Top Ten Reasons Why Everyone Should Accept Everyone

I made this list because I want to tell y'all guys something. We should always accept everyone no matter what they are. Well not everyone like Serial Killers, Rapist and etc the dark people also cringe people I don't mean if there a little cringy I men if there are a lot cringy like there is this youtuber who is old and he died and he literally made a video of him scratching his back with his shirt off using a toilet cleaning brush and made wierld sounds that is to much. So besides that wierld stuff I think we should expect Gay, Lesbian, bisexual,Transgender, People with different skin color, and etc. I made this speech for the top tens. "I am a human of emotions I can be who ever I want
I am a human with a heart my heart beats for a guy
You heart can beat for anyone or anything it wants
I am a human we are all equal if someone is African American
or any other skin color then we are African Americans or any
Skin color
I am a human and I don't see color
I am a human and you can choose pink or blue but,
I'm flying my wings to choose rainbow because
I am a human and I can be what ever I want
Sorry I tried to make the speech if it sounds horrible sorry!

The Top Ten

1 We are all equal

No, there are people you cannot accept. Ex: ISIS. - Therandom

When we were innocent children we were all equal. But people influence other people, and those influences aren't always going to be good. - PeachyBlast

But some animals are more equal than others- George Orwell.

Well... Mostly.
Except for the people who won the lottery, the people in the government... etc... :/ - mattstat716

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2 If you accept others, others will accept you
3 There is no point in hating people for who they are

True. Even if you don't like the idea of someone being black or gay or whatever, that's ok, just don't hate the whole person for it. - Catlover2004

4 We make our own choices

Yes we make our choices you can make yours but, don't get piss of for what we want to be - HollowArrow

5 We are humans we should accept each other
6 We all have feelings

I don't really care if someone hurt my feelings so people like you shouldn't either. - Rambles

I don't care either it's the fact that not everyone can handle the pressure - HollowArrow

7 The scriptures and bibles aren't 100% true

How do you know the Bible isn't 100% true? - Rambles

One religion can be right, or they could all be wrong. they can't all be right, as they contradict each other. - Teravolt1422

8 People who don't accept others will feel depressed and commit suicide
9 We are still humans we aren't hurting you
10 All humans are created handsome and beautiful and if others want to change that doesn't change their inner self

What does this mean? - Rambles

What I was trying to say is we are boring beautiful and if others want to change than they can they still keep there inner beauty meaning their personality and etc - HollowArrow

The Contenders

11 We all make mistakes
12 It would bring world peace
13 Humans are humans
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