Reasons Why Eminem is Better Than Justin Bieber


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1 Eminem's songs have a lot of meaning

Lose yourself

Damn, this is old. I knew nothing about Eminem at the time

Lose yourself and till I collapse

Bieber always want girl in his song he is lesbo

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2 Justin Bieber sounds like a girl

Eminem has a high pitched nasally voice. Its not bad though

And Eminem sounds like an angry d0u¢he b@g

3 A lot of Eminem's songs are inspirational
4 Eminem has lived through a lot of adversity / Justin Bieber doesn't even know what adversity is
5 Eminem isn't rude to his fans




6 Eminem doesn't cry when he sings

But he's very angry sounding when he raps

7 Eminem's fans aren't retarded

Woah there the people who like JB don't understand his evilness so they aren't retarded - AlphaQ

Retarded is a big word, they just don't realize that he has no talent. (by the way, hear me out. Justin Bieber doesn't write his own songs and uses autotune all the time, there's not much left there) and that he's a big a$$h0le in real life, spitting on his fans and acting like some kind of god, closing his windows when fans come. - AnonymousDude

8 Justin Bieber puts his clothes on wrong

What? I don't believe you - AlphaQ

9 Eminem has talent

Can't wait to proof to triggered 15 year olds that Justin doesn't have talent - AnonymousDude

10 Eminem respects his fans

This was said before in a different way, delete it please - AnonymousDude

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11 Lose Yourself is one of the greatest songs of all time
12 Eminem doesn't cancel concerts
13 Eminem is arguably the greatest rapper of all time

yep - AnonymousDude

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