Top Ten Reasons Why EvanTubeHD Sucks

Hate EvanTubeHD? Here are the reasons why this spoiled brat is so much hated. Stay away from this spoiled brat at all costs.

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21 He is a sore loser

He is spoiled sore loser and no one cares if you have toys toy man

And your sound doesn't suck it is like a girl and all your friends don't like you your parent pay them to be your friends

I hope evin reads the so he can se that he is a soor loser

22 He's a big spoil sport


23 He just makes silly videos

Silly doesn't begin to describe it. More like"OH GOD MAKE IT STOP! "

An acrostic


24 Teaches bad morals for kids

I have a 6 year old cousin and he's obsessed with evan and evan caused him to brag his mom or my aunt to buy him all the toys evan gets so the moral of that story is don't watch evan or he will turn you spoiled

25 He insults PewDiePie
26 If you insult him, he'll diss you
27 He films every part of his life
28 He has his own merch

TMNT, Mario,FNAF may have their merch but their popular franciesies and this YouTube star wannabe has T-shirts and lunch boxes witch they are vomit and diarrhea

29 He censored almost all of the words in Undertale

Can't he just be normal?

Do you wanna have a bad tem

Oh god. Not undertale. Why? I love the words in undertale-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

30 He has taste tests

LOL true

31 He is not grateful

He sounded sarcastic when opening the dog in the box like he did'nt care

32 He Doesn't Realise There's People Staving

He Gets What He Wants And Does Nothing For It Then He Ruins Kids Childhood By Doing A Review Of Whatever The Toy Is Then He Sits On His Fat Ass And Never Plays With And You Know What He Doesn't Give It To Charity He Gives It To Himself

He doesn't think about homeless he's selfish and spoiled I would love to see deadpool shoot him up

This why he should YouTube when he 13. Just like SammySonicClassicFan since he was faking his age he should be 13 to join YouTube.

33 He stole other people's girlfriends

I hate him but I never heard of him stealing girlfriends

He is my friend and he doesn't steel girlfriends

It's true

34 He is careless

Every year he gets 1.3 million dollars and all he buys is toys to make people think he is better than everyone. even though he gives the toys to charity, its just a cover to make people think he is a nice guy, BUT HE IS NOT. last year my sister loved that YouTube brat, but then she found out that the only reason he does this is because he wants kids to make their parents buy toys for 100 dollars. if I had one wish, it would be for him to lose his toys, and his YouTube channel and make him a regular kid to find out what it feels to be regular

I could go rage, but here's a simple version of his definition, he's spoiled, brags, lazy, stupid, pretends he's smart, and overall thinks he's the center of the universe.!

35 He is stuck up

He always is on T.V. and bragging about his toys and showing off so is his sister Jillian and they complain about food and put them in nasty food challenges

Yeah, he is. - 404_name_missing

36 He gets everything, and doesn't even thank for all of it.

He is a selfish little brat who gets it all and does not even say thanks, while there are TONS of people like me or you that are greatful for waking up in the morning, for our family, and for health, if you think he does say thanks, send me a link to a video where he is thanking God, where he is donating to charity and he is living a normal life, like us.

37 His parents have got him super expensive toys

When for only a low (compared to all the lego sets) price of 26.95 Dollars, he could go on minecraft and watch youtube tutorials on building awesome stuff. - 404_name_missing

Evan Has reviewed some super expensive Lego sets, like the Lego Star Wars sandcrawler, and the simpsons house and loads more

38 He is loving

Cause saying mouthes makes me smart! ( this is why he needs to stop, he has fans who love him in a weird way, and those fans skip school and hide in the bathroom stall on there phones watching his videos, and skip spelling!


He is the most loving and genres person I now so shut your mouthes

39 His parents let him get sugary diabetes

It even could cause obesity and cancer later in life and death eat healthier dude

WHAT! Were other parents complaining about when I had mtndew, but this needs to to be spread loud and clear when he is allowed to have a five pound gummy bear what

40 He's a big geek

Ok I hate him... But being a geek isn't bad. And he's stupid not geek

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1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. He got a million subscribers
3. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
1. He got a million subscribers
2. He can get what he wants
3. They send him the items for free
1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
3. He got a million subscribers

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