Top Ten Reasons Why EvanTubeHD Sucks

Hate EvanTubeHD? Here are the reasons why this spoiled brat is so much hated. Stay away from this spoiled brat at all costs.

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41 He thinks he is the best YouTuber ever

I don't understand how the hell he gets all his damn toys. Is he Asian? I bet if he walked into game stop or any other toy store then he asked "can I get this 200 dollar Lego set or can I get this new Xbox one? " His parents will say " yeah let me just pull out 400 dollars, you'll get an Xbox one too." I used to like his channel he was a little more cute soon before. Now when I even see one of his dreadfull videos I go into my bathroom, stick my longest finger and stick I found in my backyard down my throat and yack into the toilet. An hour later still vomiting into the toilet. Then I go to watch some Grand Theft Auto stunts and fails. In. The. Recommend I see his Face again and I then I cry on the screen and I do the routine all over again. My fingers now smell like throw up and I never touch my of again. And

He is a mean stuck up brat I am 12 and me and my sister used to watch him on YouTube thinking he was good but as we saw him getting more and more spoiled and going on to shows and getting everything his fat little mouth desires we felt poor and stupid. Our parents are divorced and I am very sick and we've had a hard life while he idiotically prances around getting everything he wants, he becomes famous from sitting on his fat as butt, I hope one day karma comes to him him and slaps him across the face.

Yeah right! (sarcastic)

He is actually a spoiled bratt a bit because he is so greedy he wants everything

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1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. He got a million subscribers
3. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
1. He got a million subscribers
2. He can get what he wants
3. They send him the items for free
1. He is just a 9 year old guy
2. His parents waste money on all his toys he reviewed
3. He got a million subscribers

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