Top 10 Reasons Why Dystopia by Megadeth Isn't as Bad as Some People Think It Is

It seems this album by Megadeth gets a lot of hate on this website that it really doesn't deserve so these are reasons why this album isn't that bad. I'm also just stating my opinion so feel free to disagree but if you don't have any good reasoning to disagree with the items on the list why even leave a comment? I bet this list is going to get me a lot of hate for defending an album i like.
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1 There's a Lot of Talent Put Into It

It seems weird that there was such an argument over this album come on let people think what they will.

Say what you want but you can't deny that there is talent put into it I want to see you try to make this album yourself While Dave might not be a great vocalist the instrumental in this album is pretty great

2 The Songs Have Great Lyrics

If you tell me that Work by Rihanna has better lyrics than songs on this album then you sir haven't listened to this album because Work by Rihanna is an annoying repetitive piece of Overrated and Overplayed Trash with some of the worst lyrics I have heard in a song. Dave Mustaine can write some really good lyrics and the songs on here certainly have some great lyrics some examples would be The Threat is Real Poisonous Shadows, Dystopia and Fatal Illusion all have good lyrics that are certianly better than the words Work and Dirt being repeated 100000 times.

3 It's Better Than Most Albums of 2016

Id rank this as the 3rd best album of the year behind Blackstar by David Bowie and Hardwired to Self Destruct Metallica. This album also has a lot more talent than albums like Blurryface by Twenty One Overrated Pilots and Anti by Rihanna which those albums are trash compared to this album

4 It's Not Megadeth's Worst Album

Come on, Cryptic Writings is pretty decent.

Risk,Super Collider, Cryptic Writings and The World Needs a Hero are all contenders for the worst Megadeth albums this album isn't even close to Megadeths worse

5 The Songs are More Talented Than Most Pop and Rap Songs of 2016

It may not be talented Vocally (I'm not a big fan of Dave's Vocals but he's better than Taylor Swift) but if you look at it Instrumetally its is a lot more talented than most Pop and Rap songs which most of the ones you hear a lot on the radio usually are just talented vocally and the beats are usally the same generic beats you hear a lot in most pop and rap songs today.

6 It's Not as Overrated as Some People Claim It to Be

Some People CLAIM it to be overrated when if you look at it from a sales standpoint it reached number 3 on billboard 200 and it didn't stay there for long like some pop and rap albums do. and the fact that on the most overrated songs of 2016 list pretty much a lot of the songs from this album were in the top ten and they were above other more overrated songs like Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and Don't Let Me Down by The Painsmokers which both of those songs are more overrated than every song on Dystopia is

7 It Has Great Songs

The Threat is Real. Dystopia, Fatal Illusion are some of Megadeth's best songs

8 It Has Great Production

I love how the examples show largely who this list was intended to convince.

Hey say what you will the production is great

9 It Has a Great Album Cover

Probally Megadeths best album cover it's so cool and creative

10 It Has a Great Guitar Sound

One of Megadeths best I might add

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