Top 10 Reasons Why Europhiles Are Better Than Weeaboos

Please don't get offended over this list. There's nothing wrong with you if you lile a different culture. I'm just saying that weeaboos tend to do bad things sometimes but I'm not one to stereotype.

The Top Ten

1 They Are More Classy

Europe is one of the classiest places on earth so I would guess that europhiles are a bit more sophisticated than weeaboos. Just saying.

2 They Are More Respectful Towards Other Culture

Like I said, Europe is pretty classy so I'm sure they take inspiration from their class.

3 They're More Rare Online

And that's probably a good thing considering how lots of them aren't really involved in weird acts like how weeaboos are.

4 They Have a Better Taste in Culture

Europe to me has more interesting cultures and mythologies in places like Greece, Ireland, Scotland and some Scandinavian countries. No offense to anyone who likes Japanese culture but I just couldn't really get into it (just my opinion that's all).

European culture rules, m0! - BorisRule

5 They Have Better Taste in Music

We all know some of the best bands in music history like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd are from Europe and lots of europhiles love them. Most weeaboos tend to obsess over annoying and mediocre k-pop.

6 They Have Better Taste in Animation

I can appreciate some anime but western animation is one of anime's influences. Plus the variety of art styles in western animation look a lot better (the only problem I have with anime is that most have similar art styles. Just wanna point that out).

7 They're More Civilized
8 They Accept Themselves For Who They Are

Certain weeaboos tend to be American and whine over not being Asian. I'm pretty sure most europhiles are proud of who they are and wouldn't wanna be anything else.

9 They're Not Xenophobic
10 They're Not Weirdos
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