Top 10 Reasons Why Eric Cartman is the Worst South Park Character Ever

The Top Ten

1 He Killed Scott Tenorman’s Parents and Fed Them to Him (Scott Tenorman Must Die)
2 He Made Fun of Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Show Ever)
3 He Gets Butters in Trouble for His Actions (Various Episodes)
4 He Got Kyle’s Family Taken by ICE (Mexican Joker)
5 He Acts Racist Towards Everyone (Various Episodes)
6 He Kicked His Own Mother Out of The House (Shots!!!)
7 He Turned Heidi into a Splitting Image of Him (Final 3 Episodes of Season 21)
8 He Got Butters Sent to a Conversation Therapy Camp (Cartman Sucks)
9 He Gave Kyle HIV (Tonsil Trouble)
10 He Faked His Way into the Special Olympics (Up the Down Steroid)
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