Top Ten Reasons Why E Class Trams Suck

I don't know why People Like E Class Trams. Please add your reason for the stupidest tram

The Top Ten

1 It is easy to tram surf

On the first day in service in 2012 a crazy teenager was injured because he was tram surfing the side of an E Class Tram - bugger

2 They are uncomfortable

Ride on all types of trams. The D's were heaven compared to these - bugger

3 They lack seats

The trams should have had more seats. - bugger

4 It is hard for someone in a wheelchair to get on

There are no assistance ramps and the trams are 1.7 centimetres above the accecible platforms. So if you were in a wheelchair it is very difficult for you to get on - bugger

5 The emergency button is too easy to accidentally touch

Accident or Not? Young kids can access the emergency button - bugger

6 It is very narrow where the seats are

If you want to walk through you would have to wait until you get off until you can go through - bugger

7 People stand in front of the priority seats

If the tram was crowded and an old lady came on she would have to stand unless all the people move - bugger

8 They advertise them like they are so cool

They are not. You have seen the problems. Also C and D Class Trams have side cameras - bugger

9 The bars are too low

A teenager can climb on the bars and get down and then they can accidentally kick someone in the face - bugger

10 The speakers have problems often

Even if you don't catch E-Class Trams often you have probably noticed the speakers being fuzzy. Technology from the 21st century - bugger

The Contenders

11 They stop too suddenly

Think about the elderly. They can fall over if they don't have a seat. Otherwise I like the E Class.

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