Reasons Why Eminem is Better Than 2pac

These 2 are some of the best rappers ever many people have different opinions. Here are some reasons why i believe Em is better

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1 Eminem Had to Overcome More

Wut, Tupac had to overcome racism and plus you know...he was murdered, I don't know bout u but eminem is still alive - judo8alex

2 Eminem's Lyrics are More Deep

Tupac is awful

HUGE FACTS! 2Pac ain’t even that deep unlike Eminem who talked about drug overdoses and his struggles in life. EMINEM IS THE GOAT

3 Eminem Has Better Talent
4 Eminem Has Accomplished More in His Career

Again...2pac could have achieved more if he hadn't been murdered! - judo8alex don't and can't know that. - judo8alex

I never said that he was I’m just saying that YOU can’t assume that Eminem was better either, you just assumed Eminem was better because he had a longer life span - judo8alex

5 Eminem Doesn't Care What People Say
6 Eminem Has Better Songs

NO! NONONONONONONONONO! Those songs have nothing compared to changes, Hail Mary, Dear Mama, Keep Ya Head Up, Brenda’s got a baby, & hit em up.

Real slim shady
Not afraid
Till I collapse
My name is

7 Eminem Tries Extremely Hard and Does Things Even If He is Not Good at It (Singing)
8 Tupac Has Been Arrested More

Ummm, you should probably learn his story first - judo8alex

9 Eminem Has 3 Personas While Tupac Has 1
10 Eminem is a Good Person

Yes, but your whole list is based on whos better and if like you say you are not denying that 2pac is a good person, than this item has no value on your list - judo8alex

Well, that is just your opinion, I just feel like this list is way too biased - judo8alex

And 2pac wasnt? - judo8alex

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11 Tupac's Best Album Came After His Death
12 Eminem is more lyrical and uses better beats

These right here are FACTS

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