Top Ten Reasons Why Eminem Is the Best Rapper Alive


The Top Ten

1 Lyrics

Damn you haters are so immature Eminem is awesome

Who ever is writing that stuff is wrong

How are they good? They are sexist and homophobic! - 445956

2 D12 D12

Eminem is overrated but I do like him but Proof is the best member

Proof was the only good member, but they sucked. RIP Proof, I hate you Eminem - 445956

Hey, Eminem was great!

Now I hate 445956

3 His Music

Sucks - 445956

4 People Come to Him

No - 445956

5 Talks About His Life

He talks about killing women, he never did that. - 445956

Yeah he does. Such as the song 'Beautiful'

6 Bad Meets Evil

They suck - 445956

7 Curtain Call

The album that gave us "Fack" - 445956

8 He Just Does Not Care

And he is garbage - 445956

9 He Managed to Achieve So Much In Life Despite the Odds
10 He Raps About Real Stuff Instead of Girls and Money

Yeah, talking about killing women is better than just talking about girls and money. (Sarcasm) - 445956

The Contenders

11 He's Creative
12 Cares About His Fans

Really? - 445956

13 He Has Won the Most Rap Awards
14 His Rapping Voice

I would rather listen to a mix of Brian Johnson's voice and an Oboe's sound tHan hear his god awful voice. - 445956

Sounds like screaming, making it sound like he is having a seizure

15 He Knows That People Hate Him and He Knows Why

Eminems best song is probably lose yourself

He is the second worst thing to happen to music after BOTDF. - 445956

16 His Global Influence
17 Lil Wayne's Most Popular Song Features Eminem

Drop the World. - ParasN2000

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