Top 10 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Z is Not Really That Good

Before you start raging allow me to say, the anime's decent but not really good enough in my opinion to always rank as high as 1 or 3 in top 10 anime lists. And I`m counting down ten reasons why.

The Top Ten

Bland characters that either die, get forgotten, or don't even matter to the story arc.

EVERY series has flaws. You may say that DBZ is bad or whatever, but compared to other anime series, it's still better and that's why DBZ is so popular. Plus you can't give a significant role to EVERY character! For example, can you just grab a random human pedestrian passing by and make him /her the main protagonist? NO. - Goku02

Their all gay the kids world punch their own father in the face if given the opportunity their always hyped on anger drugs. And they fly? come on people cannot fly. To me this anime is game their chasing after the dragons balls sacks for what to grant them the gayest wish? Id wish them all to die same with naruto and that little bitch his son barurto

The writing wasn't bad but not necessarily best Anime of all writing.

Maybe... But overall, DBZ is still the best. - Goku02

Characters that die and get cheap-fully resurrected via Krillin, Goku, Vegeta etc.

This happens all the time.

Trunks barely adds anything to the story.

HE SAVED GOKU"S LIFE, and that's enough for me to respect and be grateful to him. Kid Trunks added much less to the story, why didn't you take HIM as an example instead? ( Just saying, I love Present Trunks as well ). Oh and Bulla was much more pointless, I have no grudge against her but she really did NOT add anything to the story other than being Vegeta's daughter. - Goku02

Other than him being Vegeta's son he doesn't really add much other than he's from the future.

Future Trunks has returned in Dragon Ball Super - P-51IsDaBest

Majin Buu is too overpowered.

Haha nice one. Then let's Talk about Black Goku at this category. He defeated SSGSS Vegeta! In his base form, then messed him up in SSR Form! - P-51IsDaBest

Too many transformations.
Unnecessary fan-service at times that does nothing to the plot.

Trust me, DBZ is one of the LEAST perverted anime series out there. Just watch Fairy Tail, and understand the true meaning of the overuse of fan-service. - Goku02

Don't believe me? Master Roshi literally wanted to grope Bulma! Did this do anything to the plot? No... not at all.

Fighting that always ends with one character, usually the main character, turning into any super Saiyan form which happens 100% of all fights
Battles have no strategy, just who has the most power

That's true. Dragon Ball lacks versatility a lot. The most powerful/faster always wins, there's no strategy at all.

It has a lot of deaths and some plot holes

The Contenders

Krillin dies for no reason 95% of the time.

He has died three times. So logically speaking, he can only died for no reason 0 / 33 / 66 / 100 (%) of the time, right? LOL ( not counting GT ). - Goku02

Just like any other popular anime there is filler to endure.

'Just like any other anime'. And that's why people accept it. I HATE fillers, but if every other series also have it, there's no reason for DBZ to be considered worse than them just because it has fillers. - Goku02

I'm not saying it's worse then other animes 'cause it has filler I only made this list 'cause I was sick of the constant Dragon Ball praising it's mediocre at best.

It tricks people into committing violent acts

The designs look tempting enough to pull someone into jail. Yes, it tricks people into thinking that fighting, killing, and hurting others is going to help them in life. Yes, I MEAN IT! Now don't get me wrong, the fights are awesome in Dragon Ball, but however though, it got people causing street fights, or even killing other people in plain sight.

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