Top Ten Reasons Why the Duke of Weaselton Is the Best Male Character In Frozen!


The Top Ten

1 He's So Funny
2 He Looks the Best
3 His Voice
4 Him Being Called the Duke of Weasltown

And once again you misspell it. This is NOT the evilest villain that involves weasels (he hardly does anyway), it is weasel hoarder from frostbite caves! That obnoxious zombie girl is EVIL! She makes the duke of WESELTON (the real name) look divine!

5 His Outfit
6 Better Villain Than Prince Hans

Okay, how is he better villain than Hans? He doesn't actually do much in the movie, while Hans goes and locks freezing Anna in a room with no heat! Hans got way more involved in the villainy than the Duke - mpgami

He should've bee the big bad villain, not Prince Hans! Ugh, you creators of Frozen are so lazy, aren't you?

Yeah, Hans could've been freely portrayed to be another canon anti hero like Elsa but no, instead he just had to be forcefully portrayed to be a villain who's another prince charmless who's only just used as nothing but an excuse for two so called sisters, Elsa and Anna to make up with each other when those two so called sisters are rather far much better off without each other since they're more like strangers to each other anyway….

7 Good Dancer
8 Cute Little Small Guy
9 Nicer Than Prince Hans

Not. He's the most insufferable, most obnoxious pain in the ass. He called poor Elsa a monster which's not nice at all.

First you say he's a better villain, now that he's nicer? You're contradicting yourself here - mpgami

10 Less Annoying Than Olaf the Snowman

Not true! Olaf is the best thing that happened to the movie! - mpgami

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