Top 10 Reasons Why the Emoji Movie Will Fail

The Emoji movie is a animated movie set for release in 2017. It is yet another excuse to be hip and cool and nothing absolutely nothing about this bucket of 💩 sounds like a good idea. So here are reasons why this can not be a good movie.

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1 No one asked for it.

I first heard they were making an emoji movie last year. I thought it was gonna be some stupidly long YouTube video that had poorly animated stock emojis. Lol nope. Its an actual movie, or should I say pandering, lazy, cash-grab. - Cartoonfan202

Seriously did any one ask for this? - ChaoslordG1

Really? An emoji movie? That is probably going to suck. - AnimeDrawer

Why do we need to ask for it. This reason is invalid

Actually it is valid since everyone saw it coming with its horrific reviews. - htoutlaws2012

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2 Clichéd plot

Based on what we know so far it seems like another, don't change who you are and you are great just the way you are story. - ChaoslordG1

There's literally nothing original about this movie. All the plot points are taken from other better movies - like the "world within a world" from Inside Out, the jumping from app to app motif that was ripped off of Wreck it Ralph and the cliche moral of personal individuality from the Lego Movie, which by the way was done a thousand times better. The difference is that this is a movie about emojis. This movie just seems so lazy and incredibly unoriginal as if the writers did not even try to come up with anything better. The only positive thing I can say about The Emoji Movie is that the animation looks nice and that the voice acting is passable. But that is not saying much. Because overall this is nothing but a cash grab. There's nothing interesting, or fresh, or witty, or even new - just a mixture of used plot devices all rolled into one. Also the moral is really cheesy. Like we get it, it's good to be different. Stop shoving this down our throats, Sony!

Yeah, this is just ...more

It's just a movie! It doesn't have to have a ripoff or something like that. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

A RIP OFF. It 's Wreck it ralph and the Lego movie - Drawbox

It's based on Inside Out, but with emojis. It's only a movie. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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3 It's another attempt at being hip and cool.

Just because something is popular at the time doesn't mean they have to make a movie out of it. Imagine if, back in 2016, they made a movie about dabbing or a movie about fidget spinners this year. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Wow! I guess teenagers use emojis SO much, we should make a movie of them! Hey, I have an idea! Since teenagers use cigarettes, we should make a movie of those too! - TwilightKitsune

Me too, and I hate stop smoking commercials, well mainly the disturbing ones like the ones where people are breathing through holes in their necks and talking using devices they put in them. - Skullkid755

Clearly it's a 'bums on seats' move, probably rush released seeing as emojis are very popular now, yet the best they could do for a trailer so far is a boring sad emoji scene and a cringeworthy attempt at humour (yes, featuring a poo emoji). How else could they get any more desperate for money than this? - Entranced98

If only I can vote for every reason on this list

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4 Even the people behind it know it will fail.

One of Sony's latest movies Rough Night, was a huge failure at the box office, I mean the movie had some redeeming factors but not enough to save it's self from failing! That movie was a waste of talent and very cliched! I could say the same thing about "The Emoji Movie", very cliched and a waste of talent, but with less redeeming factors. Sony, stop putting marketing over substance!

Just check out the first trailer, it has little to nothing about the plot. - ChaoslordG1

5 They scrapped the popeye movie in favor of it.

Really? Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons and is way better than some face symbols. They should have never scrapped it. It looks way better than this movie. - AnimeDrawer

They didn't can this for the Emoji movie. They canceled it way before they got the rights to the Emoji Movie. It was only coincidence that when Gendy left, they got the rights. Really that is it.

I can't believe that sony scrapped the most iconic cartoon character from emoj is. w hat is ne xt? m eme mov ie? p op culture movie? I want a movie based on classic franchines like NiGHTS, felix the cat, and pacman. I want a Pacman movie.

6 It's a ridiculous idea for a movie

Even the trailers can't make this movie's plot look any less of an utter mess. - Entranced98

I seriously hope this isn't the future of movies!

True, using emojis on comments is decent, but making a movie about it? - AnimeDrawer

The Emoji Movie. What a ridiculous idea!

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7 The character designs

The Jailbreak emoji rips off Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie. - Cartoonfan202

Why is the devil emoji RED?!? He is purple. It's like there trying to make him the next Satan.

Jailbreak? How original!


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8 It was dead on arrival

Perhaps we could forgive it a little more if it came out when emojis were still popular. What's next? The Pokemon Go Movie?

9 It's evidence Hollywood has run out of ideas.

And now they are making a fidget spinner movie.


Year 2019

Introducing Figty - the Fidget Spinner who wants to spin in the opposite direction.

See it all unfold in the Fidget Spinner Movie, coming May 69th, 2019


Also this is sarcasm

10 Its formula rips off Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out

It also rips off of the Lego movie.

