grandfather. She's mean and grows awfully meaner as the show progresses. Its her over-childish character and attitude-problems that got Pan hated. - jerk4life

What angers me the most is that Pan had a lot of potential to be an awesome heroine but she was wasted. - Tia-Harribel

Pan was such a great character towards the end of Dragon Ball Z though! - jerk4life

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3 The Characters are No More Themselves

They don't act like themselves, because DBGT has many plot holes. - RichardSSG

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4 Goku is "Accidentally" Wished Back to Being a Normal Kid

I prefer the adult Goku. He became a kid is one of the reason why DBGT isn't liked. - RichardSSG

5 Vegeta is Still Treated Inferior to Goku
6 Piccolo Dies

Piccolo dies for a stupid reason saying that earth meant more to him than Gohan's happiness and that he shall die with earth rather than live happily with Gohan. - jerk4life

7 The Fights Aren't as Great as the Canon
8 The Black Star Dragon Balls Concept Created Another Plot Hole in the Story-Line

It's true. This is a terrible plot hole. Dragon Ball Super has better concept. - RichardSSG

9 The Shows Ends with Everybody Dead

And that's the worst part of 'em all! - jerk4life

Goku was still alive but everyone including Vegeta, Gohan(Goku's son), Trunks and all the Z warriors are dead except Goku because of the BS shenron fusion.

10 Trunks Isn't as Cool as Future Trunks

This Trunks doesn't cool like Future Trunks because he isn't mature enough. - RichardSSG

Yes this point is totally true. I had a few friends who claimed that he was gay!
All the more, in one of the episodes, Trunks had to dress up as a girl. RIDICULOUS! - jerk4life

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11 Krillin Always Dies
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