Top 10 Reasons Why Emo Music Sucks

Ah emo music the most obnoxious ear bleeding garbage ever made. I honestly can't stand it and most bands of this genre give me a damn headache. I knew that my last two genre lists got hate for being "innacurcate" but I've listened to a few emo bands to explain why this genre in a whole sucks. If you like emo music that's fine just don't overreact to this list.

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1 All of the vocalists sound too whiny and obnoxious

Mainstreampopsucks3 has a music ranting account on YouTube I suggest you watch some of his videos they are pretty funny

Andy Biersack doesn't sound whiny and obnoxious. :( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

So true

Other than My Chemical Romance,older Panic At The Disco,Alexisonfire,Jimmy Eat World and older Fall Out Boy most emo bands are whiny and just sing about cutting wrists.-DarkBoi-X

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2 It's boring as a whole

Despite how angsty bands like Linkin Park and Three Days Grace are: Those bands aren't emo. Because the vocals aren't whiny and because they aren't suicidal all the damn time. Moving on to my point it's boring to hear someone whine about life for three minutes.

3 They're so generic that they make Hair Metal seem original

I'm being completely serious by saying this to.

The musicians are so generic*

4 Most of the musicians aren't talented

Except for My Chemical Romance and no Paramore isn't emo in my book.

5 There's no variety

Except for My Chemical Romance which is the only exception but every other emo band offers nothing new.

6 It's not creative

If I wanted to hear someone whining about my life, I'd listen to why that person hates life instead of hearing someone that always wants to kill themself.

7 It’s so immature

Male emo singers sound like teenager boys

8 The guitar riffs are repetitive

Repetitive and uninspired like the sound in general.

Listen to Pop riffs. They sound the same too. If you know anything about guitar, My Chemical Romance has some pretty interesting chord progressions - UnicornBandito

9 The lyrics are always about hating life or involve suicidal themes

I completely disagree, there’s one band that may not be considered emo but some songs are actually dedicated to preventing suicide. And bands like My Chemical Romance have quite lovely lyrics especially in the song Sing.

It's better than songs about burning down churches! >:( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

This gets so old that listening to Crank That would be far more entertaining.

10 There's no variety

I can't tell the difference between Get Scared and Hollywood Undead because they're identical.

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11 There's no backbone

They are all wimpy looking and wimpy sounding.

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