Reasons Why Elsa's Over Obsessive Fans Are Annoying


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1 They can't accept not everyone likes Elsa.

A Non Perverted Comment from metts!

2 They tear down other Didney characters to build up Elsa's popularity.

Know Elsa isn't great on her own so they get mad and insult the better written princesses like Cinderella or Aurora or Jasmine to make Elsa look better. Funny thing is Elsa has all those traits they bash in the other girls: feminine like the classic three princesses, passive like Aurora, naive like Snow, a damsel like Jasmine, etc. (I'm not hating on any of those girls by the way, just pointing out the hypocrisy of hating the shared traits of one character but ignoring them in another.)

I've never heard of a company called Didney, I think I've heard about Disney, though.

3 They can't take criticism
4 The fans who write in ALL CAPS are annoying.
5 They give the same defenses every single time.
6 They make the GOOD Elsa fans look bad.

So much! I know some very nice, reasonable Elsa fans but the majority are loud and typically obnoxious which makes all of them look bad.

They make AnnaOfArendelle332,part of the 1% of good frozen fans look like 99% of the rabid frozen fans, resulting in everyone to think that all frozen fans are like that.

7 They make Elsa even more annoying.
8 They use "Elsa has flaws which makes her a good character" as a defense but then hate on other characters for their flaws.

Exactly. Also, when you try pointing out Elsa's mistakes and flaws they suddenly get defensive and try to explain away how she has no bad traits at all, makes no bad choices. So... Which is it, guys? She's a good character who has negative flaws or she's a flawless Mary Sue who does nothing wrong? You can't have it both ways. Also, like the op said, stop hypocritically hating the other girls for their flaws. If you're gonna hate on Anna, Ariel and Snow for their naivete, or Aurora's passivity and gentle personality, or hate on Cinderella for being trapped (as if she can help that! ) or Merida's selfishness, HATE ON ELSA FOR THEM TOO, because she has ALL those traits!

Why don't you like everyone then? Everyone has their flaws.

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9 They blame the writers for putting Anna under the spotlight more than Elsa

Elsa was such an intriguing character. I know people were upset that her screen time is less than Anna but that is part of the mystery of The Snow Queen. Even in the original fairy tale she is mysterious. For what Jennifer Lee did to develop a more human connection with Elsa, she did a great job.

They are ungrateful and they never say thanks to the writers for making them their dumb movie, instead harass and abuse them for not giving more. - TwilightKitsune

Man, Poor Elsa didn't get enough focus on her at all like she should've gotten back then before in the first original movie, Frozen so the fourth season of the show, Once Upon A Time's better than the first original movie, Frozen but please don't get me wrong, Olaf's still also the other reason I'm thankful and grateful for Frozen though.

No wonder nobody could ever even easily get enough of Elsa at all.

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10 They never go away

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11 They love Let it Go

Let it go, throw it off a cliff, people! Let It Go is bad!


12 They try to shove Elsa down people's throats.

Like Rainbow Dash fans, no offense - TwilightKitsune

13 They like how similar other characters are to Elsa

I like characters who are more similar to Elsa herself.

14 They take Elsa's side

All because of Anna's insufferable stubbornness and insensitivity towards her.

15 They make excuses to dislike Rosalina from the Mario franchise

"She's a ripoff of Elsa" even though she came before Elsa - yunafreya648

Rosalind needs more appearances, more lines, more scenes, more screen time and bigger roles than ever.

16 They think Anna deserves to be abused, neglected, rejected, isolated and compared to Elsa
17 They constantly think Anna's insufferable
18 They do anything to make Elsa look better than Anna
19 They hold grudges against writers of Frozen for choosing to make Elsa miss her parents' funeral
20 They hate the idea of Elsa being isolated from the world
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1. They can't accept not everyone likes Elsa.
2. They tear down other Didney characters to build up Elsa's popularity.
3. They can't take criticism



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