Top Ten Reasons Why EvanTubeHD Sucks

Hate EvanTubeHD? Here are the reasons why this spoiled brat is so much hated. Stay away from this spoiled brat at all costs.

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1 He is just a 9 year old guy

How come he started his YouTube Career at the age of nine years old?! He must start his career at the age of 13 rather than at a young age. - FNaF_1987

You're correct here. But he doesn't OWN the account, his parents do. - PizzaGuy

I know he can be part of the account but he shouldn't own it because he is going to get in big trouble, like Shaytards for example, the dad owns it not the kids. - venomouskillingmachine

The kid tries to act like an adult, but he's a kid. And his sister is even worse

Guys! Stop Hating On Him. Just Please Stop He Is One Of My (and my former) favorite youtuber but now I can't stop watching Dantdm but I sometimes tune into EvantubeHD

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2 He got a million subscribers

Why the heck would a nine year old guy have many subscribers?! Don't ever subscribe to him! Instead, kill him and steal all of his toys and his computer. If he got more subscribers than PewDiePie, I guess he is even more hated. - FNaF_1987

For some reason, he has more subscribers than JonTron, Peanut Butter Gamer and Did You Know Gaming. That makes no sense.

More subscribers than toy company channels he reviews themselves...more bull please! - DapperPickle

He stole JonTron's, PeanutButterGamer's, Did You Know Gaming's, DashieGames's, and even GameGrumps's, subscribers.

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3 His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed

His parents waste money for all the toys he reviewed instead of food. Always spend your money on food, not on toys. To all moms, don't buy a large amount of toys. - FNaF_1987

PewDiePie has 50M subs and probably earns 2-3 million bucks a year. You know what he does with that? Buys video games/equipment AND gives to charity as well. It shows PewDiePie cares about other people in need. What does Evan use HIS money on? Video games/toys/equipment. Any donating to charity? NOPE. This kid only cares about himself and should have his toys taken away.

He makes millions a year in return. He also rarely buys the toys, but gets them for sponsoring reasons. Additionally, he gives a lot to charity.

Evan's parents just give him any toy he wants.
So for example, Evan is walking around ToysRus, and finds a Xbox. He just ask his parents to get him the Xbox and his dad is like, "Sure let me get out my 1,000 dollar bill, and you can play on the Xbox in a video, and when the video is over we will keep the Xbox in out attic." That kind of stuff wasting 1,000 dollars that could pay for a homeless person to have a house and a meal yeah this is just a waste of money. Plus, once Evan finishes doing his toy review video he just throws away the toy like it was not worth anything. There is more important things to pay for besides toys Evan!

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4 He has a thousand toys that he reviewed

Wow! What a large amount of toys he reviewed!? It looks like his family has about 1 million dollars. How rich this spoiled brat is?! - FNaF_1987

What will happen when the brat grows up?

I hate him! Let's kill evan and steal all of his toys!

There is nothing special about the toys he gets. Toys have kinda gotten worse over the years. But I love legos as much as that brat!

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5 He has a gaming channel and can play games that are up to M

Little kids are going to be watching him! He should play games like Mario or Sonic. His parents need to take better care of their child. He has not reached puberty yet and he can already play games 10+ his age. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

He's NINE. He shouldn't even be playing those games. - EpicJake

He doesn't deserve to play Grand Theft Auto.

NINE? HE PLAYS M RATED GAMES AT 9?! FLIPPING 9? -KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

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6 He can get what he wants

Evan is a spoiled brat. Nothing more to it. He gets WHATEVER he wants, when he wants it! How is that going to prepare him for life? It won't. When he grows up he'll be so helpless because his mom or dad won't be there to pamper him.

He can get as many toys as he want, he can get a Wii U because he wanted it. That's wasting money! So guys, ask your mom if you can buy a toy. If no, just wish it at Christmas or in your birthday. - FNaF_1987

Yup, he is what all kid's dreams, getting all what he wants, he is rich, famous and go in different places, he even had a mansion

I wish I was evan. He gets whatever he wants

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7 He can go somewhere without getting good grades at school

He can go anywhere without getting good grades? How can his parents do that?! He even collect toys at them. So guys, get some good grades at school so that you can go to the place he visited. - FNaF_1987

Just because he does homework you idiot doesn't mean he does it good or just scribbles down some random answer

I work very hard to get to places like Lego land in Boston and I need to get c,s and b,s to get there and he gets an F and goes to Disney world what

WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU HAVE THAT HE GETS BAD GRADES? In a lot of his videos, he is doing homework...

8 They send him the items for free

Kid around the world that are less fortunate than him wish they had all those toys. When he gets them sent for free his parents should make him donate

Dear people sending this brat toys to review or something give all those things to charity. Evan and his family are selfish. - spodermanfan1000

How would you know he sends them to charities, he probably just throws them in his room.

Please don't send him worlds largest gummy worm it's just sugary diabetties

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9 His videos make you buy his toys

He made the video to just advertise the toys he reviews. They even make you force yourself to buy and get them without your parents' permission. So beware, don't watch all of his videos. - FNaF_1987

EvanTubeHD is a secret advertising market campaign on YouTube. He gets richer with views and subs & you get poorer with you buying his advertised toys.

Yup little jerk trying to drag your money


10 He gets richer and richer and you get poorer and poorer

Every time you see his face and what he's reviewing he breaks your heart and you get more hatred for him

He's a spoiled brat

He just takes every toy of the shelf and steals money

STOP SAYING BRUH BRUHH! (Breathes angerly) AH! Don't you ever answer that question about evan stealing money again! OR ELSE!

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11 He bullies other YouTubers

Okay I hate him and all but I never heard him bully anyone

He is so mean to mattshea and cobanermani456 and a bunch of other YouTubers I'm shocked his parents don't ground him or at least give him a time out for that

That's true he should quit

COBERMANI456 the best YouTuber ever!

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12 He's a spoiled brat V 1 Comment
13 His voice is annoying

Yeah because maybe he keep his spit you know I sound like a wise guy and I will say SHUT UP TO EVAN

Yes he sounds like weird girls

Yes his voice sucks


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14 He is a minecraft fan

What's so bad about that?

Ok I hate him. But really?

15 He is kind

(Sarcastically ) man he is so kind I love him NOT! He sucks

He is the best person in the world.

You r right

16 Uploads crap videos

Who wants to see you visit Disney again

Pixel Dan is better

His videos are dierrea

17 He is a show off

All he does in his videos is show the new video games, toys and all that crap he gets and all the fun places he goes, he is just so annoying and spoiled

No one cares that he went to the kids choice awards

*true fact*

He's like kid techrax.

I agree.

He brags about his stuff.

And worst of all, when I was younger, mum got mad every time I mentioned the little booger, thinking I was still jealous (not anymore, dweeb! ) - 404_name_missing

18 Child exploitation

His parents made this to literally make a quick few thousand dollars. Whilst the claims of the money being put towards college, over a million dollars per year is a bit out of proportion for a child.

They save it for him. You are telling me you wouldn't accept 1.3 million a year?

19 His subscribers decreased by a commentator on YouTube V 2 Comments
20 He is a sore loser

He is spoiled sore loser and no one cares if you have toys toy man

And your sound doesn't suck it is like a girl and all your friends don't like you your parent pay them to be your friends

I hope evin reads the so he can se that he is a soor loser

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1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. He got a million subscribers
3. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
1. He got a million subscribers
2. He can get what he wants
3. They send him the items for free
1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
3. He got a million subscribers

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