Reasons Why Elsa's Over Obsessive Fans Are Annoying


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21 They were disappointed that the writers chose to put Anna under the spotlight more than Elsa
22 They make excuses to dislike Rosalina from the Mario franchise

Rosalind needs more appearances, more lines, more scenes, more screen time and bigger roles than ever.

23 They like how similar other characters are to Elsa

I like characters who are more similar to Elsa herself.

24 They tried to change Elsa for the better

The creators of the movie, Frozen were the ones who screwed her up.

25 They go crazy over Elsa
26 They all constantly compare Anna to Elsa

Let's face it. Anna and Elsa shouldn't be portrayed as sisters back then before. Anna and Elsa shouldn't be portrayed to be part of the same biological royal, Norwegian family nor live nor raised in the same royal Norwegian Kingdom in Norway nor be in the same Disney film together with each other nor especially not in the same canon universe together.

27 They love the non canon altered/alternative version of Elsa

They give Elsa more personality than ever.

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28 They love the non canon altered/alternative versions of Elsa
29 They all find Elsa cuter than ever
30 They all think Anna's a rip off of Rapunzel (Tangled)
31 They think Anna's a rip off of other Disney princesses

At least other past and even future Disney princesses are also better than Anna too.

32 They all think Elsa's cooler than ever
33 They all think Elsa's lovelier than Anna
34 They all think Elsa's prettier than Anna
35 They think it's harder to sympathize with Anna
36 They hate the idea of Elsa getting less screen time in the movie, Frozen

They're just having a hard time appreciating the scenes Elsa's in. That's all.

37 They all love stare at pictures of Elsa a lot, far more than ever so far
38 They constantly forget Anna
39 They always bring up Elsa
40 They love Elsa's ice magic
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1. They can't accept not everyone likes Elsa.
2. They tear down other Didney characters to build up Elsa's popularity.
3. They can't take criticism



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