10 Reasons Why Excessive Hating on Celebrities is Stupid


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1 Haters Often Wish That Those Celebrities Would Die

This list is really accurate, we should not wish on celebrities, or anyone to die. - Catacorn

This is terrible and really annoys me. - Metal_Treasure

That's not just excessive that's cruel - Szonana

I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes do exessive hate, but I just wish that they could stop making music or whatnot. I'd never wish death on anyone. - AnonymousChick

2 People Insult Them As a Person Despite Only Knowing Their Work

So true.
The only stuff we know about them is what paparazzi say but don't really know them. - Szonana

3 They Don't Think Of The Celebrity's Feelings
4 People Either Love or Hate on Someone, There's Nothing in Between Anymore
5 People Mostly Hate on Mediocre Artists that Get Too Much Attention And Call Them Bad
6 People Often Claim That Mainstream Stars All Sound/Look The Same, But Hate on Artists That Are Completely Freaky
7 People Hate on Artists Because of Their Devoted Fanbase

Agree, this is like changing the subject. - Metal_Treasure

8 A Star's Body of Work Harms No One, But They Are Still Included on Lists About the Worst People in the World

Yeah, on many Top 10 lists musicians who didn't kill anyone are higher than really evil people who killed millions (example - Justin Bieber). - Metal_Treasure

9 You Can Also Politely State You Don't Like Something Without Totally Exaggerating
10 It's Often Young People That Get the Hate

Yes Justin Beiber, Rebecca Black Jacob Sartorius etc were very young recording their awful songs so it was not that realistic that they would be recording brilliant works honestly they are only hated because they got too much attention.

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11 People Only Know a Few Songs/Movies by Them But Judge Their Entire Career Based on That Little Impression
12 People Want Them to Stop Making Movies/Music, But Nobody Forces Them to Watch/Listen to Them
13 People are Extremely Disrespectful
14 It's a Type of Bullying
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1. Haters Often Wish That Those Celebrities Would Die
2. People Insult Them As a Person Despite Only Knowing Their Work
3. They Don't Think Of The Celebrity's Feelings


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