Reasons Why Elena of Avalor is Better Than Sofia the First

This time, I am comparing two Disney shows similar to each other. Please note that I am no longer in the Sofia the First fandom.

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1 Isabel is a better sister than Amber

Amber is a spoiled brat who cares nothing but stupid tiaras and herself. Isabel is truly caring towards Elena. - AinezoChan

Elena and Isabel are better sisters than Sofia and Amber in every way anyway, aren't they?

Isabel is a brown haired version of Alice (Alice In Wonderland 1951).

Yup Isabel is a latin hispanic version of Alice (Alice In Wonderland 1951).

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2 Elena is not a Mary-Sue

She has flaws like real people and is not praised like a goddess. Sofia is a getter wanter and an attention seeker. - AinezoChan

Mary Sues are why I left moshi monsters and STF. Elena is actually a good show compared to that junk!

3 Hector is a better villain than Cedric

How is Hector a villain? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Hector made me laugh. And is voiced by my favorite VA, Jess Harnell. He also voices Cedric, but still. Whereas Cedric is boring. - AinezoChan

4 Better animation

Sofia the First is too weird and cardboard looking in comparison with Elena of Avalor's CGI. - AinezoChan

5 Elena of Avalor does not sell way too many products and is not overplayed

I am highly sick of Sofia the First merchandise. Elena deserves better. - AinezoChan

6 Skylar is a better sidekick than Clover

Skylar is brave and strong, while Clover is a weakling who can get easily hurt. - AinezoChan

7 Elena of Avalor is not too girly

It also has dark and serious moments. - AinezoChan

Plus Elena of Avalor is more emotional than Sofia the First. Let's check the checklist:
1. When Shuriki murdered Elena's parents right in front of her: I cried.
2. When Elena was reunited with her abuelos and Isabel: I cried of happiness.
3. When Elena talked with her ghost parents: I cried my head off.
4. When Vor spinned Sofia in the room and pulled her inside the amulet: I actually bursted in laughter. I didn't cry because everything was predictable: Who didn't expect Sofia to be rescued? Or did people think it'll end sad?

8 Elena of Avalor is more diverse

Elena has Hispanic, Indian and Caucasian, Sofia barely has any diverse. It is also diverse in gender, age and body type. - AinezoChan

9 Better characters

Actually, Miranda and Sofia are birth mother and birth daughter, aren't they? Plus, King Roland is actually Sofia's stepfather, isn't he? And furthermore, fraternal twins, Amber and James are Miranda's stepchildren and Roland's birth kids, aren't they? Get it? Don't any of you wish you found out Sofia's birth father, Miranda's first husband's canon fate? Don't any of you also wish you knew Amber and James's birth mother, King Roland's first wife's canon fate too? Yes? No?

There are Elena, Armando, Hector, Zephyr, Skylar, Isabel, Raul, Lucia and many more, all which are interesting and well-developed. Sofia is a Mary Sue adopted by King Roland, Queen Miranda and two spoiled twin siblings, Amber and James. - AinezoChan

10 Unlike Sofia and Amber, Elena and Isabel are biological sisters

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11 Isabel's less jealous unlike Amber
12 Elena of Avalor is the first Latin American Disney Princess
13 Elena of Avalor has a wider age target

Elena can be viewed by both kids and teens. Sofia, nah, only kids. - AinezoChan

14 Elena and Isabel are not spoiled by their parents

Sofia, Amber and James are unlikable twits. - AinezoChan

15 Elena of Avalor focuses on less rich and humble people and not just the rich

STF only focuses on Sofia and her pathetic stepfamily. - AinezoChan

16 Elena's a true princess unlike Sofia
17 Sofia's a false princess
18 The adults in Elena of Avalor aren't dumb or manipulated by their children

Whereas in Sofia the First they are oblivious idiots who make their children spoiled brats. - AinezoChan

19 The Premise
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