Top Ten Reasons Why E-Books Are Better Than Books

This time, it's a legit comparison list. E-Books and books are a pretty much debatable topic, and this is why E-books are better. Technology improves our lives, you know!

The Top Ten

1 Books waste a lot of paper

If everyone wants to save paper and go green, this is one of the best solutions! Books consume a lot of paper!

So many trees are killed and wasted for our pleasure!

But the internet wastes time, knowledge, and such.

2 Books are fragile

Ever heard of those hardboard books? Obviously not, as you are busy trolling.

Paper can get ripped apart.

3 Books are heavy

I personally love the weight of a heavy book in my hands; means more knowledge to be discovered

Especially the thick ones! A tablet computer is easier to use and is more mobile!

4 E-books synchronize with the internet easily

Although the internet may not work for your books. And books require nothing but eagerness.

So if you want more content, it's easier to update it!

5 Books aren't electronic
6 E-books have more customizable content

You cannot change the font, color, or margins of a book. But with an E-Book you can. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Why would you need to edit it?

7 Highlighting and notes can be deleted in e-books without any mess

You know that feeling when you put marginal notes on books with many erasures?

8 You don't get papercut with E-books

But you can get some sort of illness by staying on a tablet/computer too long so...

I like this list! It compares two related items, and it contains factual reasons! :D - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 You do not need to flip pages on E-books

You can even get papercut with books! And it's really hard to flip pages!

Okay..? Who cares if you need to flip pages?

10 The table of contents of books are harder to use

In E-Books, their table of contents have links so it automatically takes you to what page you want to without scrolling.

E-Books are great, but the problem? Not everyone has a good enough web connection to get them. Actual books are more convenient in that sense, really. - Garythesnail

Ever heard of bookmarks?

The Contenders

11 You don't have to waste time going to the local library
12 Angry Birds and Math Homework On the Same Device

Fallout 4, too!

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