Reasons Why Elsa's Over Obsessive Fans Are Annoying


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61 They think Elsa's cooler than Anna
62 They think Elsa's more beautiful than Anna
63 They all think Elsa's cuter than Anna
64 They like the non canon versions of Elsa
65 They all think Elsa and Anna as sisters was a bad idea

We all agree with you guys. The portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters wasn't a good idea at all because of the strife at Elsa's coronation day before the eternal winter happened.

66 They all hate how stubborn Anna can be
67 They love pictures of Elsa without Anna
68 They're the reason the whole entire attention was placed on Elsa
69 They all look up to her
70 None of them could stand the idea of Elsa getting less screen time

It's not fair that Anna has to be the one who was put under the spotlight more than Elsa. Ugh. I'm so mad.

Ugh. Idiot creators, especially those idiot writers need to give Elsa more screen time than ever.

71 None of them like the idea of Anna being Elsa's sister at all

None of us like Anna and Elsa as sisters at all either.

72 None of them like Anna's recklessness
73 None of them like Anna's uncontrollable, out of control wilderness
74 None of them like how Elsa’s abilities are portrayed at all.

I’m going to bag on Frozen for a bit.

I really don’t like how Elsa’s abilities are portrayed either.

What I mean is, she started out being able to make some snow and she couldn't even control enough, hence her hurting Anna. Okay, that’s understandable, she was only just a child back then.

She grew up not getting any training on how to control it, she was just instructed to not feel afraid and hide it with her gloves. Then when Anna pulled one of her gloves off, she accidentally attacked the other characters with her powers THREE TIMES. She still clearly had no idea how to control it. But then in the song she was able to conjure up a snowman, a staircase, and an entire building, and a huge snowmonster without any issues at all. (she accidentally hit Anna after she manged to build a kingdom without the slightest issue like what) You don’t just magically figure out how to use your powers in one song without even having training. If that were the case, ...more

75 They dislike the idea of Elsa and Anna being in the same movie/film

No wonder other classical Disney princess movies are better than Frozen.

76 They're all hyperactive
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