Top 10 Reasons Why Eminem is Better Than Rihanna


The Top Ten

1 Eminem has great lyrics

The lyrics to "question existing" are better than "arms spaghetti" - awesomesister90210

The lyrics in "Stan" are better than "BISH BEDDA HEV MA MONY" - 445956

2 All of Eminem's songs are better than "Birthday Cake"

How about FACK? (by the way I have never listened to "Birthday Cake"

Truest fact ever. - 445956

Facts though

3 Eminem can rap

When Rihanna tries to rap it sounds horrible. - 445956

4 Eminem has a good voice

Rihanna sounds like druggy reggae. - 445956

This is false - awesomesister90210

5 Eminem is hotter

Rihanna is so unattractive! - 445956

1. rihanna is hotter 2. judging people based on their appearance isn't nice - awesomesister90210

Both are hot

6 Eminem is hilarious

So is rihanna? - awesomesister90210

7 Stan is an amazing song

That Bitch Better Have My Money CRAP sucks.
Stan is awesome. - 445956

8 Lose Yourself is inspirational

Rihanna just inspires sex addicts - 445956

It is!

Don't compare rihanna bitch with mnm.

9 Eminem respects people

Especially his fans. Rihanna hates her fans. - 445956

10 Eminem is nice

This is true. - 445956

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