Top 10 Reasons Why Drake & Josh is Better Than Liv and Maddie

Both are teen/tween sitcoms however only one's memorable and iconic, while the other is cancerous and terrible.

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1 Drake & Josh has a good fanbase, Liv & Maddie has a cancerous fanbase

Disney1994 should see this list! - Neonco31

I agree with every single item on this list that you came up with, @BoredJeff02. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Enough said.

2 Drake & Josh had iconic moments, Liv & Maddie didn't

Drake & Josh has more iconic moments than I count, Liv and Cancer nope not at all.

3 The show's humor was better

Better watch that helicopter episode that I really love! - Neonco31

I've laughed more times at Drake & Josh vs. L & M.

Icarly episode where they decided to get those chicklings with hats in it is very funny especially the vent scene.
But by the way the humors of Drake and Josh is very funny especially the skydiving scene.
But its quiet sad that Drake and Josh is cancelled.
Maybe Nick needs to give it a chance to get "overthrown" of those Not-So-Funny shows like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners.
But at least Drake and Josh is far more memorable but I don't really care about Liv and Maddie anyways.

4 Drake & Josh will be memorable for years while Liv and Maddie won't be memorable in 5-10 years from now

Self explantory.

5 Drake & Josh had better goals

Drake's goals are to have a few dates and play with his guitar, lastily stopping Meghan. Josh's goals were trying to stop Drake's escapades, trying to stop Meghan, lastily trying to have dates but he does it differently than Drake. Simple and not hard to follow. Liv's goals are just to be a boring popular girl. Maddie's goals are just to be a stereotypical jock.

6 The characters were memorable

Even the side character of D& J are more memorable than the main characters of Liv and Maddie.

7 Drake & Josh was more relatable

Cancer and Cancrie wasn't relatable at all.

8 Drake & Josh had more memorable lines

Liv and Cancerie has no memorable lines what so ever.

9 Drake & Josh embodied what was good of the 2000's, Liv and Maddie embodied what was bad of the 2010's
10 The episode titles were more creative

Drake & Josh's episode titles were a lot more creative compare to *Insert blank*-A-Rooney.

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11 The writing was better

Honestly the writing beats L & M without even trying.

12 No offensive content
13 No stereotypes
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