Top Ten Reasons Why Drake & Josh Is Better Than The Thundermans


The Top Ten

1 People actually like Drake & Josh
2 Drake & Josh uses a verity of humor not just toilet humor
3 Drake & Josh has a better plot
4 The Thundermans has no humor but toilet humor

NO! Billy has randomness humor,Nora has adorableneschumo humor,barb is just a parent,hank is food humor[he eats regularly]phoebe has some good fiend humor,max has gangster humor,

5 Drake & Josh has 2 movies
6 Drake & Josh has funnier jokes

Josh is Way funnier than you dumb Max

I agree,but max makes some funnier jokes

7 Drake & Josh has better characters
8 Drake & Josh has a better theme song
9 Drake & Josh is one of the best Nick shows

Agreed - FerrariDude64

10 The Thundermans uses disgusting jokes every five seconds

The Contenders

11 The Thundermans has better plots

Who added this - epictoonsfan1

12 Drake and Josh Won a Kids Choice Award and an Emmy Award

Thundermens won more kids choice arms,but I still like drake and josh

13 Drake & Josh is better written

It is so good

14 Drake and Josh is not cheesy
15 Drake and Josh character Megan is more evil than Max and "King Crab"
16 There's no stupid talking bunny
17 Drake and his band are way better at music than Max and his "band"
18 Drake and Josh doesn't encourage bullying, stealing, violence, and other horrible things like The Thundermans
19 Drake and Josh are nicer
20 Less female dis-empowerment
21 Megan is better than Nora and Billy combined
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