Top Ten Reasons Why Eminem is the Worst Rapper Ever

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1 He, as a white person, took a genre made by Black people and just made it his own.

This list is dumb. Eminem was always the best rapper. BUT THIS LIST IS STILL PRETTY STUPID.

As racist as it sounds, this is kinda true...? Actually nah but it did make him overrated. - AlphaQ

Of course a sensitive SJW crybaby would make this list. - DarkBoi-X

Would that mean Elvis Presley is the worst person ever? - MrCoolC

2 He raps about killing women

I'm pretty sure Kim is fictional. - AlphaQ

What the hell is with number 1? Also its Elton John not Alton. - judo8alex

For the record, it was a diss track against his ex Kim.

WAHH Eminem mAde a SonG aBoUT kiLLing KiM lEts cRy eVeN thOugH he'D nEvER dO thAT irl bUt I'm sTiLL TrIgGeRED WA sjw spEcIal snOwflAke omgomg

3 He uses homophobic lyrics

Homophobic lyrics, he ain't homophobic though. - AlphaQ

It's derogatory, not against gay people. - Soulstealer

How is he homophobic? - DarkBoi-X

Its just music. - B1ueNew

4 He has the worst voice ever

His voice is alright in my opinion but his singing voice is horrid. - AlphaQ

His voice is annoying when he sings FACK.

His voice is great for rapping. - Userguy44


5 His rhymes are about random different topics

Wait... Is he... God forbid- Rapping about what he feels strong about? WHAT THE- NO. I DON'T BELIEVE IT-

Oh nO eMinEm iS hAvIng fUN wIth hIs cArEER WAA

Oh no! - iliekpiez

That's his job. Making fun of pop culture.

6 He disused Michael Jackson

Ok and

*dissed SCREW YOU AUTOCORRECT - 445956

7 He made "Fack"

1 trash song out of hundreds of good ones. - AlphaQ

But he also made Stan and Lose Yourself, nice try, but you should listen to more songs than FACK - darthvadern

You know it's not Like other loved artists made bad songs (Cough Revolution 9 by the Beatles cough) - B1ueNew

Oh no one bad song - B1ueNew

8 He released Encore

Lmao, Encore isn't even his worst album or is that bad. Revival is worse. - AlphaQ

An album I didn't like? Oh No. - B1ueNew

9 He decides to sing with Alton John when his lyrics are homophobic

He isn't homophobic.Good lord I hate sensitive people. - DarkBoi-X

*Elton John - iliekpiez

His lyrics aren't homophobic.

Screw you autocorrect - 445956

10 He can't even make music without Dr. Dre, and is still considered the best rapper

He can but he was just heavily influenced by Dr Dre and NWA. that's why everyone in NWA are some of my favourite rappers not Eminem. - AlphaQ

He has and he is good at it

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11 He is a shadow of what he once was

Kinda true after 2015. Bearded Em is the worst Eminem. - AlphaQ

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