It's funny because both of these movies are millions times better - Phillip873

Just immediately after the second trailer for The Emoji Movie was released, people all over the Internet were already saying that The Emoji Movie was ripping off Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out. I wasn't surprised considering I already knew that The Emoji Movie was going to try to make an immersive world of emojis in a smartphone owned by a human character. The Emojis getting covered in cotton candy instantly reminded me of the Sugar Rush kart game from Wreck-It Ralph and the boy student getting caught playing with his smartphone in class also reminded me of Riley's first day at her new school. Come on, Sony. We've all seen this before. Don't be surprised if this ends up being a massive financial and/or critical failure. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They rip off Wreck it Ralph,Inside Out,and The Lego movie, which all are infinity tines better than this movie.A world in your phone rips off inside out.They all have rolls but there is a misfit.Rip off of Wreck it Ralph! They must all follow strict guidelines in the phone. Rip off of the lego movie!

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11 The marketing will be atrocious

I bet they're going to release toys, apps, clothes, books, snacks, soundtracks, and just about everything you can think of for this lame movie. - Cartoonfan202

Today I went to Walmart, and no lie, I saw The Emoji Movie graham crackers. How could you, Honey Maid?!? - Cartoonfan202

I know. This movie is probably going to have to rely more on sponsors than the actual movie.

What's next, an emoji movie RESTAURANT

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12 It will waste great actors

Patrick Stewart for example. Why did he even sign up for this crap? And Sofia Vergara too?

Christina Aguilera plays one of the characters. - Hotheart123

Sir Patrick Stewart playing a poo poo? TJ Miller as a round thing? Childhood ruined.

Patrick Stewart (X-Men) as a turd.
TJ Miller (How To Train Your Dragon) as a talking yellow circle.

That makes me sad.

13 The trailer is bad

Trailer looks like a rip off of disneys planes. Uses the same song as the planes trailer

Isn't planes a rip off of cars?
Double rip off.
And eh, captain underpants uses the same song as the smurfs.

14 Bad jokes

We will have millions of unfunny jokes to hear if I come to watch this movie. - piecone34

Everything about Poop Emoji is a poop joke. How stupid is SONY?

This movie is one bad joke!

"Talk to the hand." He was, Hi-5.HE WAS.

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15 Weak acting from great actors

Prepare for a painful dosage of cringe:

"No, go ahead. Finish that sentence." - Poop Emoji, The Emoji Movie (2017)

Really? Is that the best they could come up with for the teaser trailer? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 This movie is just for money

Sony be like "We need money! We need money! " - piecone34

Ceo of Sony Pictures Animation: "We got to have money! "

Sony:money! we need money

17 It has Candy Crush product placement

Oh don't get me started with its awful gameshow adaption on CBS. - htoutlaws2012

And you thought the pointless grocery product placements in Foodfight! were bad. There's no telling how many face-palming product placements will be introduced in The Emoji Movie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


18 Sony Pictures Animation, the company that is responsible for the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs duology, the overrated Hotel Transylvania franchise and the Open Season sequels is responsible for The Emoji Movie's existence

I like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Hotel Transylvania, and Open Season, but this Emoji Movie makes me want to slam myself into a tree... - ZootopiaFan

I actually liked the first cloudy with a chance of meatballs though - Phillip873

Also, I meant to put the live-action The Smurfs movies and Surf's Up 2: Wavemania in this sentence of the item. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Cloudy With A Chance O' Meatballs: 1 = Good. 2 = Bad.
Hotel Transylvania: 1= Meh. 2=Meh.
Open Season: 1 = Decent. 2 = Decent. Anything past: Why...?
Emoji Movie doesn't look like it has great predecessors... :/ - mattstat716

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19 Sony Pictures Animation isn't doing well nowadays

Saberspark's video on "What Ruined Sony Pictures Animation? " should pretty much best sum up the sour reputation of this company. I don't want to bandwagon and all, but I have to say that Saberspark is truly on point on Sony Pictures Animation as a company. They do have the resources to make good movies and they have actually made good movies before in the past (1 or 2, at least). Unfortunately, they don't seem to utilize their properties well in order to create what could have been Pixar-quality movies with critical AND financial success. I know ranting on The Emoji Movie is just pretty much beating a dead horse at this point (at least on here to an extent), so I'm only dedicating this comment to how bad Sony Pictures Animation is as an animation studio. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They didn't do well since the late 2000s.

Exactly! What the hell will Sony think of next, the roblox movie?!?

They just make the movie for the money because nobody will buy their cameras lel - SapphireStar

20 It is about emojis
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1. No one asked for it.
2. They scrapped the popeye movie in favor of it.
3. Clichéd plot
1. Even the people behind it know it will fail.
2. They scrapped the popeye movie in favor of it.
3. No one asked for it.
1. Even the people behind it know it will fail.
2. It's a ridiculous idea for a movie
3. Clichéd plot

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